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10 Stylish Types of Watch Clasps and Buckles You Should Know

10 Stylish Types of Watch Clasps and Buckles You Should Know

Different types of watch clasps and buckles may suit every type of occasion. But which one fits you best? Find out here!
Apr 18, 2024

Finding the right time is essential for our daily needs. That makes a watch an important item to wear on every occasion. As indispensable as a watch, a watch clasp is necessary to give us the comfort of knowing the timepiece is wrapped around our wrist dependably. Aside from the function, there are many different and stylish types of watch clasps to complete the stunning look of our favorite timepieces as well.

Although rarely discussed and noticed, a watch clasp is undeniably a revolutionary invention in the world of horology. Initially found in women’s accessories, a clasp was used to connect a bracelet or necklace during the Victorian era. It was also noted that the prototype of the first wristwatch was worn by women in the 1800s. Fast forward to the present day, many types of watch clasps are invented to fit the preferences and styles of men and women alike.

Types of Watch Clasps

So, what are the stylish and popular types of watch clasps today? Which type of watch clasp fits you best? Take a look at the list below!

Deployant Clasp

As one of the most famous types of watch clasps, the deployant clasp is easily classic. Most metal watches commonly have a deployant clasp. The clasp conjoined with the metal strap gives off an elegant look. It goes well with either formal or casual styles as well.

How to open a watch clasp like this? A deployant clasp will unfold into thirds and it will allow a wide space for your wrist to go through. Once you do that, the lock of the clasp will ensure your watch stays attached to your wrist at all times.

However stylish and secure the deployant clasp is, it is not without its weakness. In order to fit the watch to the wrist, the wearer must go through the process of resizing it. The metal band will have to be adjusted to the size of the wrist first in order to be worn perfectly.

Push-Button Deployant Clasp

Noticeably simpler than the deployant clasp, the push-button only requires simultaneous pinches to the clips on the sides of the clasp to get it open. It is a much easier method compared to how to open a watch clasp for the other types.

The refined design of the push-button will not let your watch slip through as it will stay securely on your wrist. Its impeccable closure is also complemented by its elegant style. The clips on each side of the clasp are easily unnoticed since they blend well with the rest of the watch.

Fold Over Push-Button Deployant Clasp

To get the best of both worlds, use a fold-over push-button deployant clasp. The hybrid of the two most commonly found deployant clasps ensures the security of the watch perfectly. This type of clasp is often found in high-end brands and is often used for diving activities.

As the name indicates, the fold-over push-button deployant clasp requires locking and pushing to operate. How to open a watch clasp like this? You will have to press the push-button feature first then the fold-over latch will appear as the strap opens.

Jewelry Clasp

Let’s go back to the root of the clasp by using a jewelry clasp. As one of the most stylish types of watch clasps out there, a jewelry clasp is commonly found in bracelets. Most women’s watches use this type of clasp for its style and adjustability.

A jewelry clasp has two parts which are the latch and the hole. To ensure the closure of the watch, you can simply pull the clasp and unfasten it from the latch. It is significantly easier to open than the type of watch clasps we have come to learn so far.

Diver Clasp

As a sports activity, diving requires the most durable watch to go with it. As it happens, the diver clasp will be the perfect fit for your tough stainless steel watch. The standard for a diver clasp is to use the double-lock as it applies to give extra protection. A diver clasp has a fold-over clip that will open on one side and reveal another flap to keep it closed off.

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Flip Clasp

For a non-metallic watch band, such as leather and textile, use a flip clasp. Unlike some of the deployant clasps before, a flip clasp is commonly made of a single hinge. It has an opening for the watch strap to go through and you can fasten it by pressing the clasp. Usually, there will be a push-button feature added to make it close securely as well as make it easier to open and close the clasp.

Butterfly Clasp

Butterfly clasp is the perfect choice to make your watch close securely in a stylish manner. The clasp will be hidden by the outer watch band so it makes for a perfect dress watch. In order to fasten it, you will need to press the push-buttons at the same time and fold the butterfly wings or clasps to enclose your watch safely.

Toggle Clasp

A list of stylish types of watch clasps will not be complete without a toggle clasp. Commonly found in bracelets, the beauty of a toggle clasp can be seen in its design. There will be a bar and a ring on the other end to lock the clasp together. It makes opening and closing the clasp easier. Simply practical and fashionable.


Simple and stylish. That’s what a buckle offers to a watch. A buckle is usually attached to leather, rubber, or textile strap. It is one of, if not, the most common clasps to be found in every market due to its affordability.

Watch strap attached to a buckle will have several holes for the pin to go through. In order to adjust the watch to fit your wrist, the pin can be inserted into whichever hole of the strap. With the way it’s designed, a watch with a buckle can be readily worn without having to be resized first.

Sliding Buckle

As one of the stylish types of watch clasps, a sliding buckle is a perfect fit for your casual and business looks. The way it works is to slide the buckle along with the band and press it to enclose the watch nicely. Since the sliding buckle requires no holes to operate, it is also easier to adjust the watch to fit the size of your wrist.

Those are the ten most stylish types of watch clasps to go with your stunning timepieces. Each type offers its own signature and sleek design. Find the best one for you and visit our Gnomon blog for all information about watches that you need to know.

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