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Watches as Self Reward Ideas
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Treat Yourself: Watches as a Magnificent Self Reward

Durable and meaningful watches for a splendid self reward.
Oct 06, 2021

Have you been looking forward to ways that justify watch purchases? If it is a yes, we've been boarding on the same boat but if it's a no you might want to try this one. Simply saying a self reward to pick a new timepiece that costs a fair chunk of change could be a burden for me. That's why, when I'm lusting over a certain edition of wristwatches that are way out of my purchasing-ability, I decide to set up certain goals that would give me valid reasons to buy a piece of time-teller without feeling guilty later on realizing a huge withdrawal from my savings account.

Certainly, there are various reasons to admire watches and make them a special piece of self reward ideas. But, "Watches are a perfect way to recognize celebrations,"  is my favorite reason that makes me want to get a new watch to mark important milestones. They are available in abundant designs, come in various functions, and would just complete my overall look -- not necessarily to always tell the time. I would say this is a rather efficient coping mechanism and one thing that would give me, a watch lover, something to look forward to.

Treat yourself to the top watches as a self reward

To be honest, I've been doing this several times throughout my life. It does work well though, sometimes, I also need to give up a piece for not achieving my goals. Graduating from university was my first step in getting into the horologist world, I started to think about getting a significant reward for myself. That's when I looked up to my dad who always grabs different watches every morning before going to work. It was in 2014 and I was 21, I chose a Squale 20 ATMOS Corallo Chronograph White Ref. 2006 - NOS as a starter. That's when I got my first chronograph. It just felt right to have that impressive matte white timepiece right on my wrist

The second one was when I got my first dream job at 24, I got myself a Steinhart timepiece, an Ocean 1 Premium Blue. I love its exclusive and stunning design. Certainly, the blue ceramic bezel inlay paired with the sunray brushed blue dial are the highlights -- I want my dive watch to have the same vibes as the ocean.

In another case, I got a job promotion after my 2-year of dedication in my workplace -- I clearly remember it was a busy morning in 2019.  As a self reward, I was thinking about feeding my desire with an Orient Star Sports Outdoor Green PVD Ref. RK-AU0208E. Since I love enjoying harsh outdoor activities in my free time, a field watch with durability and a robust look could be a great choice. I admire its matte dark green dial paired with a blackout case. It is also a good companion to wear at work.

If you are still wondering why I would get watches as a self reward, the answer is simply that I deserve it. I have given the best version of myself to achieve a certain goal and I want to give something special for myself. As a watch lover, a timepiece would be my way-to-go -- it is meaningful, durable, and practical on a daily basis.

Enough about the story, no matter how often I've been digging deep about watches, I would say no one is truly a genius in choosing their timepieces -- as we have many favorite watches. Therefore, here I come to share my story of choosing a watch as a self reward for achieving financial goals in my early 30s. Despite my previous experiences of buying a watch, I still have difficulties choosing one over another. I have several pieces that fall into my favorite as I've listed below -- that may also intrigue you.

The Grand Seiko SBGR311 - Brown Dial

Grand Seiko has come with another magnificent timepiece as part of their  20th anniversary of the 9S movement -- that certainly attracts my interest. A brown dial patterned with the 'G' and 'S' that stand for Grand Seiko and a golden glow. Talking about the case - smooth curves, polished mirror surfaces, and beautiful edges - it is just definitely worth admiration for every well-made element on it. A stainless steel case with a 42mm that has been well-polished with the Zaratsu technique.

And on top of it all, Grand Seiko introduced its reliable movement for their special occasion - the caliber 9S68 movement in this elegant timepiece. Equipped with 35 jewels, the movement provides power reserve for up to 72 hours.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto PVD Black

An impressive timepiece with a modern design. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto PVD Black - Leather Ref. H76635730 has attracted me with its gold-tone double-row polished knurling on the bezel and a gold-tone crown. It just looks stunning even from afar, especially paired with a matching black cow leather strap -- prominently stands out. It is powered by the Hamilton caliber H-10 automatic movement that offers an 80-hour power reserve.

Hamilton Watches as Self Reward

This timepiece also flaunts its syringe-shaped luminous hands that makes an easy time reading and a bi-directional rotating bezel with logarithmic gradations.

Prospex 200M Automatic Titanium Shogun White

Just look at its fresh look on a bright white dial and be prepared to fall for the charm. Truth to be told, I love how Seiko brings welcoming upgrades to the Prospex 200M Automatic Titanium Shogun White through the sharp and crisp design lines. Not to mention the titanium case construction that offers a lightweight yet bold presence. Isn't that what a man needs?

Seiko Watches as Self Reward

The Titanium Shogun also comes with a 22mm soft silicone rubber to make a better comfortable wrist experience. Adding to that, the watch also exhibits new handsets and indexes with a sleek faceted design, radiating a taste of modern aesthetic. Needless to say, this watch serves an impressive functionality with the Seiko 6R35 automatic movement, a 200m of water resistance, and a 120-click unidirectional dive bezel.

Engineer Hydrocarbon Racer Chronograph Silver

It's getting confusing as I found the Engineer Hydrocarbon Racer Chronograph Silver by the Ball Watch Company. Who doesn't fall in love with its simple yet attractive looks, not to mention the symmetric layout of everything on the dial -- the subdials are just right in their position. It boasts their resistance and exclusive patented innovations such as the baroque crown protection.

Ball Watches as Self Reward

Talking about the complication, it offers a black tachymeter bezel made of ceramic, the COSC chronograph movement, a date window display at 12 o'clock that is internally magnified, and the 15 tritium tubes to create a long-lasting luminosity up to 25 years. Range of functionality along with a modern, bold, overbuilt, and aggressive style -- all I can get in this one timepiece. What a great self reward it would be.

In all, what matters the most is that you know why giving a self reward is important. Make sure that the reward you chose is something you truly can afford and that it will encourage you to optimize your performance. In my last words, if you're looking for dozens of self reward ideas to push yourself to meeting goals, getting a timepiece could be a good idea.

As for me, this is like killing two birds with one stone -- I get myself motivated to get my goals done and allow myself to grab another watch for my collection. So, what about your plan?

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