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U-Boat Roma

U-Boat Roma Silver Review: A Timeless Italian Masterpiece

Explore the epitome of Italian haute horology with U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm review. Precision and elegance in a limited edition timepiece.
May 14, 2024

Founded in 2001 by the visionary Italo Fontana, U-Boat has emerged as an emblematic brand synonymous with precision and quality in the world of horology. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is exemplified by the U-Boat Roma 45mm Silver, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Italian craftsmanship and ingenious design.

This particular Roma timepiece, swathed in stunning silver craftsmanship, embodies the epitome of Italian haute horology. Presented in an avant-garde design with its silvery dial and bulky design, the watch is a shining example of the brand’s commitment that captivates both watch aficionados and casual wearers alike.

In this U-Boat watch review, we’re going to scrutinize the U-Boat Roma and discuss the appealing aesthetic design of the watch.

A Glimpse into U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm

Movement Swiss automatic mechanical, personalized to U-BOAT specifications
Dimensions 45mm in diameter
Material Pure aged 925 silver, finely handcrafted, with lateral chisellings, the Colosseum on one side and the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica on the other.
Strap A black strap in selected and hand-crafted alligator leather, with skate fish insert.
Dial Lasered, in pure 925 silver, with indexes and numbers in relief. Hands in painted and brushed metal.
Price $7,260.00 USD

U-Boat is an Italian watchmaker renowned for its bold designs inspired by the robust and vintage styling of World War II-era submarine instruments. 

The brand has consistently pushed boundaries, reinventing traditional watchmaking and captivating watch enthusiasts with their distinctive creations.

The U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm encompasses the essence of Italian design and engineering expertise, encapsulating both aesthetic allure and precision functionality. 

This particular Roma timepiece, swathed in stunning silver craftsmanship, embodies the epitome of Italian haute horology. 

The heart of this watch beats to the rhythm of a Swiss Sellita automatic mechanical movement, tailored precisely to U-Boat specifications and adorned with a skeletonized rotor.

Moreover, the watch perfectly encapsulates the essence of U-Boat’s heritage and its dedication to creating timeless timepieces.

It pays homage to the brand’s roots in naval history while incorporating modern design elements, making it a versatile and timeless accessory.

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Designs and Aesthetics: A Silver Masterpiece

The pure aged 925 silver case of the U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm boasts a substantial 45mm diameter. Every aspect of this case exudes Italian craftsmanship, featuring delicate lateral chisellings that showcase the intricate facade of St. Peter’s Basilica on one side and the grandeur of the Colosseum on the other.

The use of 925 silver ensures that the watch ages gracefully, acquiring a unique personality that is uniquely its wearer’s. This silver case offers a refreshing alternative to the more commonly seen bronze cases, setting the watch apart with its distinctive character.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop with the case. The bezel, too, is hand-chiseled, contributing to the overall personalized appearance of the timepiece. On the left side of the case, the crown cap is adorned with a classic black diamond, elevating the watch’s elegance. 

The crown is also a signature of U-Boat watches, adds a distinctive touch, and reinforces the brand’s connection to naval history. Flip the watch over, and you’ll discover that the case back is also crafted from the same 925 silver that patinates beautifully over time. 

It’s sealed with seven external screws and laser-engraved with Rome’s symbol, the Lupa Capitolina, adding a touch of historical significance to the watch.

Moving on to the dial, the lasered 925 silver dial of the U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm is a work of art in itself. The indexes and numbers are raised in relief, ensuring clear and precise time reading.

The hands of the dial, rendered in painted and brushed metal, not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also enhance readability. To protect this exquisite dial, a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective properties has been employed, ensuring unhindered visibility of the time in various lighting conditions.

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Exquisite Movement of U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm

At the heart of the U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm lies a Swiss Sellita automatic mechanical movement, tailored to U-BOAT’s exacting specifications. This 26-jeweled marvel operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, ensuring impeccable timekeeping accuracy. 

With a solid power reserve of 44 hours, this U-Boat watch is as reliable as it is stylish. The standout feature, a skeletonized rotor, adds a touch of mechanical artistry to the timepiece, a subtle nod to its Swiss horological heritage.

Strap and Comfort

To ensure comfort and durability, the U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm is fitted with a high-quality leather strap. The elegant black strap, handcrafted in Italy, measures 20mm in width. 

Crafted from meticulously curated alligator leather with a skatefish insert, it is as artisanal as the watch itself. To crown the wearer’s look, a handmade 925 silver buckle is employed, adding to the overall aesthetic coherence and quality of the timepiece.

Limited and Unique

The U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm is not just a watch; it’s a limited-edition masterpiece. With only 88 pieces available, owning one of these watches is a testament to your appreciation for the finer things in life and your desire for exclusivity. 

Each piece is a unique work of art, meticulously crafted and designed to stand the test of time.


The U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm is an exemplary timepiece that epitomizes the brand’s dedication to precision, elegance, and functionality. From its intricate design details to its exceptional movement, every aspect of this timepiece reflects the brand’s dedication to precision and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re a seasoned watch collector or a newcomer to the world of horology, the U-Boat Roma Silver 45mm is sure to captivate your heart and wrist, offering a timeless blend of elegance and sophistication that is bound to turn heads and spark conversations.

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