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Watches from the 80's

Top 8 Watches from the 80s that Make You Feel Nostalgic

Watches from the 80s can be the right accessory to complete your retro look of the day. Check out which style of the 1980s watch fits you best here!
Mar 14, 2024

Decades have passed, and yet watches from the 80s never seem to leave the market. The bold and fun designs of 1980s timepieces continue to stay and evolve over time, much like the never-ending retro trend. Some of them become vintage items to collect, while several of the old designs get remade with new advanced technologies.

The unique designs of the watches from the 80s signify the uniqueness of the decade. Perhaps the 1980s are mostly known for the colorful antiques inspired by iconic pop culture movies of that era, like Star Wars and Back to the Future. In a way, the vibrant decade is remembered for its mixture of old and modern styles.

Other than the bold designs, the watches from the 1980s have a certain allure that attracts collectors, especially those who seek their holy grail timepieces. The retro style from the 80s does not necessarily manifest in its color. Some of the vintage items from the decade are often chunky, flashy, and somewhat over-the-top, which strangely fits with everyday style.

4 Definitive Watches from the 80s

The 1980s, also known as the Greed Decade, were a time when a lot of young people tried their luck to get jobs in the cities. It was also the era of experiments in fashion and watchmaking. A lot of the creations in the 80s combined the elements of classic, spunky, and modernity.

When it comes to the definitive watches from the 80s, there are several criteria you should know. Wristwatches in this era have chunky and colorful designs. While they may look tacky today, they still have a uniqueness that stays true to the character of the decade itself.

Among many bold and colorful watches from the 1980s, we have compiled a list of the most definitive timepieces that you cannot miss. Let’s check out each one of them to see their special characteristics!

Seiko Speedtimer Chronograph

The 1980s are known as an era full of iconic movies. The cool and bold Seiko Speedtimer Chronograph was famously worn by the main protagonist of the movie Aliens (1986). The iconic analog quartz chronograph watch is the result of a collaboration between the Japanese brand and the Italian car designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro.

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Casio Calculator Watch

When it comes to watches from the 80s, nothing is more iconic than the Casio Calculator Watch. Adding the calculator machinery to a wristwatch makes this invention relatable to the era itself. It is the perfect embodiment of the nerdy culture and the idea of futuristic fascination of the 80s.

Omega Constellation Manhattan

To emphasize the uniqueness of the 1980s, you need to take a look at Omega Constellation Manhattan. From the design itself, the watch exudes the unmistakable retro look while evoking curiosity at the same time.

As a dress watch, the Omega Constellation Manhattan maintains the classic stainless steel appearance. Its unique design is inspired by the bathroom mirror, with its printing under the glass. To add the details, the iconic eight claws act as if they were mounting the glass of the watch.

Hublot Classic Fusion

Watches from the 1980s are known to be experimental in design. In this case, the Hublot Classic Fusion combines the luxurious gold watch with a black rubber strap. It has the classic look of a dress wristwatch and is suitable to be worn for outdoor sports activities at the same time.

4 Redesigned Watches from the 80s

If the styles of watches from the 1980s do not appeal to you, perhaps the solution lies in their redesigned models. Today, a lot of watch brands release redesigned versions of their old models to fit the current styles on the market.

In this case, newer versions of retro watches usually add some advanced features while retaining the old designs. The redesigned timepieces allow the wearers to get the best of both worlds, the nostalgia of the old and the sophisticated technologies of the present.

Even though the antiquity that most people seek may not be felt fully, the redesigned watches from the 80s still have that unmistakable retro aura to them. Without further ado, let’s check out the list of the polished, old-designed timepieces from the 1980s below!

Squale Master Marina Militare

As a part of its legacy, Squale Master Marina Militare is back on the market after its first release in the 1980s. The production of the Navy watch is limited to 300 pieces. With its all-black look, it may be easily mistaken for a basic, modern sports watch.

Squale Master Marina Militare – Ltd Ed
Best Watches from the 80's: Squale Master Marina Militare - Ltd Ed

The Marina Militare has the uniqueness of the retro look on its orange minute-hand and Marina Militare logo. They contrast with the all-black look that makes up the entire watch, making it special and different from the casual black sports timepieces on the market.

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Yema Navygraf Maxi Dial

The 1980s redesigned watch relies heavily on contrast. Instead of using the casual sports watch color scheme, the Yema Navygraf Maxi Dial incorporates the orange and white colors into its hands and hour markers. The bright colors stand out against the all-black look and the silver case of the watch.

Yema Navygraf Maxi Dial – Rubber
Best Watches from the 80's: Yema Navygraf Maxi Dial - Rubber

Navygraf Maxi Dial offers a new look to the old design of the 39 mm French dive watch. It also has many advanced features, like a 42-hour power reserve, SuperLuminova, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Nonetheless, it still incorporates the retro and durable material that is the 19 mm vintage rubber strap, suitable for diving activities.

Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph

Redesigning watches from the 1980s means taking a new approach to incorporating advanced features. In this case, the Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph offers a polished chronograph look with its beautiful retro design.

Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph Rose Gold Ref. LJ-LM-013
Best Watches from the 80's: Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph Rose Gold Ref. LJ-LM-013

The 42 mm French watch boasts many advanced features with its vintage-inspired look. It is equipped with a well-constructed 316L steel case, a sapphire crystal, and a 200-meter water-resistant feature that makes it suitable for underwater activities.

So, that was the list of the ever-present retro watches from the 80s. Each of them offers a different style that is specific to the decade. With such iconic designs, the unique timepieces even transcend time and come out anew with their redesigned models. The current generation can admire the uniqueness of these retro wristwatches without feeling outdated.

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