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Seiko watches from the 80s - Src: Fratello
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A Closer Look at the Popular Seiko Watches From the 1980s

A great watch manufacturer with its unique collections
Apr 06, 2022

The development of horology has been set years back ago that until present we can enjoy the advancement of its model, features, and performances. Therefore, leaving the past story wouldn't be an appropriate thing as everything is inspired by the past. The world of vintage watches has always been an interesting topic in the watch community. Some of them might even cost millions while others could still be at an affordable value. In this article, I'm pleased to talk about Seiko watches from the 80s. 

What are you thinking when I mentioned Seiko in the past? The phenomenon of quartz crisis might the first that pops into your mind. It happened in the 1970s when the release of quartz brought a tremendous change in the world of horology. Many Swiss brands faced a crisis and even went bankrupt for incapacity to compete with the quartz's accuracy. 

A decade later, a small change happened in terms of designs and styles. There is an iconic point that makes this decade a unique time in the watch industry. The watch design during the eighties tends to be more minimalist -- very minimalist that in the modern eyes, it is considered to lack style or you can say a tacky design. Yet, those watches remain unique for those who are after vintage watches. Therefore, here I've compiled some of the goods of Seiko watches from the 80s.

Seiko H357-5040

Seiko's first entry fell on the collection of James Bond watches. Before going into the detail, you should know that most Seiko watches from the 80s were mostly known through famous figures. Their collection is tied to many iconic movies and well-known celebrities. Therefore, a lineup of James Bond watches is one among others that got many exposures during the era. The watch was worn by Sir Roger Moore who played James Bond in For Your Eyes Only (1981). 

As the quartz was dominating the watch industry during that decade, the watch was powered by quartz as well. The watch is actually equipped with great features, such as a chronograph, day-date window, alarm, stopwatch, and water resistance up to 50m. Considering that time in the past, Seiko does indeed the leading one when it comes to technological advancements.

Seiko 7C46-7009 “Golden Tuna”

Another impressive work design of Seiko watches from the 80s is seen in Seiko 7C46-7009 “Golden Tuna”. As a growing watch brand, Seiko always provides updates and changes on their product. This Golden Tuna edition was first released in 1985 with significant updates compared to the previous collection. 

The improved the capability of the watch to be used in extreme water activities with a great number of water resistance (1000m). Not to mention, lighter material is used for comfy use while also presenting a more modern look. The gold titanium nitride is applied for the main case. Behind all of the astonishing performances, the new quartz 7C46 caliber powers the watch and maintain its accuracy. 

As for now, you can still get the Tuna collection in their reissue collection which is Seiko Prospex Profesional 1000M Emperor Tuna and Seiko's limited edition of Prospex Professional 1000M Tuna 35th Anniversary Blue.

Seiko 7A28-7000 “Ripley”

I personally think that the Ripley collection is my favorite Seiko watch from the 80s. How could you not fall for its charm? As for the name "Ripley", again, it was taken from a Sigourney Weaver who played the character of Ellen Ripley in Aliens (1986).

A classic piece that also embodies futuristic style with an elegant look that definitely would elevate my formal attire. I just couldn't stop admiring the dial where three sub-dials are placed neatly. The combination of yellow color for watch indices and hands against a dark dial background makes a pleasingly interesting sight. Inside the case is the caliber 7A28, Seiko's first analog display quartz chronograph.

Seiko H558-5000 “Arnie”

The "Arnie" collection is Seiko's watch from the 80s that actually looks similar to the "Tuna" edition and turns out they are still related to each other. A large watch case in 45mm, an iconic dial design, and a plastic shroud are the most recognized look that you won't ever forget that it belongs to Seiko's collection. The name "Arnie" itself was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger who wore the watch in quite many movies, such as Twins, Running Man, and Predator.

Giving under several updates, this watch is designed to handle extreme temperatures from -40C and up to 60C. This isn't only a big talk as the watch managed to accompany a number of big expeditions, such as the Everest expedition (1988) and South and North pole explorations. As for this edition, Seiko used the H558 caliber that is similar to the Bond collection.

Seiko Astronaut A829-6019

The last on my list of Seiko watches from the 80s is the Seiko Astronaut A829-6019. Different from the previous watches, the name is not taken from any celebrities. Instead, this is a special timepiece brought by an astronaut for space exploration. Wubbo Ockels is a Dutch astronaut who wore the A829-6019 during his Space Shuttle Challenger in October 1985. So, what is with this watch that makes it eligible for being taken to the space?

The watch is equipped with ideal tools that fit and are perfect for astronauts. It has lots of features from a calendar function, multiple timezones display, a chronograph with a split time feature, alarms, a timer, and a counter. As such, there is no way to not include this Seiko watch to be in your collection.  

Final Verdict

Seiko watches from the 80s are indeed part of the story of the great advancement in the world of horology. That would be unfortunate to just let these special pieces aside and be forgotten while they hold a special value, especially for vintage watches aficionados. In addition to that, although you could still find their availability in the market, please be noted that fakes and replicas are also many. So, try to know more about the vintage pieces you are going to buy. Lastly, I want to say that Seiko's vintage collection is worth a collection.

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