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Top 4 Seiko Best Thin Watches for Those Who Seek Slim Pieces

Seiko thin watches are here to boost your style and amaze you with their slimness.
Sep 03, 2021

Last time when I decided to buy my first automatic watch, I picked Seiko Presage Cocktail Time and it turned out it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was an amazing experience to own a mechanical watch. However, I did not expect that it would never be enough for me to have one Seiko. I want more. I need more. My head says this is the time to buy another small, Seiko thin watch, but my bank says the other way.

There is only one main reason why I choose a slim watch. It is lightweight so I won’t feel the burden of them on my tiny wrist. It also fits in any occasion and outfit from a romantic dinner with my loved one, casual hangout to the mall with besties, to a formal meeting with clients. The fact that slim watches are classy is what makes me addicted to it. It has got sleek and elegant designs in a thickness of five to six pennies. 

I definitely will buy my next Seiko, but not anytime soon. However, suppose today is the purchase day, I would check out one of these Seiko thin watches. My favorite slim pieces to tote around my wrist. 

1. Presage Automatic White "Baby GS Snowflake" Pwr Rsv Ref. SARW041

I would be very happy to welcome Grand Seiko to my watch collection club (that only consists of one Seiko timepiece). Unfortunately, it won’t happen at least for now because they cost a lot. They have pricey products, compared to the other Seiko, which seems to be fair since Grand Seiko is all about quality. But, it does not mean that the Seiko has poor quality, it is just as not good as the Grand Seiko. 

Presage Automatic White "Baby GS Snowflake" Pwr Rsv Ref. SARW041

So, I put Seiko Presage on the list. It may be the closest I can get to a Grand Seiko without paying the GS price. Baby GS snowflake is only 12.4mm thick. It features everything I wished except the case diameter. It is such a gigantic watch to my wrist. If the case is around thirty-ish, I probably have been saving up from now on.

But overall, this Seiko thin watch really deserves appreciation. It has flawless finishing on its titanium case and a dial that reminds me of winter memories. It is not a well-balanced proportion of a dial but still aesthetic. 

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2. Prospex 1959 Alpinist Re-Interpretation Black - Bracelet Ref. SBDC147

If I could pick one Seiko thin watch that fits my personality, it would be Prospex 1959 Alpinist Re-Interpretation Black - Bracelet Ref. SBDC147. The first Seiko Alpinist came out in 1959 to fulfill the needs of mountain climbers which many know as Seiko's first sport watch.

Prospex 1959 Alpinist Re-Interpretation Black - Bracelet Ref. SBDC147

This watch is a reinterpretation of the Alpinist 1959. If you are a Seiko fan, you may notice that both watches have similar dial design ⎯triangle markers at 12, 6, 8 and the dauphine-style hands⎯ but not with the 3 o’clock date window. It is a new placement. 

If we compare it to the Baby GS, the 1959 Alpinist Reinterpretation has a smaller dial which is 38mm in diameter and slimmer body at 12.9mm. However, this Seiko Prospex watch did not totally win my heart until I saw its 200m water resistance. The case size still bothers me but I cannot just let go of the fact that this timepiece is safe to wear underwater even though it is not a dive watch. 

3. Presage “Style60’s” Series Black Ref. SARY197

I love the modern vintage look that Presage “Style60’s” Series Black Ref. SARY197 presents. This Seiko thin watch is a homage to its first chronograph watch that was launched in 1964. 

Presage “Style60’s” Series Black Ref. SARY197

Once again, I don’t think it fits me because the 40mm case is too big for me. Too bad because I like its Nylon strap. What makes me amaze about this watch is while other slim timepieces usually exhibit minimalist designs without bezel, this wristwatch is the opposite. It provides a fixed 60-minute black metallic bezel in a 12mm thickness watch. I did not know that a watch with a bezel could be this slim. 

4. Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160

I think Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160 is the most qualified for my next Seiko thin watch. Being the best candidate does not mean there’s nothing to be considered about. In this case, my concern is addressed to the movement. I want a watch without batteries, and this Seiko thin gold watch is run by in-house caliber 4J41 which is a quartz movement. 

Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160

However, I am so in love with its case size and thickness which is only 23.9mm in diameter and 5.1mm thick. Not to mention the sapphire crystal and affordable price that make me crave for this watch even more. Plus, how can I ignore the beautiful dial pattern that really matches the gold marker and stainless steel case. I am not into a gold watch, but this one is something else.

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