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4 Seiko Presage Automatic Watches for Your References
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4 Seiko Presage Automatic Watches for Your References

Japanese Pride on A Timepiece
Jan 09, 2021

Presage is a broad set of appeal. Consists of 60 models and uses the complete range of Seiko mechanical caliber, from the accessible 4R, to the exclusive 6R to 8R. Highlights include the multi-hand power reserve model 6R27 and the series which uses a completely new 4R57 caliber version. The latest caliber is the first with a center power reserve indicator from Seiko, and is available in a total of five models, including a limited edition. Each Presage watch has 10 bar water resistance and a sapphire crystal.

Japan is a country with a long and unbroken cultural history and therefore values ​​tradition very much. Long-lasting beauty and long-lasting looks express the deep passion of Japanese culture and are thus the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. In both design and manufacturing values, Seiko Presage watches have stood firm in this tradition and offers the highest levels of reliability and durability over time. Every Presage watch is built to last for generations.

Below are Seiko Presage Automatic watches in Gnomon for you as references.

Seiko Presage Automatic Sharp Edged Tokiwa Green Ref. SARX079

Seiko Presage Automatic Sharp Edged Tokiwa Green Ref. The SARX079 is the newest of the Seiko home in 2020. This new Presage follows the elegance of the SARX055 with a versatile design, debuting since Baselworld 2017. The Presage Sharp Edged has become one of Seiko's most anticipated Presage models. It showcases Seiko's craftsmanship with the extraordinary design and refinement of her watch from the inside out. All of that even at an affordable price. With ease, some Seiko fans could create a new Presage Sharp with the baby Grand Seiko, as it's a high-end finish for the case and bracelet plus a bold dial finish. As a result, this is probably still the closest to the mechanical GS without paying a premium.

Digging into the heart this Seiko presage automatic watch, we admire this new machine made by this well-known company. 2005 marked the year Seiko built the 6R15 engine, which was derived from the 7S26 movement. Using this extraordinary in-house-produced caliber to make JDM watches, the Seiko 7S and 6R movements were popular with Seiko collectors.

Proven to be reliable, the accurate 6R15 movement has supported the SARX055 and 057 since their launch three years ago. Always trying to improve, Seiko introduced its newest engine, caliber 6R35, an upgrade from the workhorse 6R15. To power the 62MAS Black, this movement was used to make this timepiece the first to feature the new automatic caliber of Seiko. This unit has 24 gems and a power reserve of 70 hours longer, 20 hours longer than the 7R and 6S, sustaining operation at 21,600 BPH (3 Hertz) with both hack and hand spin capability. 

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Due to its eerie similarity to its "Grand Seiko" cousin, a sporty but stylish mechanical watch can be worn at any moment and take pride in it. Part of the Presage line of dress watches means that it is a solid step above the Spirit (SARB033) collection when it comes to design and finish. The SARX079 is fitted in a simple 39.3mm case with a slim 11.1mm profile, with a 47.2 lug-to-lug distance. The case continues to apply Seiko's proprietary "super-hard" treatment to the entire case for better scratch resistance. Unlike the titanium case and band SARX055, the new Sharp Edged Green is made of built-in stainless steel which feels firmer on the wrist and is a well-balanced measure for everyday use.

To reflect the moniker, the shape of the case reaffirms Seiko's classic appeal with a much "sharper" look. Especially the wedge-shaped corner lugs which bend at an angle of nearly 90 degrees, giving the SARX079 a very smooth look. The sharp yet flat shell line flows smoothly to the sides of the case, with a protruding curve towards the back of the case, which helps maintain perfect proportions as an everyday watch for most wrists. Plus, the case gets a high level of polishing, with a satin finish and mirror finish on both sides of the case and bezel. Since there is no beveling to the watch, the satin top instantly shifts to the precisely polished side. In this way, Seiko has actually revived its 60s grammar - where only to combine flat lines to shine and sparkle from every angle, which was found in King Seikos and early Grand Seikos; with bevel removal on the side to reflect a cleaner look, which shows off the flawless multi-finish of the brand.

Seiko adds another dial pattern that reflects Japanese practice, featuring a fashionable royal green textured dial. Presage Sharp Edged punched down above his weight, once again blowing his contemporaries out of the sea. This loop, Seiko uses a 3D hemp leaf pattern, which is also known as traditional Japanese Asanoha. This is a motif found in Japanese culture and application, particularly in cloth, that symbolizes prosperity and health. In fact, this hexagonal pattern reflects the “tapisserie” patterned dial of its Swiss counterpart which works, creating a beautiful, seamless look. With a creative print pattern, Presage Sharp Edged combines a dial that dances effortlessly with the surrounding light, even more so, because of the irregular surface. Nonetheless, the gleaming dark green dial does manage to balance the playfulness a little, in an attempt to match a certain amount of elegance with the right amount of flair. And hey, we recently admitted that "Green" was the new "Black," and Seiko continues to be on the right track.

