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Rado Watches Review: Durable Watches That Won’t Fail You

Rado Watches Review: Durable Watches That Won’t Fail You

Prominent history, innovation, and high-quality timepieces -- you’ll get this complete pack in Rado watches.
Feb 09, 2024

“If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will!”

You get the message, don’t you? I can’t stress it enough that Rado watches speak truly about its objective in the watchmaking industry. Rado as the impeccable watch brand is prominent as the master of materials. The reputable quality of the watches only further its use of the latest technology, designs, and high-tech materials.

You didn’t take the wrong path to get here. If you consider going for Rado watches, let’s dive into this Rado watches review. We’ll discuss the brand’s notable history and its high-quality watches.

What do we know about Rado?

In 1917, the brothers -Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup- founded Schlup & Co. based in Lengnau, Switzerland. This company manufactured watch movements. Many years later in the 1950s, the company officially changed its name to Rado and produced watches under the new brand name, the Rado Green Horse.

At present, Rado is one of the well-known watch brands with a rich history in horology. The brand revolutionary innovation of great watches can be traced back to its founding. Through the tens of years of audacious work, Rado launched the world’s first-ever scratch-proof watch in 1962, the Rado DiaStar 1. The use of hard metal has effectively drawn global watch enthusiasts’ attention ever since.

Not stopping at that, Rado was also the first to introduce the masses with its fully high-tech ceramic watches that define the quality of perfect innovations. It’s enough to make Rado one of the trusted reliable watch brands today.

Do Rado watches offer the best value?

Rado indeed offers the best value to its buyers. For a long time, the brand has been focusing on making high-tech ceramic watches. From this Rado watches review, we know that they are reliable, high technology, resistant to scratch, and ultra-lightweight.

These watches are not only innovative but also durable and hypoallergenic. In addition, the darker and black color of ceramic won’t fade. It will last forever as long as the watch doesn’t fall from a certain height to hard surfaces. It can be a great investment if you want a watch to last for a lifetime.

Among the many choices from Rado, I personally took a liking to these two watches.

The great overall robustness of Captain Cook

Who hasn’t heard of Rado Captain Cook? First launched in 1962, this timepiece was set to aid explorers and professional divers with approximately 300-meter water resistance. The name was taken to commemorate the British explorer, navigator, and captain from the army, James Cook. He was famous for his voyages and successfully mapping the South Pacific. The first Rado release of Captain Cook took away the curiosity of the public.

It was in 2017, there was a new re-release of the watch with the latest technology and top material in its arsenal. To this Rado watches review, Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Black Rose Gold is one of my favorites in my collection. This particular watch achieves popularity as the luxury diver watch of full black high-tech ceramic case and bracelet with a rose gold polished PVD treatment.

The watch case fully utilized Rado’s revolutionary materials. The matte black color presents remarkable stealth through an intricate process of construction. The robustness is solid, close to diamond. Moreover, the case and bracelet are hypoallergenic. Not only that, the materials further the watch’s potential to resist scratch and damages from regular wear. The diameter of 43mm, lug to lug of 50mm, and 14.6mm thickness adjust the watch into larger wrist sizes.

Moving on, this diver watch boasts excellent performance. The ETA C07.611 movement helps the watch to resist magnetic fields and has an 80-hour power reserve. One can enjoy the watch’s accuracy while diving until 300m. The transparent sapphire dial shows the automatic inner mechanism and a semi-skeletonized space. The lume will glow brightly in the dark, contributing to the watch’s legibility. With this, you won’t be lost while enjoying the scenes under the sea.

Again, the tough yet elegant black automatic watch

Rado True Automatic Open Heart Black Ref. R27510152

For the second Rado watches review, let’s go with the True Automatic Open Heart Black. You’ve probably guessed that I have a thing for black watches, especially ones with distinctive charms. It holds such beauty for this one. I believe the word “True” is a suitable expression to present this watch’s outstanding performance and high-tech materials.

A bold appearance is one thing. This watch also matches any casual, sporty, and dressy look. The use of plasma high-tech ceramic and titanium on the case and bracelet give the wearer the right conformity; It’s harder than steel yet light in weight and hypoallergenic. The size of 40mm in case diameter, 10.4mm thickness, and 47.5mm lug to lug- further make the watch sit well on the wrist.

Besides its lightness and ease of wear, the watch’s performance is top-notch. A similar automatic movement of ETA C07.631 makes it reliable with 80 power reserve and magnetic-resistance attributes. From the front sapphire case to the back, the exhibition of the whole inner workings of the watch is also a feast to the eyes.

The watch has a water resistance of 50m. It’s perfectly suitable for swimming or accidental splashes of water. Based on this watch performance and materials, I can say for sure that it’s worth the money for the best polished high-tech package.

Final say

After attentively reading the rest of this Rado watches review, I know that you’ve made up your mind about this brand. The brand’s philosophy never fails the public to create a new breakthrough of materials and models. Besides my personal recommendation of the two watches, I wish you can find the most compatible one for you.

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