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Steinhart diver review
Watch Review

Steinhart Diver Watch: Ocean Titanium 500 Premium Review

A day with Steinhart diver, Ocean Titanium 500 Premium, is not enough. You want to wear it everyday.
Sep 01, 2021

When dealing with watches, we all一watch enthusiasts or even the newbie一 have our own different taste as it also represents our character and style. For example, a couple years ago when I scrolled through a website to buy watches online with my brother, he bought a military watch for the umpteenth time. I am not sure why, but I think military and field watches match his personality and hobby. He is someone who always spares his time for hiking at least once a month. On the other hand, I picked a Steinhart diver watch that time. Unlike my brother, I find a watch with high water resistance more attractive than the others. Maybe it is because I prefer to be in the ocean than the mountain. 

Speaking about Steinhart, I have been admiring this brand for a long time. I have three Steinhart diver watches now: the Steinhart Ocean Vintage, Steinhart Ocean Two, and the recent one is the Ocean Titanium 500 Premium.

Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 Premium

Steinhart is recognized for its ability to manufacture watches that are value for money. The company offers Swiss movements timepieces in European construction quality at affordable prices, let alone the timeless design that Steinhart diver watches always carry.

So now, let’s focus on my Steinhart diver Ocean Titanium 500 from the Premium line. I am going to review this impeccable watch from the case to its movement. It is a dive watch with 500m water resistance which is the upgraded version of the 300m Ocean One watch.

The Case

A watch case is one of the important parts of a timepiece, especially when it comes to a dive watch. As the sea contains 2.5 percent of salt, a dive watch must provide a good salt-water resistance. And Steinhart understands what I truly need with the case made of full titanium (this is the biggest achievement from the other Ocean One line) that can be exposed to saltwater without corroding. 

I crave light watches, and this wristwatch is what it is. I do not mind wearing a 140 grams timepiece everyday. Plus, it won’t cause an allergic reaction since titanium is considered to be a non-allergenic material. You should get a titanium watch if you have sensitive skin. Or if you want to buy a timepiece but also save the world, then a titanium watch like my Steinhart diver is the answer. Titanium is environmentally friendly because it is quite easy to recycle. 

The case of Steinhart diver

The color of the case is a lot darker since it is made of titanium. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely mine. The finishing is well done. Move to the right side, there is a 7 x 4.5mm screw down signed crown that rests in small triangular guards creating an easy grip. 

Now, we’ve come to the case dimension. I find the case diameter is a little bit bigger, but is still fine. It’s just if they have a smaller version, I might choose it. The case comes right at 42mm in diameter and 49mm lug to lug. The thickness measures only 13mm without the top of domed sapphire crystal and 14.85mm with it. 

Run to the back side, the screw-in sapphire crystal open caseback gives us a chance to take a peek at the beautiful decoration which is pretty rare to find in a watch at this range of price point.

The Bezel

We all know that in a dive watch, a bezel is a vital complication. It ensures the diver’s safety. It measures the dive time. What Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 Premium has is a 120 click (superior to 60-click) unidirectional bezel insert made of black ceramic. 

The bezel of Steinhart diver

It is a good choice for Steinhart to use a ceramic bezel because it is more resistant to scratch than any materials. The ceramic insert also features full lumed markers一Superluminova BGW9一that will glow brightly under the dark deep sea. The unidirectional bezel is easy to grip and rotate, but tight enough so it won’t move by mistake. 

The Dial

Steinhart is known for its vintage explorer watch style, but Ocean Titanium 500 Premium is a different case. Instead of using homage Mercedes hands, it has broad white sword hands with a beautiful blue second hand. The blue color is matching with the markings on the inner chapter ring, the name watch ‘titanium 500’, and ‘Swiss made’ label. What a lovely little detail.

The dial of Steinhart diver

You may notice that this Steinhart diver watch presents a different layer where the window date is moved from 3 o’clock (most Steinhart watches have their date at this position) to 6 o’clock that results in a symmetric arrangement. You can see the two rectangles at 3 and 9 o’clock with the little square date and the triangle at 12 o’clock. 

Providing clear legibility, no matter the situation and condition, is the main objective of a dive watch’s dial. This Steinhart diver successfully accomplished it by having SuperLuminova BGW9 for all indices. It’s very bright. 

Above the matte black dial, we have a domed sapphire crystal that bends over the insert bezel. I kind of like the curve of the crystal. 

The Bracelet

This one of Steinhart diver watches is paired with a 22mmx18mm titanium oyster-style bracelet finished in satin. It has the same color as the case which is darker than the stainless steel one. I honestly fancy this color and have no problem with it. I can fit it perfectly as the buckle has a micro-adjustment hole. It’s easy to wear, very light and comfortable to me. 

The bracelet of Steinhart diver

The Movement

Steinhart diver Ocean Titanium 500 Premium is driven by the Soprod A10-2, another equivalent to the ETA 2824 such as the Sellita SW200. It’s a Swiss made, automatic movement with 25 jewels and capabilities of hacking second and hand winding.

The movement of Steinhart diver

Just like what I have mentioned before, this timepiece has a gorgeous decoration. The movement has been decorated with blue screws and the custom golden Steinhart rotor makes it look more luxurious. 

Final Thoughts

I think Steinhart could hit a home run with this Steinhart diver “Ocean Titanium 500 Premium”. It keeps its original design and features Swiss movement with a custom rotor, ceramic bezel, titanium case and bracelet, 500m water rating, better lume, and great finishing. Not to mention the affordable price of $670. If I could only use a word to describe the watch, I would say impressive.

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