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Review: Seiko Prospex Sumo Diver Green 3rd Gen Ref. SBDC081

Review: Seiko Prospex Sumo Diver Green 3rd Gen Ref. SBDC081

Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081 is a complete package to accompany your formal and outdoor activities with its reliability. Check here!
Feb 20, 2024

Seiko Prospex collection has been around offering impressive performance and qualities at affordable prices. Among many watches in this collection, we’re going to look in detail at Seiko Prospex Sumo Automatic Green 3rd Gen Ref. SBDC081. The Prospex itself stands for “Professional Specification” and the timepieces in this category are built with very high standards to be used by professionals.

As for the Seiko Prospex Sumo Automatic Green, the watch combines precision engineering, impressive design, and rugged durability. In this article, we will delve into the features that make the Seiko Prospex 200M Automatic Green Sumo Sapphire 3rd Gen such a standout watch.

A Glimpse to Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

The Seiko Prospex 200M Automatic Green Sumo Sapphire 3rd Gen has a distinctive design that is both bold and elegant. The case measures 44mm in diameter and is made from stainless steel.

The watch was initially released in 2007 under the reference SBDC001/003, but now with a few significant changes made to the latter. As such, the overall appearance has also stayed faithful to its roots since 2007. 

When it comes to durability and design, this watch covers almost everything you need from an impressive design to a well-built design to withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. Therefore, it would be a nice companion for your everyday wear.

Every part of the watch is sturdy and scratch-resistant, especially the stainless steel case, bracelet, and sapphire crystal. As for the dial, it offers optimal legibility for a perfect wearing experience. Well, let’s look at more details in the next section.

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Review to Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

The Seiko Prospex Sumo under the reference of SBDC081 is the one that starts using a new movement which is Seiko’s latest automatic caliber 6R35. Since 2005, Seiko used the 7S26 movement type and remained the same until 14 years later. 

Since then, Seiko decided that they should refresh the collection with the latest engine- the 6R35. To look further into each part of the watch, let’s dive in into the review.

Watch Case

The watch case of Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

The watch case appears in a quite big size measuring 45mm in diameter with 52.6mm lug-to-lug size and 12.9mm in thickness. Considering these sizes, the watch would appear large on your wrist – as such, it might look too big for someone with a smaller wrist.

The case is made of stainless steel which embodies the beautiful craftsmanship and fluid line. A mixture of satin brush and Seiko high polishing on the sides can be seen on the whole watch with crisp edging, especially around the lugs.

The case back of Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

Flipping the watch, it features a screw-down case back that allows for 200m water-resistant and is also brushed. The caseback is also decorated with a tsunami emblem that is a staple on the other Seiko divers.


The watch bezel of Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

The green watch bezel is made of aluminum with printed markings on it and more sleek numbering. It rotates buttery smooth into 120 positions and has zero free play in a clockwise direction.

Moreover, Seiko also applied its LumiBrite on the bezel markers, allowing them to glow in the dark environment and indicate the time-spent duration underwater by divers.

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The sunburst green dial of Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

As for the dial, you might have expected how the dial turns out. The green tone dial comes with a sunburst effect that reflects the greenery when one stroll in a rainforest or park, being so quirky and attractive.

It still manages to give optimal legibility under different lighting conditions. With all that said, legibility is excellent as on all Seiko Prospex Sumo. As for night legibility, Seiko provides its own lume called Seiko LumiBrite

The company has generously applied the LumiBrite on the hour markers and hands, allowing it to glow brightly in the dark for hours. Further, Seiko has also tweaked a little to the 12 o’clock marker, appearing to be more elegant than before. 


The Seiko Prospex 200M Automatic Green Sumo Sapphire 3rd Gen is powered by the Seiko 6R35 automatic movement. This movement has 24 jewels and a power reserve of up to 70 hours. 

It also has a hacking function, which means that you can stop the second hand for precise time-setting. The movement is accurate and reliable, ensuring that the watch keeps time to within seconds per day.


The bracelet of Seiko Prospex Sumo Ref. SBDC081

To complete the overall elegant and bold look, this Seiko Prospex Sumo is paired with a stainless steel bracelet. It comes with polished sides and a polished lining on either side of the central link, giving this new Green Sumo a seamless look and feel.


The Seiko Prospex 200M Automatic Green Sumo Sapphire 3rd Gen is a remarkable timepiece that combines style, durability, and precision. The watch is suitable for both casual and formal occasions and is sure to attract attention wherever you go. 

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