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5 Best Skeleton Watches for Men: Watch Your Timepiece Ticking

5 Best Skeleton Watches for Men: Watch Your Timepiece Ticking

Mar 21, 2024

Well, every watch enthusiast started from nothing. Back then, I didn't know what a chronograph was nor did I understand how to use the bezel and why would someone refuse to use digital watches over a mechanical one? The only thing I knew was to get cool watches and I needed to find one to sit on my wrist -- strap my style.

I remembered scrolling through a dozen pieces of men’s watches and I didn't know the specific feature that would differentiate them from one another. All I had in mind was just cool watches until one timepiece caught my eye and it said, skeleton watches for men. What runs inside a watch? That's how I got my first skeleton watch.

Back then, the skeleton watches were first introduced by a French watchmaker named Andre Charles Caron in the 1760s. Presenting unique styled watches was the main idea that led the process. That's when he tried to open the dial and let his customers see how the mechanical things work inside a watch. For him, the secret story within a watch was something worth sharing -- a story to be told and seen.

I've been questioned quite a lot about my unique - I'd say exceptional - taste in admiring skeleton watches. Most of them consider this type complicated as the hands blend in with the background. Well, if that is an issue, I need you to consider certain timepieces that offer a semi-skeleton style. 

I understand that falling in love with particular types of timepieces is a big undertaking but me choosing skeleton watches for men on my top list has been a good one. Be it the self-winding or the manual one, I love watching how those inner parts work in perfect rhythm to make the time tick. Isn't it the art of bringing watchmaking into plain sight?

Why skeleton watches?

Basically, skeleton watches refer to a watch that shows every part inside its piece. Be it the springs, gears, pallets, jewels, and anything else under the dial to be visible in plain sight. It becomes another attractive point for the design. So, you may now ask what makes skeleton watches attractive? I'd simply say that it's hard not to admire the visible gem inside my watch and how the intricate parts work. 

For me, appreciating how the mechanism of a watch works is essential and I don't need an X-ray vision to see what's going on inside my timepiece. It allows me to both admire the mechanical appearance of stylish watches and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the process of making them. I could just take a glance at my wrist without actually flipping my watch. This is why skeleton watches for men are irresistible.

I believe that for the horologists, watches are not simply to tell the time as we also have tool watches with a range of practical functions -- not to mention the story it tries to tell. On top of that, skeleton watches are equipped with more than that - it's a reminder of a watch's beauty. It gives an extraordinary feeling.

If you like to see the technical side of things, skeleton watches could be an excellent choice for you. But first thing first, there are certain points you need to think about before buying a skeleton watch.

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Mechanical Art on Your Wrist

Definitely, the choice of movement is the first you need to decide. What types of movement do you want to see through your face watch – an automatic or manual one?  This would be about all the things you want to admire once it sits on your wrist.

From that decision, you also need to consider how much you want it to be exposed or how many internal workings do you want to behold? The dial is either completely removed or partially removed to make a certain focal point for the design.

Wondering to have one? I’ll get the lineup prepared for you.

Richard Mille 033 Automatic Winding Extra Flat

Be prepared to be a fan of this Richard Mille 033 Automatic Winding Extra Flat timepiece with only 6.3mm in case thickness and 45.7 in diameter. Ever since its introduction in 2011, this timepiece became the RM’s thinnest watch ever. Creating a chic watch design, Richard Mille highlights the fundamental circular shape to specify the volume of every element within the watch, thus achieving an optimal symmetric balance between the whole and its parts.

It's an elegant and dressy watch yet its partially see-through movement behind the hour and minute hands caught my attention in the first place. The dial also features anti-glare treatment to reduce reflections. Thus, I could clearly enjoy admiring its self-winding movement with platinum micro-rotor, the caliber RMXP1 -- even when the watch is worn.