For handsets, Seiko emphasizes a "sharp edge" ethos by shaping a set of wide dauphine hands and matching yellow seconds hands. What is unique here is that the handset is then done in a matte finish and a polish on each hand, accentuating a refined look with better readability. And in a situation that is rare for her more elegant Presage collection, Seiko has infused Lumibrite in both sharp hands for a better night reading, which is a welcoming touch. Other applied markers and frames continue the spirit of the SARX line, with thin lines and a date window that resembles the premium GS brothers.

This exceptional timepiece comes with a stainless steel multi-finished bracelet that stretches seamlessly from a case made of the same material, enabling it to form one perfect timepiece that ensures comfortable wear while enduring the toughest conditions. The "super-hard" plated bracelet gets a satin finish top in GS style, with a double polished center and sides. The metal bracelet is then fitted with a locking buckle marked Seiko.

Staying true to the classic style of the Presage collection, Presage Sharp Edged Tokiwa Green subtly showcases Seiko's prowess in watch design and manufacture. It refreshes the Presage collection with much-needed refinement and appearance while remaining true to Seiko's design grammar. The perfect companion for any occasion, this timepiece entices you with a very sharp design that adorns with an exciting new look.

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Seiko Presage Automatic Day / Date Pwr Rsv Ref. SARW021

Seiko Presage Automatically Day / Date PR Ref. SARW021 carries excellent value and is built for the price. This is a great daily watch that can be worn for both business and casual events.

Seiko Presage Automatic Day / Date Pwr Rsv Ref. SARW021 with White dial

The 6R21, powered by Seiko's 6R automatic caliber, operates with hacking and hand turning capabilities at 28,800 BPH (4 Hertzs). It has 29 gems with a power reserve of 45 hours via the Spron 510 main spring.

We call this the men's sports watch given the fact that it is incredibly versatile. Can be worn casually as an everyday watch or for a formal dinner with a tuxedo and still look sharp. Part of the Presage range of dress watches, meaning Seiko doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality and case finish like the Baby GS collection. Unlike regular watches, the SARW021 actually has a little weight giving it a nice wrist look. The SARW021 is housed in a simple 40.8mm case with a slim 12.7mm profile. The stainless steel case is coated with a Seiko DiaShield coating on the case and band. This provides extra scratch protection and corrosion resistance.

Highlights of Seiko Presage Automatic watch Ref. SARW021 may be being contacted. Creamy white buttons combined with an intricately polished applied index may be a highlight. The dial has a toning for it to give it a pearl effect similar to the Baby GS SARX033. Along with other details worth mentioning, are the deep blue dauphine hands. The key difference from the Baby GS is the various layers used, where the day / date subdial and power reserve indicator are placed deep into the dial, the dial looks very 3-dimensional. Again showing the level of subtle finish that goes into this presage model. And most importantly, the sapphire crystal is coated with a super clear coating which makes the crystals disappear and makes reading time easy in any lighting condition. One could easily spend hours looking at a watch admiring the intricate details Seiko has incorporated into this extraordinary timepiece.

Overall, if you're looking for a casual men's sports watch that won't break the bank and enjoy a fine finish with useful complications, Presage Automatic Day / Date PR Ref. SARW021 is certainly worth considering.

Seiko Presage Automatic Green "Tuxedo" Ref. SARX047

The watch community is now starting to embrace the beauty of watches with green dials. However, Seiko has been an early adopter, moreover, producing flamboyant green dials since the days of "Suwa" and "Daini", following their green trend, from Marinemaster 300 Ref. SBDX021 and Alpinist Ref. Sarb017, Seiko Presage Automatic Green "Tuxedo" Ref. SARX047 is the latest release to join under their Presage mechanical line.

With a high degree of fit and finish, the overall design is well proportioned, coming in at 39.5mm by 48mm, just 11.3mm thick. This makes it a men's mechanical watch that can be worn on any occasion, from a dinner outfit to a polo shirt and jeans. The Green "Tuxedo" SARX047 is an upgrade from the Spirit collection such as the Sarb033 which resembles its "Grand Seiko" cousin regardless of the particular model. Another nice touch from Seiko is when they pair it with an elegant mocha brown crocodile strap. The leather strap enhances the luxurious feel and theme. The SARX047 case is crafted in a mix of satin finish and high-level mirror paint.

