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Squale vs Steinhart: The Comparison between The Compelling Ones

Squale vs Steinhart: The Comparison between The Compelling Ones

Jan 24, 2024
The seasoned dive watch enthusiast may be all too familiar with brands Squale and Steinhart for their release of timepieces that are very much capable of going deep into the waters. Once in a while, perhaps, you will ponder on whether there is a clear winner when comparing Squale vs. Steinhart.

Both Squale and Steinhart watches are perhaps novel to the ear of the newcomer to horology – but definitely renowned to a longtime watch enthusiast. Although the names might not ring any familiarity unlike the all-encompassing Seiko or perhaps the more royal Rolex, a comparison of Squale vs Steinhart is very much an exciting discussion, considering their quality build and the prospect of becoming all the more popular.

Take a Dive at Squale and Steinhart’s History in Horology

First, let’s wind back to how both Squale watches and the timepieces of Steinhart have come to their respective places today by taking a look at their history. 

The History of Squale

While you might have heard of Sinn, Tag Heuer, and Doxa, the name Squale may ring foreign to a newcomer. Well, it’s really understandable. The brand has remained quiet for as long as they have served the former trios’ watch manufacturing company. It wasn’t only until, that Squale established their very own line of watches.

The chronology of Squale starts way back in the late 1940s as a prominent dive watch case producer for many brands as mentioned before. Charles Von Buren, its founder, has also sold timepieces with water resistance abilities.

Albeit born in Switzerland, after the retirement of its founder, the company was passed on to the Maggi family, distributing partner of Squale. Now, its headquarters are in Milan, Italy. The brand then re-established itself in 2010 and made Italy as home. 

At present, the name Squale has enjoyed a modest rise in the avid watch enthusiast communities due to its extensive history and contemporary renditions of its older counterparts.

The History of Steinhart

Steinhart, founded in 2001 by watchmaker Gunther Steinhart, is a relatively new company in regard to its competitors. Similar to Squale, the name may not be familiar to the newer watch enthusiasts. 

Established in the town of Augsburg, German, Steinhart watches are currently designed and managed by a team of limited members. This small number also relates to the affordability of their watches, ranging from $475 – $1250. The robustness of their releases is also worth mentioning. All of the Steinhart watches feature a powerful Swiss movement for the best in accuracy. 

Squale vs. Steinhart: 6 of Their Very Best Watches

A Squale vs Steinhart comparison would not be complete without a recommendation of some of their most amazing timepieces. Below are watches from the two magnificent brands honorable mentioned on the list:

Squale 30 Atmos GMT

Squale vs Steinhart: Squale 30 ATMOS Black GMT Ceramica – 40mm

First on the list of Squale vs Steinharts’ best watches is the formers’ 30 Atmos Black GMT Ceramica. Talking about specifics, this timekeeper features the very first black dial alongside the same colored ceramic bezel on the brand’s extensive history in watchmaking. 

Taking inspiration from a past 1960s design is the unpretentious and nostalgic semi-annular bracelet. Powered by the ever robust Sellita movement and Superluminova application on its indices and hands, this is a watch that exudes a serious yet approachable demeanor.

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Squale 50 Atmos Ref. 1521 Blue Polish

The Squale 1521 Ocean is also a considerable contender when comparing watches from the two brands. This particular timepiece is a modern reinterpretation of the 1970s design which means it has that vintage style and all-powerful contemporary technologies. 

Sellita movement, 50 ATMOS case, and a stunning 500 m water resistance are features within the 1521 Ocean one cannot resist. Partnered with the beaming blue sunburst dial and a classic look to its indices, this is one of the many Squale watches worthy of your consideration.

Squale LAB Edizione-1

Squale vs Steinhart: Squale LAB Edizione 1 – Ltd Ed 200pcs

The Squale LAB Edizione-1 comes next on the Squale vs Steinhart list. This limited edition watch is part of an experimental collection (hence the title LAB) and features the trademark 50 ATMOS case with the ability to dive 500 m deep. Furthermore, its simple black and white design produce a contemporary sleek look altogether.

Steinhart Ocean Forty Four GMT Black Ceramic

Squale vs Steinhart: Steinhart Ocean 44 GMT Black Ceramic

First, as a representative of Steinhart, watches on the Squale vs Steinhart list is the Ocean Forty Four GMT Black Ceramic. This particular all-dark timepiece features a 24-hour sapphire bezel which can enable the owner to read 3 different time zones altogether. Add to this, the watch is also capable of going 300 m underwater. A robust timepiece indeed!

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Premium 500

Squale vs Steinhart: Steinhart Ocean 39 Vintage GMT Premium Blue/Red Ceramic

The Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Premium 500 in Blue/Red Ceramic is next on this list. Featuring off-white, yellowish date, and second indices, the vintage charm of this watch is further accentuated. What’s more, its powerful 500 m water resistance allows you to take this beautiful timepiece even deeper down in the ocean.

Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Military

The last on this list of Squale vs Steinhart is the latters’ Ocean 1 Vintage Military from the German counterpart. Sizing at a modestly large 42 mm case and a 22 mm bracelet, this Rolex MilSub alternative timepiece is made for quality and endurance. The design

With a 300 m water resistance and the very best Superluminova lume, wearing this watch accentuates a certain charm whether on dry or wet and even in the darkest conditions.

Ending this discourse on the two magnificent brands, the final answer of which particular timepiece to choose really lies in your preference in its style, performance, and budget. Don’t worry, whatever you choose, both Squale and Steinhart watches are long-lasting companions. 

For these timepieces to remain pristine for many of your moments to come, don’t forget to take care of them properly. Also, do stay tuned to our Gnomon blog for more tips, recommendations, and more regarding the world of horology.

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