Vacheron Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra Thin Skeleton

Meet this impressive timepiece with a pink gold-tone and super thin metal case with only 8.1mm. The Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Skeleton highlights its distinctive take to provide a sports watch with a slim design. Underneath the dial is a charmingly decorated movement of Caliber 1120 QPSQ along with 36 jewels to provide a reliable watch and make its complications work well.

Moving on to the functionality it offers, this skeleton watch is just great as it looks. On its floating dial, there are four elements I can enjoy. It is equipped with a moon phase indicator at the 6 o'clock position displaying a set of star compilation. 

The day and date can be found on the 3 and 9 o'clock positions while at the top of the dial, I could have the month's view with a simplified indication. The four sub-dials and not to mention the hour hands on a dial may be over-complicated, but truth to be told all of them have been symmetrically put to create a balance. Further, the markers are filled with luminescent to provide better legibility. It has made a great companion of mine as a gentleman's daily watch.

Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Blue

Skeletonized watchmaking has been part of Orient Star elegant watches since 1991, so skeleton watches are no stranger to them. The Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Blue Ref. RK-AV0004L is introduced in 2019 as their premium modern watch collection. It comes with a solid SUS316L stainless steel case finished with a polished and byzantine satin brush, resulting in a high gloss polished case.

Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Blue Ref. RK-AV0004L

Overall elegant and stylish, this timepiece is powered by the in-house caliber F6F44 - the top line of automatic movement. Through its openwork design, I could see how this incredible horology engine provides a 50-hour power reserve with a fan-shaped power reserve indicator at 12 o'clock. 

Despite the skeletonized cut-outs at some areas of the dial - the main one at 9 o'clock - to take a clear look into the balance wheel, this timepiece still offers excellent legibility. Thanks to the applied green luminous to the markers.

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Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton Auto Anthracite

Iconic and innovative, here Hamilton introduced its refined look timepieces through the skeleton watches that strike a perfect balance. The Jazzmaster Skeleton Anthracite - Bracelet Ref. H42535180 sets out to create a new approach in displaying their dial work. 

Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton Auto Anthracite - Bracelet Ref. H42535180

Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton Auto Anthracite - Bracelet Ref. H42535180

Be mesmerized with its eye-catching "spiky H" into the matte black skeletonized dial's cut-out structure -- the visible jewels are another charm that is worth attention. The design signature certainly adds a strong impression on the watch for its refined stainless steel case.

Underneath its impressive design, a reliable automatic movement, the Caliber H-10, is at work to provide an accurate time-teller with the power reserve pumped up to 80 hours.  This is a semi-exposed skeleton watch, so if you are a new fan of skeleton watches this piece may do good. Further, this watch also applied SuperLumiNova to its nickeled "Flieger" sword-style hands for night legibility. Strapping the Jazzmaster Skeleton on my wrist would be an impactful timepiece to make me look cooler.

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Mido Commander Gradient Blackout Green

This is my favorite skeleton watch for men. A refreshing new edition that would astound you with a satin-finished classy round case. The Mido Commander Gradient Blackout Green Ref. M021.407.33.411.00 is first introduced with its smoky acrylic dial in a seamless gradient. Deep below its sapphire crystal, a sight of the movement,  the Mido Caliber 80 (ETA C07.661 base) also known as Elaboré-grade automatic movement. It's a pleasing moment to admire its intricate parts like the 25 jewels and take a look at how this finely decorated movement provides up to 80 hours of power reserve.

Mido Skeleton Watches
Mido Commander Gradient Blackout Green Ref. M021.407.33.411.00

Measured 40mm in diameter and paired with a 316L stainless steel watch case to create an outstanding look. As for its legibility, the crystal is applied with an anti-reflective treatment for both sides that offer great clarity under any lighting conditions. Further, the black gradient dial also features Super-LumiNova that will glow green in the dark. I don't have to worry anymore as it enhances the watch’s legibility.

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Final Thought

Skeleton watches are another craftsmanship in the watchmaking world that exudes its exceptional design to be admired. Creating a persona of a bold elegant gentleman, skeleton watches for men is my answer.

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