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7 Unique Watches for Women in 2023

7 Unique Watches for Women in 2023

Unique watches for women will catch the attention of plenty. No wonder it’s the perfect timepiece for the out-of-the-ordinary souls.
Apr 19, 2024

Unique watches for women. What exactly is it? Well, for me, it encompasses a particular timepiece designed to look different. Whether the timekeeper is adorned with a colorful dial or funky material, it’s definitely more than just your everyday timekeeper.

A unique women’s watch may just be the perfect choice for those on the lookout for something that’s out of the ordinary. For the adventurous souls, the daredevils, to those who just want something exquisite, search no further, read on to find out which timepieces are truly unique.

7 Splendid and Unique Watches for Women in 2023

A unique women’s watch is a wonderful addition to any collection. Paired up with a simple outfit, it will be the focal point. Otherwise, a maximalist style would also be more extravaganza with a timepiece of this kind.

Are you perhaps looking for one? Continue reading to find out which unique watches for women are perfect for you.

Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright Stainless Watch

The first unique watch for women is the Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright in stainless steel. This is definitely not your ordinary timekeeper in a much more subtle way. At first sight, it does resemble general timepieces with its brown leather strap and silver stainless steel case.

But, upon a deeper understanding, its uniqueness is pretty straightforward. The circular patterned dial is a direct tribute to the ceiling design of a building built in 1936, the S.S John & Son Administration by the great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

For the 50th anniversary, Audemars Piguet re-established its iconic Royal Oak Quartz with more than just a dash of stunning additions. It features 40 brilliantly-cut diamonds to encircle the bezel and elegantly provide a frame to the ethereal, light blue Grande Tapisserie dial.

Moreover, this unique women’s watch is powered by the newly released self-winding Caliber 5900 movement. With its 50m water resistance, this sure is a capable yet ageless timepiece. 

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue

Next, The Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue is a semi-skeleton, unique watch for women. Established by the American company, Hamilton, this particular timepiece boasts amazing features.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue – Leather Ref. H32215840
Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue - Leather Ref. H32215840

First, the unique case design is finished beautifully to result in a sleek appearance. Therefore, it gracefully catches the light from almost all angles. Of course, the focal allure of the watch itself lies in the semi-skeletonized icy blue sunburst dial.

The carefully crafted machinery as seen from the gap on the dial provides a pleasurable experience when viewing for time. Modern yet distinctive.

Burberry 25mm Stainless Steel Case Leather Women’s Watch

The Burberry 25mm stainless steel case leather is also another unique watch for women. It features its trademark pattern on its leather bracelet. 

But, what makes it unique is the rectangular design of the golden case and as you look closer, the patterned dial. Surrounded by gold-coated numerals, this is a chic and beautiful watch to wear.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie Moon Phase

The Egerie Moon Phase by Vacheron Constantin is beautiful, elegant yet unique at the same time. This dreamy watch is enclosed with studded diamonds throughout. 

This you can very much evidently see on its bracelet, dial, bezel and even surrounding the moon phase window. As such, the result is a wonder of a watch – reminiscent of a clear night sky filled with shining stars. Enchanting indeed.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus 7010R-011

Featuring an out-of-the-ordinary octagonal bezel, and a stunning alligator with square scales leather strap, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 7010R-011 is nothing short of a unique watch for women.

Adorned with diamonds for the bezel ring, it complements very well with the rose gold case along with the golden hands and markers. Moreover, the intentionally imperfect horizontally patterned dial provides a beautiful backdrop to the gold watch.

A Lange & Sohne Little Lange I Moon Phase

The Little Lange I Moon Phase is also another beautifully unique watch for women. Its prominent feature lies in the guilloche dial made from solid silver gold. 

Coming in a simple white leather strap and minimal golden bezel, the design aims to attract attention to the stunning dial. Included in the glass is a moon phase subdial, a larger subdial to showcase the hour of the day, and a date aperture. Unique yet classy.

So, that sums up my recommendation on unique watches for women. These timepieces are sure to be a conversation starter when worn on your wrist. Not only that, it will most definitely look beautiful when not in use and placed on your vanity.

Stay tuned to our Gnomon blog to find out more recommendations, tips, and timeless wisdom around the world of horology.

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