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Top 7 Watch Travel Cases to Keep Your Watches Safe

Top 7 Watch Travel Cases to Keep Your Watches Safe

Traveling wouldn't be complete without watches and, thus, you need a watch travel case to keep them safe. Find out the best one here!
Apr 26, 2024

As a watch enthusiast, watches might be things that you will carry everywhere including traveling. There are some basic rules to know when it comes to traveling with timepieces. Having two or three in your carrier is a wise choice as you might need to suit a certain occasion. Safe storage for your watches is also a must and, thus, you need a watch travel case. 

Traveling is indeed a joyful and most-waited event but it would be a disaster if you returned home with a damaged timepiece. Having a perfectly organized storage for your watches will complete your holiday preparations. Let a good watch travel case, pouch, or roll do the job and keep your favorites safe. 

However, we do understand that you might confuse about which one is best for a case or watch roll and which brand gives the best one. In this article, we will summarize some tips you need to know and some recommendations to choose from. Let’s take a look!

Which One to Choose: Watch Case vs. Watch Roll

As a matter of information, you might want to know what’s the difference between available options to store a watch during traveling. In this case, you want to know which one is best, a watch travel case or a watch roll. As the name implies, a watch case is a solid and compact storage that allows you to keep watches.

That said, it would protect a watch from bumps, pressure, or even when you accidentally drop your bag. On the other hand, a watch roll will roll to keep your watches from outside damage. 

However, a watch roll isn’t as compact as a watch case. As a result, a watch roll can’t provide a hard outer shell in case you drop your watch or say, something is put on top of your bag with your watch roll inside.

With that being said, a watch case is preferable, especially if you carry luxury watches although it will definitely take more space than a watch roll.

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Best Watch Travel Case

In the next section, we present a range of watch travel cases with different spaces available to store your watch during travel safely. We also provide other options than a watch travel case that might suit your interest.

Watchpod Travel Case

The first line on the best travel case comes from Watchpod with its simple appearance. This storage would be handy to keep your watch safe. This little case would be a great choice if you don’t want to bring something extra. Besides, it only costs you around $20 to grab this case. 

Watchpod Travel Case – Source: Watchpod
Watchpod Travel Case - Source: Watchpod

Regardless, the case holds your watch in place with a conical shape design as the base to keep your watch. It wraps the timepiece while it is kept inside. Further, it exhibits a 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon exterior which is a crush-proof hard shell, allowing maximum protection.

Shinola Travel Watch Case

Let’s get classy on the next list. Shinola offers a leather watch travel case that radiates elegance and luxury at the same time. It will further elevate if you keep watches with leather straps inside. The case can hold 2 timepieces which is a great number for watches to bring for travel. 

Shinola Travel Watch Case – Source: Shinola
Shinola Travel Watch Case - Source: Shinola

What’s so good about the case is also its flat design, allowing the wearers to slip the case into their bag easily. As for the leather, Shinola provides different color variations from black to tan vachetta. Each is vegetable-tanned which makes the case last for a long time and will patinate beautifully throughout time.

Billstone Voyager 1 Watch Travel Case

Our next recommendation for the best watch travel case is the Billstone Voyager. Comes in a sturdy design, which might trigger the concept of a spaceship as you know how to open this case. As if it is hatching, the Billstone Voyager has a top door and a bottom door. That makes the case protect the watch by buttons each other. 

To top it off, this case would stand quite a hard pressure inside the bag – even if you put it at the bottom of a heavy pile. That said, you don’t need to worry about crushing the watch inside. After all, it’s a cool case design to keep your watch.

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Red Barrel Studio 6 Watch Travel Case

The Red Barrel Studio 6 is a nice option for you who can’t get enough with just two or three watches. The case provides nice seating for six watches with a sturdy leather construction. Maximal protection is everything about the case as it gives resistance to water and dust. 

That said, you can bring your favorite timepieces inside safely in any travel conditions. Although storage for six watches takes more space, the design allows the wearer to place the case inside the suitcase’s inner pockets. 

Scatola Del Tempo Watch Travel Case

Let’s get more serious just in case you are going to travel for months and a few pieces definitely wouldn’t be enough. If that’s the case, this choice would be a go-to option to keep you fully equipped with choices. 

Scatola Del Tempo Watch Travel Case – Source: Scatola Del Tempo
Scatola Del Tempo Watch Travel Case - Source: Scatola Del Tempo

The Scatola Del Tempo watch travel case can keep 16 watches. Just imagine you bring the whole collection for travel inside a suitcase. Just like a suitcase, it offers protection through its sturdy construction and is built from full-grain cow leather.

Gnomon Velvet Pouch in Brown

In another case, you might want to have a watch pouch as an alternative. That said, you might want to consider Gnomon Velvet Pouch in Brown. As it is a pouch, it definitely brings a different definition of handy storage. 

Gnomon Velvet Pouch in Brown
Gnomon Velvet Pouch in Brown

It can hold one timepiece safely with you anywhere. The pouch is made from unique woven material inside out, allowing for optimal protection for the watch.

Gnomon Travelling Watch Roll – Mocha Brown

You can also grab a watch roll to secure watches for travel like the one we have, Gnomon Travelling Watch Roll – Mocha Brown. Despite its look, the case can house three wristwatches with a smaller additional pocket for straps and tools. That said, not only that you can change watches but also switch between different straps. 

Gnomon Travelling Watch Roll – Mocha Brown
Gnomon Travelling Watch Roll - Mocha Brown

The case comes with all quality leather goods and is hand-crafted. The roll is also secured with a belt equipped with a metal buckle for extra protection. To top it off, Gnomon allows the customer to engrave their personal wordings on the roll.

Final Thought

In the end, it’s a complete and perfect holiday to always have favorite timepieces on our side, such as during the holiday. That said, to keep them safe, a watch travel case/pouch/roll should be on the list to store the watch in a safe place. It doesn’t matter whether you bring one, two, or even a dozen of them as long as you have good and proper storage to keep them. So, have you done preparing for your travel needs?

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