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7 Appealing Watches for Charity that Support Worthy Causes

7 Appealing Watches for Charity that Support Worthy Causes

There are some watch brands that give back to society and raise awareness for goods. Find out some captivating watches for charity here!
Apr 24, 2024

The watchmaking industry isn’t only about making timepieces with various designs and inventions. Nowadays, many watch brands also give back to society with different types of supporting worthy causes. That leads to the idea of watches for charity. Some watch brands decide to actively involve in partnerships, such as ocean and forest conservation, sustainable environment, social organizations, and medical and educational assistance.

In fact, it’s not just huge watch brands, such as Swiss Manufactures with big marketing funds but also small companies. This means that it’s not only about a well-known image but also our concern for the surroundings. Even more interesting, watches for charity is on the quieter side without much exposure to the public. Well, it’s their watches and inventions that much likely to be heard in the community, right?

Additionally, supporting worthy causes is actually kind of an obligation for a watchmaking industry, especially when it comes to the environment. Talking about the industry, the manufacturer definitely gets resources from nature, such as minerals, crystals, and even leather. As such, following an ethical production is also a crucial thing to do. That is when eco-friendly watches start getting recognition.

In this article, I’m going to share some watches for charity. They are specifically designed to support worthy causes. Along with an enchanting design and impressive performance, you can also contribute to a certain charity by having this watch in a collection.

Oris Aquis Carysfort Reef

The first watches for charity goes to Oris Aquis Carysfort Reef which raises awareness for ocean conservation. Oris has been known as a Swiss brand that focuses on innovating for giving the utmost watch quality. Along with the passion for watchmaking, the brand also continuously supports worthy causes. 

Oris Aquis Carysfort Reef – Source: Oris
Oris Aquis Carysfort Reef - Source: Oris

The Aquis Carysfort Reef is Oris’s long partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation. The project has been working to rebuild the coral reef in the Florida Keys called Carysfort. Launched in 2020, the timepiece is limited to only 50 pieces. The blue color dominates the overall appearance to resemble the beauty of the ocean.

Oris Movember Edition

Another watch for a charity of Oris comes in partnership with Movember. The Oris Chronoris Movember is a special timepiece designed to support men’s health and awareness. In fact, the movement actively raises awareness of the obstacles men go through, such as suicide, prostate cancer, and mental health. This managed to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.

Oris Movember Edition 2019 - Source: Oris

Since 2017, the Oris Movember edition is annually launched with a unique and distinctive design for each edition. The dial presents an enchanting dial color paired with a three-color NATO that you can choose. The option is also available in leather straps and bracelets. 

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Omega Trésor De Ville

Watches for Charity: Omega Trésor De Ville Edition


Not only known for its reputable and luxury watches, Omega often involves in a number of social activities and charities. One of the famous ones is the partnership with Orbis which is a non-profit organization that helps people anywhere in the world to fight avoidable blindness. Orbis brings medical services together to help people in need of healing their vision.

In this partnership, Omega has introduced several timepieces with a special resemblance on the dial. The dial features a date window placed at the 6 o’clock position. Yet, instead of showing the number 8 on the date, it displays an Orbis Teddy Bear. 

The interesting fact is that children who have been through eye surgery will receive a stuffed bear. Through this collaboration, Omega raises funds for Orbis to continue their work for each piece of the watch sold.

Triwa Ocean Plastic

As the name implies, you might have guessed that this watch for charity is designed to support cleaning the ocean of plastics. That is not wrong but to be precise, the Triwa Ocean Plastic is a timepiece made primarily out of recycled plastics. It’s not only the dial but also the watch case and strap manufactured out of plastic. 

Triwa Ocean Plastic - Source: Triwa

The result is a casual watch ready to accompany you as an everyday watch. The watch is also lightweight which makes it comfortable to be worn throughout the day. It is also available at an affordable price that even makes it more worthy of the value it holds.

Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Scubatec

The next watch for charity is Carl F. Bucherer which designs a special timepiece in an effort to support a worthy cause. If you take a closer look at the dial, you might notice to whom is the Patravi Scubatec designed. The production is made in relation to support saving the endangered manta ray from pollution. 

Carl F. Bucherer supports the UK-based charity the Manta Trust in following the action. A shadow of a manta ray is nicely designed on the dial to show the support. The brand is also serious about giving accuracy by making the watch COSC chronometer-certified with its ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.

Hublot Classic Fusion Blue Full Pavé Best Buddies

Watches for charity can also be spotted in a partnership between Hublot and Best Buddies. The brand itself is also actively participating in a charity with a non-profit organization to support certain causes. Together with Best Buddies, Hublot designed a special timepiece edition to support those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. 

The movement itself is dedicated to making one-on-one friendships at a grassroots level. Until now, Best Buddies has almost 2.900 schools around the world to help them in middle school, high school, and even college. The partnership has been delicately engraved through the watch caseback where you can see the Best Buddies logo.

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IWC Portugieser “Laureus Sport for Good” 

Laureus Sport for Good is one of the Laureus organization’s movements in promoting social change. In relation to that, IWC has been an active sponsor for the last 15 years. Actually, Laureus consists of several parts, including Laureus World Sports Awards, Laureus World Sports Academy, and the Laureus Sport for Good. 

IWC Portugieser "Laureus Sport for Good" - Source: IWC

Together with their passion for sports, they focus on making significant social change, especially the vulnerable ones. As for this watch, the Portugieser Hand-wound Monopusher Chronograph features a special drawing on the caseback. It was made by a kid who is 15-year-old Chinese Special Olympics participant Yi Xin.

Final Thought

In the end, we can all see how the watchmaking industry is not only about manufacturing or assembling watches. Many watch brands have been actively participating in supporting worthy causes by making watches for charity. Most of the money received from each sale will be donated to the cause. 

After all, the watchmaking industry is also part of the social world that lives together side by side. Making an active act through watches for charity somehow brings more value to the watch itself. This might sound cliche but I personally truly respect every watch brand that also pays attention and tries to raise awareness of good things.

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