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Seiko SKX013 Review: An Elemental Yet Robust Timepiece

Seiko SKX013 Review: An Elemental Yet Robust Dive Watch

A beautiful and dependable timepiece, perfect for small wrists, Seiko SKX013 is ready to accompany your everyday activities.
Jan 25, 2024

Afew weeks ago, I finally received my package of a particular watch from the SKX series of Seiko. I have kept my eye on this particular watch for a while now and it’s not just because of its highly acclaimed association with the infamous SKX series but because of its mini size – perfect for my under the 7-inch wrist.

Now, a refresh on this particular series. The SKX Series by Seiko is a highly coveted watch series by collectors and enthusiasts alike. The first watch on the series was established in 1996 backed up by the hardy automatic 7S26 movement.

After years and many pieces added to assemblages of timepieces by collectors, the series has identified itself as the home to your most loyal ally – accompanying you in light and dark times in many years to come. 

Now, onto my Seiko SKX013 review, I will detail all the parts on this watch and what makes this timepiece what it is. 

The Case and The Crown

This is the case made for small wrists, with a 37mm size the case would fit just right on your wrist. It’s very much a mini version of the SKX007. As with common dive watches, you would still be quite shocked to notice how heavy it is with its 13 mm thickness.

Another highlight is its screw-down crown, similar to other watches in the SKX series, they are placed neatly on the 4 o’clock position rather than the common 3 o’clock. A strong justification from Seiko is so that the crown does not dig into your skin. Smart. I also think this protects the watch from the damage caused by obstacles you can catch when diving.

What I find most beautiful about the case is its engraving on the back. With the brands’ Japanese background, it’s only apt to feature the iconic Great Wave of Kanagawa as the elegantly engraved ornament. Other details featured with the darling detail are the case number and serial number.

The Bezel

Next, the bezel, it has a rotating unidirectional bezel standard to diving watches. The rotation is a pleasure in itself. When I try to put it in my desired position, there’s a subtle click indicating that it’s now on the right spot. I guess this is also due to its especially charming bezel grip. Aside from being stylishly polished, it’s also supported by chamfered squares.

One personal downside of this Seiko SKX013 review is the markings on the bezel. It has lume but only in the triangles. Either way, it still remains legible to read in the dark. This part of the watch is definitely a deciding factor of what makes this watch classic despite its affordability.

The Dial

The dial is the face of the watch. It’s where first impressions are made. Thankfully, my personal Seiko SKX013 shows that it hits all the right spots on my initial look. Definitely a mini version of the Seiko SKX007 as it has a similar look on its dial. 

Albeit its cramped look due to the sheer small size of the watch, I personally think the dial is just enough to give this watch its dandyness.

How so? Well, it lies on its combination of a dark gray dial, bubble-shaped painted hour markers. But that’s not it, it’s the subtle detail of orange color provided in the Diver’s 200 m mark that provides the watch with the extra oomph that’s not too overcrowded and not too muted. Just the perfect combination.

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The Bracelet

With this watch, you can purchase it either with a black rubber strap or a stainless steel jubilee bracelet. I ordered mine with the original stainless Seiko steel Jubilee bracelet due to my personal preference. I really do appreciate the polish on the center links. It gives the watch a more luxurious feeling when compared to the price I paid.

The bracelet also feels pretty light in comparison to the heavier case in my Seiko SKX013 review. Despite its lightness, it has a solid build which you can expect for a Seiko. Also, the foldover clasp works really well in making sure it stays in place all day long. This bracelet doubtlessly brought a highly dignified look for most of my business casual outings.

The Movement

The Seiko SKX013 movement is the infamous automatic caliber 7S26. When fully wound, it offers a 41-hour power reserve. Now, fellow watch collectors I know sang praises for this movement, particularly for its long-lastingness. Some have confessed that it lasted them decades without needing a fix. The 7S26 is an undeniable movement icon in itself. Yet, giving your watch a regular check is still wiser and the best recommendation for longer use. 

One limitation of the Seiko SKX013 movement is that it cannot hack. You can’t change the second hand when you set the time and you’re not able to wind the Seiko SKX013 movement manually. 

I found this quite annoying at first, but I came across a handy tip: effort in moving your crown counter-clockwise while maintaining the hands in its place and the second hands will stop and, if possible, go backward.

Final Verdict

This watch is just stunning. Coming at its affordable price tag, I gained a lot more value than what I paid for. Despite its limited lume on its bezel and its non-hackable Seiko SKX013 movement, I would reckon nothing beats this piece for watch collectors or enthusiasts with small wrists. It’s truly a trusty and classic companion for years to come.

Stay tuned for more reviews and find out more about watches and dive deeper into the world of horology at our blog. Otherwise, visit our social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Let’s have a little chat about our collections there!

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