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Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Watch Review: A Captivating “Pepsi”

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Watch Review: A Captivating “Pepsi”

The Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT isn't a luxury watch or twopenny piece either. It's just right in the middle with reliable features. Explore here!
Feb 20, 2024

Pepsi watch design is indeed a desirable design that many loves. It can be seen from lots of watch brands that choose this design. Among many, we would like to highlight Steinhart GMT Ocean 39 which flaunts its ceramic “Pepsi” red and blue as the watch bezel

The trend Pepsi bezel itself was started by Rolex in 1955 with the GMT Master pilot watch. Following a huge interest, many watch brands also adopt the design. Regardless, every watch brand has its own way of presenting the Pepsi bezel.

In this article, we’re going to talk further about what the Steinhart GMT Ocean 39 can offer to you. Set to amaze, it’s worth your time to know more about this watch.

A Closer Look into Steinhart GMT Ocean 39

The Steinhart offers a simple and elegant timepiece that flaunts an energetic charm in the Ocean One 39 GMT. Created with the highest Swiss standard, the watch comes with a list of features set to amaze. As a “Pepsi” watch, the main attraction might lie on the bezel for some of you who adore this red and blue combination. 

It’s also identified as a sports watch with durability features to rely on and a bold appearance. For the price, the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT makes a great value by offering what you need to accomplish your diving needs and daily activities companion. 

Watch Review

An overview alone is definitely not enough to look at the watch in a detail. Therefore, below we provide an explanation for each watch element of Steinhart GMT Ocean 39. Let’s get straight into it!

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Blue/Red Ceramic 2


While you might get excited with the Pepsi bezel, the watch dial also flaunts an appealing interest to look into. It features a black color that creates a great contrast against the color of each dial element. As a result, the watch gives optimal legibility to the wearer. 

To further enhance its appearance, the matte black borders on the fauxtina, allow the watch to appear more vintage. For a better experience in the dark environment, Steinhart applied a good amount of SuperLuminova luminous to the markers, minute, hour, and second hands. 

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Blue/Red Ceramic 2's dial

Talking about the watch hands, they are nicely done with proportional and legible designs. Steinhart also adds a triangle shape with a red stem for the GMT hand. Further, it reaches out to the minute track on the chapter ring for better time-reading. 

Protecting the dial is a sapphire watch crystal with an inner anti-reflective coating. That will add clarity under different lighting conditions for a better time-telling experience. Right on the 3 o’clock position, a date window is placed neatly equipped with a magnifier.

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Watch Case

Moving on to the watch case, this Steinhart GMT watch wears small at 39mm in diameter. In addition to that, the small lugs also make the watch looks slim. The height also comes in a respectably slim size of 13mm. 

The case is made from 316L stainless steel that features a satin brushed finish on the top of the lugs and polished sides of the case – the polished sides further enhance the slim profile.

Protruding on the side of the case at 3 o’clock is a screw-down crown. That said, the watch has good protection for movement to avoid water damage. Topping it off, the watch comes in 300m water resistance that gives you the chance to wear it for professional diving.


It’s not true diving equipment until we have a reliable and smooth bezel on the watch. The Steinhart GMT Ocean 39 has overly polished the teeth on the bezel, resulting in a shining appearance. The main highlight of the bezel is definitely its Pepsi red and blue colors. A two-tone bezel that flaunts a captivating appearance.

It is done in ceramic with numbers and markers engraved to give it depth and legible under different lighting conditions. The knurling on the side of the bezel is also deep and clean. It can help the wearer get a good grip for easy bezel operation. The 120 clicks bezel clicks positively into position.

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A timepiece is also about its watch movement when it comes to reliability and performance. At the heart of Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT, the SW330 Elaboré movement drives the overall functions to run reliably. 

It is a Swiss-manufactured movement, similar to the ones used by Hamilton, Glycine, and Breitling. For the price, the movement is worth everything. It’s cost-effective and reliable with a power reserve of around 35-40 hours. 


A satin brushed jubilee stainless steel bracelet with screw links and fliplock

The Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT is paired with a stainless steel bracelet. Measured 20mm up towards the case and tapers down to 61mm at the clasp, it fits quite nicely and comfortably on the wrist. Considering the price point, the watch exhibits a good feature on the safety clasp – it feels solid. 

Final Thought

In the end, the Steinhart GMT 39 Ocean carries a lot of great values that you can rely on. Compared to its previous edition which is measured at 42mm, this one could be a great alternative as it wears smaller – even comfortable on a smaller wrist. In addition to that, Steinhart equipped the watch with a list of great features from durability to reliability. 

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