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Best Seiko Pepsi Watch

5 Best Seiko Pepsi Watches for A Vibrant Watch Collection

Discover the top 5 Seiko Pepsi watches to add vibrancy to your watch collection. Explore our recommendations for a bold and dynamic style.
Feb 12, 2024

The combination of red and blue in Seiko Pepsi watches make another great collection under the brand. Among the myriad of Seiko‘s offers, this collection is one of the greatest choices to choose from. Despite the fact that the concept of Pepsi is also used in other brands, Seiko makes them with wider varieties in terms of choices and prices.

Let’s keep in mind that choosing a watch is mostly a matter of preference. But as you are here, I assume that you’ve been looking and wondering whether a combination of red and blue on the watch bezel makes a good appearance on your wrist.

How the Iconic Pepsi Bezel Started

The appearance of Pepsi bezels was started by Rolex with its Pepsi bezel GMT-Master. It worked like a wonder when the market loves the iconic combination of red and blue on the bezel. Ever since then, the popularity of Pepsi bezels is significantly growing – it remains popular now. 

Due to the rise of popularity, it creates a huge following from other brands. At first, Rolex used Bakelite to make the bezel which is considered new and, thus, attracted much attention from watch enthusiasts. However, it proved to be more prone to crack. Therefore, the material was then changed to aluminum in 1956 to be more versatile and prone to break.

What Makes Pepsi Bezel Watches Interesting

At a first glance, common people might consider Pepsi watches just as a usual color combination. But for watch enthusiasts, it makes an appealing look. It got its name for having the same colors as a soft drink brand. But, how did Pepsi watches end up with red and blue colors?

Many watch collectors assume that Rolex chose the colors as a marketing strategy to enter the American market. Indeed, red and blue are colors that are closely associated with the American flag. Regardless, the appearance managed to steal everyone’s interest, especially those who love GMT watches.

Soon enough, the design becomes mainstream and many watch brands chase the same trends. Other varieties in different angles and prices start to make their appearance. Interestingly, it doesn’t devalue the presence of Pepsi bezels at all. In fact, it is still here with growing popularity. 

These days, the competition is growing fierce in which Japanese brands also join the trend, such as Seiko, Orient Star, and Citizen. Instead of making the Pepsi bezels in GMT watches like others, they particularly opt for dive watches. That said, a brand like Seiko, which has been popular for its wide offers, presents another enchanting collection with Seiko Pepsi dive watches.

That becomes a reason why Seiko Pepsi remains an interesting collection. Trusted for making professional diving watches in a lot of varieties, the Seiko Pepsi watch is also available at a competitive price and has broad choices. With that said, we are here to present five of the impressive Pepsi watches by Seiko that should be on your radar.

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5 Seiko Pepsi Watches for a Vibrant Collection

Seiko Pepsi collection is one of the must-have editions, especially if you are a fan of Seiko. Below, we have compiled some that might suit your preferences.

Seiko Prospex 200M Diver Scuba Solar “Pepsi” Ref. SBDJ053

Best Seiko Pepsi Watch: Seiko Prospex 200M Diver Scuba Solar “Pepsi” Ref. SBDJ053

The first recommendation for Seiko Pepsi watches is the Prospex 200M Diver Scuba Solar. There are some main highlights we would like to propose about this watch. First is the solar movement that flaunts a 10-month power reserve in full charge. That also includes high accuracy with ±15 seconds per month. 

Further, the watch is equipped with an overcharge prevention function as well as a quick-start function for easy usage. The second highlight is definitely the iconic Pepsi bezel that creates an exciting feature for the watch. The bezel can rotate unidirectionally with 120 clicks. With that appealing color and performance, this trend would not fade into oblivion anytime soon.

Seiko Prospex PADI SNJ027P1 Pepsi Diver

Best Seiko Pepsi Watches: Seiko Prospex PADI SNJ027P1 Pepsi Diver

The next on the line is a relaunch of the H558 “Arnie” that exhibits a digital and analog display on the dial. Seiko definitely doesn’t let its fans forget this legendary timepiece. Added with an iconic Pepsi bezel, the watch appears more exciting and pleasing to look at. 

As a Seiko Pepsi diver watch, it comes in a robust and bulky design. A thick bezel with a round case and three protruding crowns creates a bod appearance. Not to mention that the watch is measured a whooping 47,88mm in diameter and 13,8mm in thickness. The watch comes with 200m of water resistance and solar-powered movement, allowing for a reliable and sustainable choice.

Seiko Prospex SSC663P1 PADI Chronograph

Best Seiko Pepsi Watches: Seiko Prospex PADI SNJ027P1 Pepsi Diver

Still, in the PADI edition, this timepiece might the ultimate choice for the Seiko Pepsi diver watch. As part of the Prospex collection, the watch already speaks to professional specifications. But giving the chronograph, it makes the watch comes in a more impressive appearance with great features.

The watch comes in a large dimension, measuring 43,5mm, and is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel case. The three big crowns protected with crown guards at the right side of the watch also create a bigger dimension. The overall appearance might look crowded with a thick bezel and smaller dial but everything makes a good balance.

Seiko 5 Sea Urchin SNZF15 Pepsi

Best Seiko Pepsi Watches: Seiko 5 Sea Urchin SNZF15 Pepsi

If the previous watches make a good pair as a tool watch, this one would create a nice presence as an everyday watch. We would say that the Sea Urchin SNZF15 Pepsi comes in a humble appearance with a stainless steel bracelet and a simple dial. Regardless, the watch is designed to be robust with solid automatic movement

Besides its dressier style, the watch still makes a good performance as a diving tool with 100m of water resistance, Diaflex (Seiko’s unbreakable mainspring), and Diashock (Seiko’s shock-resistant design). That said, this Seiko Pepsi watch makes a nice and powerful timepiece that’s worth attention.

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Seiko Prospex Turtle SRP779K1

Best Seiko Pepsi Watches: Seiko Prospex Turtle SRP779K1

Last but not least is the Prospex Turtle SRP779K1 which gives a vintage vibe thanks to its cushion design – in fact, the design remains popular in the area of diving timepieces. With a simple look, one can notice how particularly big and sturdy the watch is. It measures 44,7mm in diameter and 13,2mm in thickness. 

At the heart of the watch is the Seiko Caliber 4R36 movement with 24 jewels that beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour. It gives 40 hours of power reserve which is pretty long. Added with a day-date function at the 3 o’clock position and 200m of water resistance, that watch would do good as a dive watch and casual one.


As a well-known brand for its innovation and wide variations, Seiko managed in gaining attention for its red and blue color scheme watches. Despite other brands also making the same trend, the Seiko Pepsi watch makes a good appeal in more ways than one. 

Associating this scheme with dive watches also creates a good point in which the colors are synonymous with the ocean. In fact, bright colors will help the wearer to get better legibility underwater. So, if you want to add some splashes of vibrant colors to your collection, Seiko Pepsi watches might be a good idea. 

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