The SARX047 uses a more angular casing style with a more aggressive casing line, unlike the other Seiko presage watches, SARX033 and SARX055. The first thing that comes to mind is Gérald Genta's design approach. It has a very similar case, and the bracelet design is close to that of the iconic Royal Oak and Nautilus. There's also a crown guard to protect the crown from knocks and knocks, which is a nice added touch. Again, accentuating the sporty look.

This crown is unique in that it has an additional "cabochon sapphire" style crown reminiscent of high-end watches like Cartier, giving it a luxurious look.

It is powered by the Seiko automatic caliber, 6R15, operating at 21,600 BPH (3 Hertz) with both hacking and hand rolling capability. It has 23 gems with a power reserve of 50 hours via the Spron 510 main spring.

The "Tuxedo" dial is another highlight of the watch, which differs slightly from the previous Brightz edition (SDGM003). It features sleek vertical tuxedo stripes on a sun-exposed green dial, giving it a finishing touch that is unique to the rest of the Presage collection. Seiko's designers followed their custom by keeping Lumibrite out of hand and the index to which the SARX047 was applied. This is to make the watch look more timeless without them.

In short, if you are looking for a classy and sporty watch that will allow you to wear it every day, with features that are very well made and do not break the money, Presage Automatic Green "Tuxedo" Ref. The SARX047 is probably the watch for you.

Seiko Presage Automatic Pwr Rsv "Moss Green" Ref. SARY145 / SSA397J1

Seiko has gone through decades of refining and developing her mechanical watchmaking skills. This led to the creation of the all-mechanical Seiko collection; Presage. The collection is strongly based on the legacy of Seiko, where most of the design signs are translated from Laurel 1913 (with a white enamel dial and Arabic numerals). 

At almost every price point imaginable, such as the 4R, 6R and 8R calibers, the In the Presage line consists of Seiko's leading mechanical watch collections, and today we are launching a new model in our range, the Presage Automatic Power Reserve “Moss Green” Ref. SARY145 / SSA397J1 This is a classic watch completely handcrafted by Seiko, and features a uniquely textured green dial that was perfectly made in the land of the rising sun.

Presage Automatic Power Reserve "Moss Green" Ref. SARY145 / SSA397J1 Measuring 42 mm in diameter and 14.4 mm in height, it is an excellent choice for watch lovers looking for an elegant watch. Additionally, the green Presage features a dual-curved sapphire crystal. on the front, adding a charming vintage touch from the past.

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Auto Power-Reserve Presage "Moss Green" Ref. The SARY145 / SSA397J1 has the same styling as the previous model, with major changes to the dial. As the name suggests, the dial features a textured green; formulated in a dark green color known as Nashiji. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Ref.SBGJ005 "Green tone Snowflake" dial texture, smooth and silky. What unique about this Seiko presage automatic watch is the dial's date subdial at 6 o'clock, set to the dial with a sunburst effect that gives a deeply dimensional feel to the dial. A power reserve indicator covering 12 to 4 o'clock, which is further set deep into the dial, is another impressive feature. While it may sound like a lot is going on on the dial, never look too busy or tired. In contrast, seemingly costly and uplifting, a multi-faceted applied index may have a role to play.

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The hour markers applied are inspired by a textured dial of the same pattern, and made in high contrast with a beautifully textured dial. In addition, the hour and minute hands also have a feuille shape, identical to the other Presage collections.

It is powered by the Seiko 4R57 caliber. The 4R57 operates with hacking and hand winding capabilities at 21,600 BPH (3 Hertz). It has 29 gems with a power reserve of approximately 41 hours via the Spron 110 main springs.

For a nice finishing touch, this watch is equipped with an elegant 5-link steel metal band, which features a mounting clasp with push-button release. Seiko Presage also has an autographed crown and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Overall, if you're looking for an everyday watch inspired by Japanese Nashiji techniques and a green stripe, with more than three hands and a bit of "hassle" to play with that won't break the bank and enjoy a fine finish, Presage Automatic Power Reserve " Green Moss “Ref. The SARY145 / SSA397J1 is undoubtedly worthy of consideration. Presage Automatic Power Reserve is undoubtedly an excellent refreshment to the Presage collection, which is inspired by unique Japanese craftsmanship and culture. If you're in the market for a Presage and have been on the fence for some time thinking about which Presage to buy, this may be the model you are looking for. The unique keys undoubtedly make this very collectible.

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