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What to Do with Old Watches? Don't Throw Them Away!

Instead of throwing them away, you can find many new things with old watches.
Feb 02, 2022

I want to throw away my old watches. Whoa there, buddy. If your first inquiry is this, I have no choice but to stop you there. I don't know what has happened with these watches that you used to love. It's quite hard to obtain them, isn't it? I know. And, it's such a waste to just put them in your bin because you can do many, many things with used watches. So, throw away the thought to dispose of them. Instead, ask this, what to do with old watches? Let's broaden our horizons together and explore the things related to old watches.

Do old watches worth anything?

I must share this with you, old watches are precious. Over the passage of time, the value of old watches may go up beyond your prediction. Of course, the watches are expected to receive your care in a proper way. Whether they're working or not, it's worth the time to keep those old, vintage timepieces. There are many watch collectors who have their eyes set on vintage watches. And, you can be one of them. Really, there's no harm to place them inside your treasure box.

Does anyone have an interest in old watches?

In short, yes. If collecting old watches isn't your cup of tea, not only watch collectors, anyone who has been in the world of horology likes old watches, at some point in their journey. It might be your future spouse, children, or grandchildren. Used watches have been with you for years. Who knows, they might have stored some of your meaningful experiences of life adversity. Regardless of the design, size, and value, watches have always been associated with one’s exciting adventures.

Also, some of the watch's lovers like to wear one that doesn't work. With a smartphone in your pocket, there's really no need to look at a watch to tell the time. Then, what's the use of old watches on hand? Again, the memorable story, the romance in each piece. Still, if you're not on the same side with this practice, keep on reading the next part to get an idea of what to do with old watches.

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What to do with old watches that work?

The obvious answer is to keep these pieces. You can find a suitable watch cabinet to save them inside. For old automatic mechanical timepieces, you can get one watch winder. It doesn't cause damage to the watches. Instead, a watch winder moves in circles to wind the watch. A convenient way to avoid unnecessary technical problems with your old watches. I've said this in the previous part, that these watches are the companion of your time on Earth. Yet, your precious piece still needs to have a regular good service to prolong its long life.

For years, I have been keeping my old watches with me. I hope that I can pass them down to the members of my family. I've heard quite a number of stories when someone handed down their most cherished timepieces to loved ones. Well, it's nothing much. In reaching the end of one's twilight years, it can be hard to stay close and be with our important people. But, a personal timepiece that lasts a long time can. And, in those moments, we can always share memories together.

What to do with old watches that don’t work?

Repair the watches

If an issue arises with their ability to tell time or there's a crack within the watch's crystal, you can visit the nearby horology experts in repairing watches. A bit of damage in old watches don’t immediately mean they must go to waste. But, make sure to find reputable repair shops that you can trust. Take a moment to ask anything related to the service of your watch: the problem, condition, cost, etc. It's not preferable to repair your watch at home without any further knowledge about every watch's parts. However, you can do regular care to polish the watch's crystal, case, and bracelet. With the help of a soft, microfiber cloth, you can gently clean up the outer parts of the watch.

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Dismantle the parts

There's no end to watches, If I may say. You can get a new, fascinating hobby. If collecting watches doesn't excite you, another option to dismantle watches can ignite your dormant passion to destruct or construct. It's fun to get first-hand experience to understand how mechanical watches work. In addition, you can inspect the materials used in watches from long ago. Before jumping to the field, you ought to have some quality watchmaker tools. They don't have to be expensive tools unless you want to be pro on this. In addition, it's better to educate yourself and learn the things related to disassembling, reassembling, and cleaning the watches. A lot of people in watch's forums exchange their experience and insight on this matter.

Craft your arts

The last idea on what to do with old watches is upcycling. The term refers to a process of changing, modifying, and transforming futile used watches into something new of considerable value. In short, you can make a work of art based on the materials from the watches: gears, metal, band, glass, or case. To begin, you can create a tiny frame of pictures by removing the watch's dial. If you have an artistic soul with a rich imagination, don't hesitate to pour everything to create your own piece.

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