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5 Stylish Seiko Chronograph Watches for Every Occasion

5 Stylish Seiko Chronograph Watches for Every Occasion

Seiko chronograph watches are versatile and an ideal option for almost any occasion. Find out the one that matches your needs here!
Feb 27, 2024

Seiko appear as one of the perfect answers if you are looking for respectable watches with a wide range of prices and variations. There are a lot of choices available to match your needs for almost every taste and occasion. While it might be hard to find one, the Seiko chronograph watches could be the first and best option to look into.

The company itself has gone through an outstanding journey ever since its Quartz revolution in the late 1950s. Throughout that long history, many inventions were introduced to keep bringing new ideas to the industry. As for its chronograph collection, Seiko truly has spoiled its fans.

There are various models across many types of watches, from pilot watches to diving, and dress watches that exhibit great value and functionality. In this article, we’re going to share some of the popular Seiko chronographs available in the market. Let’s take a look at the list along with its description and price.

The First Seiko Chronograph

The history of Seiko chronograph watches goes back to the company’s intention of making a timing device. As brief information, we’ve known that a chronograph is basically a stopwatch. The first Seiko chronograph was aimed to be a status symbol of timing tools. 

Launched for the 1964 Summer Olympics, the watch appears as a tough but nice-looking timepiece in almost all-white color. Beneath the sturdy case, the watch is driven by the hand-wound Caliber 5719. Differing from the modern chronograph which will feature a sub-dial to indicate the time measurement, Seiko used a rotating bezel. 

However, the common problem of this mechanism was that the bezel has a tendency to break. Later, Seiko decided to make the bezel from a steel material to create a sturdy one. Years after the first version, the company made another Seiko chronograph with Caliber 5718 in a limited edition. 

As for that edition, the watch was finally equipped with a sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position. It functions to indicate an elapsed-minutes counter and a running-seconds display. In addition to that, the watch also features a tachymeter scale on the outer dial ring.

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5 Trustworthy Seiko Chronographs to Uplift your Collection 

Among many choices that might confuse you, we have compiled some Seiko chronograph watches. Each is chosen based on one occasion that might suit your preference, such as one for a formal meeting and the other for sports activities. Otherwise, enjoy the recommendation and hope you can make your choice.

SSC701 Blue Silicone Solar Powered Diver

A powerful combination of chronograph and dive watch, Seiko does really elevate what you can get in one timepiece. Looking at the appearance, the Blue Silicone Solar Powered Diver gives a diving tool look with a big crown and big bezel markers. Yet, the three sub-dials are indeed a chronograph.

That said, the watch is part of Seiko’s special edition that is designed to be a professional tool watch to the fullest. As you can expect, the watch is packed with a unidirectional bezel, screw-down crown, 200m of water resistance, and hardlex crystal. 

In fact, Seiko is known for its wide range of dive watches. As such, nothing to worry about how this watch would perform as a chronograph and dive watch at the same time.

Price: $350 USD

Seiko Presage “Style60’s” Series Open-Heart White Ref. SARY189

5 Stylish Seiko Chronograph Watches: Seiko Presage “Style60’s” Series Open-Heart White Ref. SARY189

The next Seiko chronograph makes an appealing charm between a sporty timepiece and a dress watch. The  Presage “Style60’s” Series Open-Heart White Ref. SARY189 appears with such an energetic vibe that flaunts a semi-skeleton dial. Packing a delightful case diameter of 40.8mm, this Presage collection is considered a thin watch with a thickness of only 12,88mm.

Showcasing on the dial is the Caliber 4R39. Seiko Automatic with 24 jewels and a healthy power reserve of approximately 41 hours. Another highlight on the dial is the legendary 1964 Crown Chronograph. It allows for a 24-hour subdial that adds a delightful dash of complexity to the entire piece. A dressy watch is yet reliable enough to accompany your every occasion.

Price: $410 USD

Seiko Selection Solar Chronograph Panda Ref. SBPY165

5 Stylish Seiko Chronograph Watches: Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Gold Ref. SBDL089

Let’s get dressier with the Selection Solar Chronograph Panda Ref. SBPY165 with a white dial and black sub-dials at the center. Measured 42mm in diameter, the watch is fairly comfortable for any wrist size due to the design of the curved lugs. Appears in a stylish charm, the watch is made of 316L stainless steel and features a mixture of satin-brushed.

As the main highlight, Seiko goes for a classic design for its chronograph with the 3-6-9 layout. Yet, this panda layout is very much loved as it gives more space and better legibility. If you notice, this solar watch also features a date window placed at 4.30 which is a helpful additional feature that does not disrupt the dial’s proportions as it is color-matched.

Price: $325 USD

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Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Gold Ref. SBDL089

5 Stylish Seiko Chronograph Watches: Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Gold Ref. SBDL089

Another good-looking Seiko chronograph watch that showcases Seiko’s expertise in making modern watches. Seiko definitely hits a home run with the Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Gold Ref. SBDL089 as it gives a stylish appearance yet performance-oriented chronographs. In fact, this Prospex watch is a modern reissue of Seiko chronograph vintage watches

Let’s take a look at the dial that flaunts matte gold as the background. It’s been beautifully finished in a sandblasted texture to give optimal legibility. Lies on the dial are the three navy sub-dials in black that make a good contrast with the background. Each sub-dial displays the 24-hour time, running seconds, and the other one is dedicated to performing two functions: power reserve and 60-minutes elapsed time counter.

Price: $455 USD

Seiko Coutura World Time Chronograph SSG009

To finish the line, we would like to present the Seiko Coutura World Time Chronograph SSG009 as our favorite. The watch is basically a package of tool watches with a sleek design – meaning that the watch maintains a good proportional design while being equipped with functionalities. 

Measured 44,5mm in diameter, the watch is considered large and, thus, make a good present for people with big wrist. The case takes a unique shape with a myriad of features on the dial. You can spot a chronograph with a 3-6-9 layout and a date window at 3.30. On the outer ring, the watch allows the wearer to indicate time in different time zones in the world. 

That said, the watch would make an ideal companion for traveling. Not to mention that the watch is worth modestly only $290. Therefore, if you’re looking for a complete package of Seiko chronograph watches, the Coutura SSG009 might be a wise choice. 

Price: $290 USD

Final Thought

Seiko watch brand is one of the most talked about companies among watch enthusiasts. In fact, the company never fails to amaze its fans with lists of impressive watches at affordable prices. Seiko chronograph watches are among other collections that deserve attention. 

Not only that it offers a massive range from a robust dive watch to a classy dress watch, Seiko chronograph will give it right in front of you. It’s always a good way to start with Seiko whether you are a newcomer or a senior in this industry. But be aware of the myriad of options that might contemplate you.

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