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Top 3 Small Watches: Our Top Picks for Petite Hands

Boost your confidence by wearing watches that fit your wrist size.
Sep 06, 2021

Should women with small wrists wear watches for small wrists? No, there’s no such rule in wearing watches. You can wear whatever you want as long as you like it. I, personally, prefer a watch with a small face under 38mm so it does not look oversized on my small-boned wrist. Plus, I find small-sized watches are more aesthetic than the larger ones.

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I own several watches and they range from 25mm to 36mm in diameter. I know trends for watches come and go. Several years ago might be the golden age for big dial watches, and years later could be the time for small timepieces to shine. I have been in those hypes, but small wristwatches keep winning my heart. 

For example, small watches have been popular for a long time. The great war was a major turning point for this kind of timepiece. A lot of people in the military wore wristwatches which measured less than 40mm in case diameter at that time. 

In the early ‘00s, larger watches were the hot item. I remember how people were devoted to gigantic 40mm-and-more watch cases from Panerai and IWC, whereas I bought a Tag Heuer F1 vintage for ladies. My Tag Heuer is only 25mm wide. It is really small and sweet.

Speaking about small watches, there’s no exact guideline that tells which size is considered  small. Sometimes a 30mm dial looks huge in a tiny wrist while a 40mm watch can be fun-sized in a monstrous wrist. Again, it all depends on the wearer. However, if you have a 6 inch wrist or smaller, here are my best picks for watches for small wrists that you won't regret having. I promise these timepieces are the right size in proportion to your wrist. 

Mido Baroncelli Diamond Ladies Twenty-Five Ref. M039.

The first list goes to Baroncelli Diamond Ladies Twenty-Five Ref. M039. Every element of the design took inspiration from the architecture of the Rennes Opera House in France which was built in the 18th century. The watch is 25mm wide, 32mm lug to lug, and 9.1mm thick. It is ideal for the small wrist group. 

Mido watches for small wrists

This watch is made for your daily office wear. It is simple yet provides you with an elegant look. Thanks to the diamond indices. The white dial matches perfectly the shiny stainless steel case and bracelet. Stainless steel has the capability to resist scratches, which is important for Mido Baroncelli Diamond in order to keep its beauty. 

Since it is a dress watch, you only get a water resistance up to 50m. It is enough to play with a splash of water, though. The sapphire crystal that protects the dial is what you’re looking for in a high quality watch. It is anti-crack meaning you won’t find a hairline fracture on the watch face that could be so annoying to look at. If you currently hunt for stunning classic watches for small wrists, this one is for you. 

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Ball Watch Co. Engineer II Ohio Black Ladies Ref. NL1026C-SJ-BK

Another watch for small wrists that you need to consider is the ladies series from Ball Watch Co. The case dimension is 31mm. The size may be bigger, compared to the previous watch, but it is actually still appropriate for wrist size under 7 inch. 

Ball watches for small wrists

Ball Watch’s collections are famous for its in-house tritium gas to support their watches’ performance in low light. That is what makes the dial of Engineer II Ohio Black Ladies Ref. NL1026C-SJ-BK glows brightly in green when it is in the dark. 

This watch is run by automatic caliber BALL RR1104 that has a shock resistance of 5,000Gs. It is to protect the balance wheel from damage of an accidental bump. This movement also provides a water resistance of 100m. It is not for diving of course, but if you want, you can wear it while you have a hot bathtub after work.

Oris Classic Date - 28.5mm - Ref. 01 561 7650 4331-07 8 14 63

Gold is starting to be in style nowadays, rose gold is not exempt. I own this watch. The rose gold PVD plating on the bezel and bracelet is gorgeous. The timepiece is only 28.5mm in diameter and 12.6mm thick. 

Oris watches for small wrists

Superluminova C3 is applied on the handsets and dot markers of this automatic watch. It allows me to have a clear view of the current time. There’s also a tiny date window at 6 o’clock that keeps the watch symmetrical. If I get to choose, I would have the date window at 3 o’clock because it is easier to peek out from under my shirtsleeve. But, it is definitely not a big deal.

I wear it everyday to work, and the bracelet is snug in my wrist. I love how it fits my small wrist as well as every dress that I wear.

In conclusion, bigger is not always better. Even though small watches do not have a large face, they are still able to provide the wearer high legibility like larger watches usually do. But, it does not also make small watches the best, because the best watch is the one that you enjoy wearing, whether it is a huge dial watch or a petite timepiece.

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