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Watches for Couples: Our Favorite Timepieces for Him and Her
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Watches for Couples: Our Favorite Timepieces for Him and Her

Wearing watches for couples is a new way to express your and other half's timeless love to the world.
May 17, 2024

Idid not know that putting a couple watch on our fiancee/fiance’s wrist is kind of a family tradition until I met my husband. Every family around the world has their own tradition to celebrate special moments. Most of the time, they do not even know who started the ritual and when it was first done. But, it is believed that their great-great-great-grandfather had to do with it. I have read some articles about family traditions, from the weird to the touching ones. And I was grateful to experience a very sweet one. 

It was when my boyfriend (now husband) proposed to me for the second time. In his family, they have a term such as The Second Proposal. It is a proposal that is held two weeks after the first proposal. My first proposal went normally, except out of nowhere his aunt later asked me what kind of watch that I like. I said I preferred it to be small, light, and simple so I could easily mix and match it with my outfits. I did not think of anything that time because I thought it was just a random conversation like where she asked me if I use mayo on my burger, which I do. 

My husband did not tell me either about The Second Proposal because that’s how the tradition is done. Two weeks later, I still had no idea about it. We had dinner with his family and suddenly he knelt to the ground (again) and pulled out the watches. I was shocked. 

Turns out, everyone in the family who just got proposed should have the second proposal where the couple puts watches on each other’s wrist. The watches are a pre-wedding gift from the family for the bride and groom-to-be. The couple watches symbolize timeless love and a reminder to spend our time together wisely because time is precious. 

This family’s ceremony has been going on since a long time ago. Each member of the family will pay for the watches, except the one who is going to get married. The watches are chosen based on the fiancee/fiance’s answer. In my case, I mentioned I was into a small timepiece. What a sweet tradition.

I did not know much about watches back then, but my husband and his family did. And it only took me one year of marriage to be familiar with wristwatches. What my husband and I got were Mido’s watches for couples, the Mido Baroncelli Roman. My husband said this brand was worth buying.

Mido is well known for its accuracy and excellent fit and finish. The company has been manufacturing watches since 1918. Since then, several types of timepieces have been produced and successfully compete in the market with other big brands. Let’s say the Multifort series (1934), Ocean Star series(1959), and my pre-wedding gift, Baroncelli series (2016) . Those are some of Midos’ collections that are appreciated by many watch enthusiasts.  

The Baroncelli Roman is available for men and women. The difference is only on the case diameter, 38mm diameter for men and 29mm diameter for women. This is my first automatic watch. It is fascinating to see the smooth movement on the second hand because all I know was a ticking wristwatch. 

What I like the most about this timepiece is the anti-reflective coating on its sapphire crystal that gives the illusion of no crystal at all. When I am in a meeting, I always have time to steal a glance at the dial just to admire the no crystal illusion. I am not sure whether it is because of the anti-reflective treatment, sapphire crystal, or the dial pattern that makes it look like it can be touched. 

The exterior of the watch reminds me of something vintage, but definitely not old. I think this is what people meant by a modern-vintage watch. I like the design. It can be worn on a formal event to a romantic dinner with my husband. We’ve never had couple dressing because it is a little bit cheesy for us, but these watches for couples are exceptional. We love them!

Overall, this watch is great, not only on its exterior but also the inside parts ⎯scratch-resistant stainless steel bracelet and case, push-in crown to provide 50m water resistance, Mido caliber ETA C07.611 with 25 jewels to give 80 hour power reserve. 

This whole idea about putting a couple watch for a proposal is really exciting. You should try it, too. Here I give you two recommended watches for couples that my husband’s family gave to their family members. 

Watches for Couple: His and Her Oris Classic Date

Oris has two versions for its Classic Date Ref. 01 733 7594 4331-07 8 20 63, the 42mm and 28.5mm case diameter one. Although it is not written whether the watch is for women and men, its size can tell it all. The smaller watch is for ladies, and the bigger one is for men.

Oris Classic Date - 28.5mm - Ref. 01 561 7650 4331-07 8 14 63

When we talk about Oris, you should not question the quality. The company uses reliable materials to guarantee the watch’s longevity. Oris also does not forget to pay attention to the design. 

For example, this matching pair of watches for couples uses a two-tone stainless steel bracelet with rose gold bezel, exhibiting a stunning classic vibe, whereas the clean face presents a minimalist look that would win your heart if you fancy a simple watch yet elegant timepiece. One of the great wedding gift watches for couple.

Watches for Couple: His and Her Ball Engineer II Ohio

Having a similar style as the previous couple watches, Ball Engineer II Ohio comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet to prevent scratch marks and, of course, keep you stylish because stainless steel watches never seem to wear out in fashion. 

Ball Watch Co. Engineer II Ohio Black Ref. NM2026C-S5J-BK

You see that it has a window date on the ladies and day and date function on the men. Perhaps, it is due to the different face dimensions where the ladies’ has a smaller case diameter which is 31mm and 40mm case for the men.

There is no need to doubt this watch couple, especially for its accuracy and precision. This is because the production for Ball Watch Co. collections is based on the official railroad standard of timekeeping. The most attractive side of this pair of watches for couples is that all markers are made of green micro gas tubes that will glow in the dark without recharging for 25 years.

Those are wedding gift watches for couple that are worth considering. You can give it to your partner or a gift for your best friend who is getting married.

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