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5 Best Summer Watches for Sunny Day Companion

5 Best Summer Watches for Sunny Day Companion

Looking for the best buddy for the upcoming summer season? Find out your favorite piece of summer watches here!
Apr 18, 2024

Getting ready for summer also means preparing for different gears whether for your daily routines or style of fashion. Me, personally, as part of the watch collecting realm, will definitely get ready for my summer watches companion. Outdoor activities and the idea of casual are ones stuck to the summer season. For that reason, I prefer watches with durability and versatility for either water activities or a cookout with family or friends. 

Well, definitely you might have a different taste to match your summer plans, such as a sporty look or a summer chic to keep in style. Whatever activities you would have, I believe that we are looking for similar kinds of styles of summer watches. The foremost idea could be a watch that can handle the heat and make us feel comfortable wearing it all day. 

Worries no more, I’ve collected some of my favorite popular summer watches ideas to be in your next summer collection. In addition, I’ll provide a brief suggestion on how to choose summer watches. Read along to find out.

How to Choose Summer Watches

Outdoor leisure activity in a summer holiday is probably the most awaited season as we can do many things under the sunny sun. Anything on your plans from a road trip to hiking or a luxury sunbath on the beach to a chill cookout with friends, you probably need a good watch that fits each activity. 

A reliable timepiece is definitely a must to tell the time accurately along with the features it provides. As we talk about summer, heat is something your watch should be able to handle to avoid damage or uncomfortable wearing. Therefore, the choice of your watch materials and straps is also crucial.

If you are a fan of water activities, a watch with a range of good water resistance should be in your category. Whether it is diving or enjoying water sports, watch manufacturers have provided a list of watches to be your good companion. A timepiece with 3 ATM or 30 meters of water resistance might be a good choice for swimming. However, it wouldn’t handle diving or snorkeling. As such, consider what activities you do.

Other things to consider in how to choose summer watches also include the shock resistance and sapphire crystal. Last but not least, you could consider the style that would strap on your wrist perfectly.

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My Favorite Collection of Summer Watches

If you are looking for popular summer watches ideas then you are at the right place. Here. I’ll share some of my favorite collections that I often use for the summer.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chronograph

Are you planning to spend the sunny summer with a trip along the road? If yes, the Khaki Field edition from Hamilton might be a good buddy for you. A nice-looking watch with a retro charm for an exceptional contemporary package. This is a well-built watch, making it suitable for adventures exuding a robust character while your hands are on the wheel. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chronograph Ref. H71616535

To top it off, this Hamilton is a tool watch as you can spot the automatic chronograph on the dial. A sexy-chic pusher at 2 and 4 o’clock serves you with a start, stop, and reset function. Let’s not forget the elevating sandy brown calf leather strap as a good match during summer — all perfectly sits on your wrist with 42mm of case diameter. 

The versatility of the watch is the good news to which you can carry this watch to almost any occasion for a reliable, sophisticated look, and stylish appeal. 

Seiko Prospex Alpinist

I would say that Seiko is my way to go for almost any occasion. Not only that they provide a fair and affordable price to have lots of their collection but also the good performance they offer. As for these sunny days, I would recommend Seiko Prospex Alpinist as a good choice for the summer season. It comes in different colors but Seiko Prospex Alpinist Green and Brown match my taste bud. 

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Green Ref. SBDC138

You can pick these watches for both relaxed outdoor activities or daily wear during summer. Attractive watch dimensions — 38mm watch case and 12.9mm in thickness resulting in a comfortable fit around your wrist and keeping the watch out of the way while enjoying the outdoors. To top it off, do enjoy Seiko’s proprietary LumiBrite lume and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for keeping your watch in its utmost condition.

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Brown Ref. SBDC137

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Manufacture Caliber

Let’s be honest that there isn’t actually the ‘right’ choice for summer watches. Any watch as it matches your preference and activities you do could be a summer watch. Well, at least I would like to show you a timepiece from Tudor, a  Black Bay Bronze. I love how it elegantly presents a bold look along with an exceptional appearance — the bronze color does do its job well here.

The design and performance of this model would be a good pair for your water activities or while enjoying a luxury nap on the beach. It is powered by Tudor in-house movement the Caliber MT5601 (COSC) with 70-hour of power reserve. The watch is specifically designed for diving companions with 20 ATM (200m) of water resistance.  In addition to that, this model comes with two strap choices — anything you like between leather or a fabric strap.

Luminox Pacific Diver Watch

This is another timepiece for your summer watches collection, especially for those who enjoy diving or snorkeling. A Luminox Pacific Diver watch series that boasts outstanding performance and look. Let’s dive in with Pacific Diver. The Luminox itself has been known for its robust series dedicated to the Icelandic SAR (Search & Rescue) teams or the Navy’s SEAL program. This Pacific Diver is another renowned line-up that works best as your summer watch.

Moving on to its features and performance, it is powered by the reliable Swiss-made quartz movement — it performs at its best. Luminox also highlights their CARBONOX material which is applied on this unidirectional rotating bezel. That means the bezel is 6 times lighter than steel and 3 times lighter than titanium. Together with its 20 ATM of water resistance, Luminox introduces this series with a superb lume for the best visibility in a dark environment.

Omega Seamaster 300M

An all-rounder watch plus the best companion you can have for summer watches. As the name implied, the Omega Seamaster is built as a diving instrument. Before diving into its performance, let’s appreciate the beauty of its watch face. The skeleton hands that sweep along the hour marker will definitely catch your attention. Not only that they exude a unique persona but also the way they are still legible underwater, particularly with the white color for the hour-marker, lume, and dial background.

As a reliable diving buddy, it serves at its best with 300m of water resistance. The white dial is built with ceramic together with white enamel scales resulting in better durability and longer-lasting whiteness. Talking about the movement, it comes with METAS-approved Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 with a 55-hour power reserve. It features the classic Omega inventions, such as a silicon balance spring, anti-magnetic properties, and Co-Axial escapement. 

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all pieces of my favorite collection for summer watches. As you might notice, I prefer to choose a different watch for different activities that are best for this sunny season. Wrapping this article, I would say that having a separate watch for a certain season is only a matter of preference if you want to make the most of your style. After all, I believe that most modern watches can be a good companion throughout the year without much trouble as long as you give appropriate care. So, what are your favorite styles of summer watches?

Furthermore, dive deep into the world of horology and find out more about your favorite watches by reading posts specifically catered to the newbie, collector, and enthusiasts of timepieces at our Gnomon blog.

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