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Oris Watch 2020 Gnomon Editor’s Special Picks
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Oris Watch 2020 Gnomon Editor’s Special Picks

Gnomon's special collections for Oris Watch 2020
Dec 12, 2020

Oris: The Brand History

1904 marked the year Oris was founded by two people: Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. Naming the company after a tributary in the Swiss city of Hölstein, they purchased the recently closed Lohner & Co watch factory.

In less than 10 years, the company had opened another factory and assembly plant and became the largest company in Hölstein. The year 1929 marked the total of six factories they had.

At the end 1960s, Oris saved their position as one of the largest watch companies in the world, with production number around 1.2 million watches a year.

All Oris watches are made in Switzerland. Today, the company's headquarters remains in the village of Hölstein in the northwest of the country.

Are Oris Watches Any Good?

Oris is one of the few Swiss watch brands that only makes mechanical watches. The watch is characterized by a distinct red rotor design, which is symbolic of the company's mechanical approach to its watchmaking process.

The company promises that their watches are made to last, because they only use the best materials. Made from Switzerland, customers can trust that the company uses the strictest quality controls, and adheres to the highest standards in manufacture.

One of the things that people love about Oris is the price range. Although not cheap, the price is also not as expensive as other luxury brands. The quality of the Oris watch is comparable to brands such as Tag Heuer and Longines, but the price is much lower, which is why this watch continues to gain popularity among watch collectors and experts.

Here’s editor’s pick for Oris Watch 2020:

Oris Aquis Date Series

Oris extends the Aquis lineup for the high-performance diver's watch with a new 39.5mm case

(Aquis Date Blue - Bracelet 39.5mm)

Hölstein, Switzerland - The Oris Aquis Date is one of the most famous watches in the Oris collection.This year, Oris is proud to announce a replacement version of the quintessential 39.5mm diver's watch, designed to appeal to watch buyers who need a stylish, practical and versatile watch that is as comfortable on a scuba diving trip as under the cuff of a shirt. .

(Aquis Date Green - Rubber - 39.5mm)

The stylish Oris Aquis is one of the signature designs of independent Swiss companies.Every model within this line combines innovation, high performance and high-quality Swiss design and engineering at a price point that brings up real-world sense.

(Aquis Date Calibre 400 - Bracelet - 43.5mm)

The new Aquis Date models come with useful and potentially lifesaving technical specifications. The stainless steel case is water resistant to 30 bar (300 meters) and features a robust, uni-directional rotating diver's bezel for measuring dive times safely. The bezel has the added benefit of being a polished or matte black ceramic insert. Ceramics are scratch and fade resistant, properties that exceed and enhance the watch wearer's experience.

(Aquis Date Black Sunburst - Rubber - 39.5mm) 

The high contrast dial of the Aquis Date has been designed to provide class-leading readability. The applied hands and hour markers are filled with a luminous Super-LumiNova®, as is the 'lollipop' feature on the center seconds hand. The diver's watch must clearly display the running of the watch so that divers know the watch maintains regular time during the dive, and therefore their dive time measurement is accurate. This feature provides additional peace of mind.


(Aquis Date Black Sunburst - Bracelet - 39.5mm)

Similar to the larger Aquis Date models, the latest 39.5mm version has been specifically designed to be even more versatile. Designer Oris has given the case an elegant and fluid profile which means the watch is not only practical underwater, but also comfortable moving into casual and formal events on dry land.

The new models occupy the latest automatic mechanical movements that function to provide a watch with a sweeping second hand and a date indication at 6 o'clock. Oris has engineered the watch to guarantee water resistance, while offering a transparent mineral casing back so that the wearer can look at the movement's intricate mechanics.

The new Oris Aquis Date 39.5mm delivers stylish aesthetics, high performance, practical appeal - the perfect watch for demanding watch buyers of the 21st century.

Gnomon store has prepared you the collections of Oris Aquis Date Series, come and see which one suits you best.

Oris Big Crown Bronze Series

A bronze watch showing the time and date? Yes, but for various reasons, BigCrown's historic Oris Pointers Dates far outnumber the parts

(Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date)

Where are the watches, and especially today's watches without flights? The dawn of air travel marks major changes in industry, global politics, social mobility and many other areas of life. It also triggers the need for wrist-worn devices that can track time, and therefore other important navigational measurements, such as position, fuel economy and average speed.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Blue) 

Early watches designed for pilots had to be very easy to read, so any calculation could be done quickly - in an instant. They must also be easy to set up, and they must be robust and reliable, built to withstand the fluctuations in flight that are felt in the cockpit.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Blue) 

Oris was founded in 1904, and around 1910 made the first watch for pilots. LouisBlériot had flown over the English Channel in 1908. Shortly thereafter, Oris created a pocket watch with a Blériot plane engraved on the case. It was followed in 1917 by the company's first pilot watch, a smart piece that could only be adjusted when the button above the crown was activated. Two years ago, Oris created a centennial edition of this famous timepiece.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 80th Anniversary Edition)

The war spurred advances in watch design during flight. In 1938, Oris produced the watch that became known as the Big Crown Pointer Date. It has a very large crown that the pilot can easily operate, even while wearing gloves; large Arabic numerals, so that time can be read quickly; fluted bezel and handle; and the middle hand with the pointer indicating the date. It's simple, logical, useful - and it works.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 80th Anniversary Edition)

More than 80 years later, these same design principles continue to inform the Big Crown Pointer Date. Over time, it has been perfected with material and mechanical improvements, but its pioneering spirit is timeless.

(Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date)

Today, Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date continues the narrative. Made in solid bronze, a material reminiscent of Oris's industrial roots and will engrave over time to tell its own story. It also celebrates the role Big Crown Pointer Date played in Oris history. It has never gone out of production and has become a signature part of Oris. Some have even argued that without it, Oris may not have enjoyed the reputation of the high-quality independent Swiss watch company the world acknowledges today. In short, it sums up Oris's story.

Take a look at the Oris Big Crown Bronze Series collection on Gnomon store to suit your style.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Series

Oris' new Big Crown Pointer Date collection revives legacy designs for forward-thinking generations of men and women

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Red - Bracelet)

This spring, Oris is reintroducing the iconic Big Crown Pointer Date. This is Oris's signature design that represents the history of the long and famous independent Swiss company. While the new Oris Big Crown Pointer Date marks Oris' rich legacy in watchmaking, it is also a contemporary watch designed to appeal to both stylish and modest men and women.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Black - Bracelet)

The story of Oris and aviation are closely related. Oris was founded in 1904 at the start of aviation, and made its first pilot pocket watch in the early 1910s. This was followed by the company's first pilot watch in 1917, a watch featuring an ingenious mechanism that meant the watch could only be adjusted when the button was pressed at 2 o'clock. The same spirit of discovery inspired the Oris Big Crown, which made its debut in 1938. meaning gloved aviators can adjust their watch quickly and easily. Today, the Oris pilot watch collection is full of innovative watches trusted by pilots around the world.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue - Bracelet)

The Oris Great Crown Indicator Date is more than just a landmark in the company archives for inventive, high-performance watches. In the 1980s, this marked a pivotal moment for the company when it was reintroduced to spearhead Oris' mission to fight for the lasting value of mechanical watchmaking in the face of the quartz revolution. With its sleek round case and pointed lugs, coin-edged bezel, large crown, functional dial, and a central date indicating the date, this is one of Oris' most recognizable designs, and one of the most iconic pieces in all of watchmaking.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Red - Bracelet)

New models follow this story for a new generation of stylish and forward-thinking mechanical watch buyers. Designer Oris has redesigned the case to be slimmer, smoother and smoother so that it slides elegantly over the wrist and under the cuff. Much of this contemporary profile is represented by the watch's bubble curved sapphire crystal, a feature that enhances the vintage aesthetic of the watch and gives it a sophisticated feel.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Black - Bracelet)

It features an iconic dial design, complete with round Arabic numerals, a circular rail that shows the minutes, date hand and date. The touch is on the available dial colors. Designer Oris turned to color keyboards in the Polychromie Le Corbusier architecture, using a unique blue gray for the 40mm watch. Gives the watch a younger, more urban feel.

(Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue - Bracelet)

In keeping with Oris' philosophy of making only mechanical watches, the Big Crown Pointer Date is powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement.

Oris chairman Ulrich Herzog commented: 'The new Great Crown Designation Date is Oris through and through. It's a landmark in our rich history, to the point that you can say it's almost like a company logo - that's the power of its design code. We are very proud of it and are happy to introduce it to contemporary audiences.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Series is now available on Gnomon store. Get yourself a legendary one on your wrist.

Oris Big Crown Propilot Series

Designed for the Sky
New ProPilot Oris Big Crown Day date

Inspired by the sky for more than 70 years, Swiss watchmaker Oris has been producing specialist aviation watches since the launch of its first Oris Big Crown in 1938.Born to meet the demands of fighter pilots in Normandy, this heroic timepiece has given birth to its entirety. . sky watch collection.

(Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Day Date)

Part of the new elite ProPilot lineup, the newest addition to the BigCrown family confirms Oris' loyalty to the heavens. Leveraging decades of aviation experience into a custom watch, the OrisBig Crown ProPilot Day Date is designed with a pilot's demands for accuracy and functionality at its core.

(Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Day Date)

Recognizing the pilot's need for minimal distraction when there are no commands, increased readability forms the basis of the unique design of the OrisBig Crown ProPilot Day Date. New developments in the Oris Caliber 752 movement allow for bolder and enlarged calendar indicators; while the eye-catching Super-Luminova® is in hand, the indexes and numbers are in stark contrast with the simplified black dial for quick recognition. Housed under a double domed anti-reflective plated sapphire crystal, this elite aviation watch offers ultimate clarity in the air.

(Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT - 45mm)

Borrowing stylish inspiration from the powerful turbine jet under the command of the pilot, the Big Crown ProPilot Day Date's striking bezel features a coin-edged top ring, case back, and a crown reminiscent of a tough aircraft engine. Crafted from a tough stainless steel casing, this serious timepiece has been aesthetically balanced to ensure it not only assists the pilot in the cockpit but also becomes a stylish companion on the ground. A true homage to the precision engineering and meticulous skills involved in flight, Oris Big Crown's new ProPilot Day Date is designed for the skies.

Gnomon store has the collections of Oris Big Crown Propilot Series for those who enjoy the best of life. Feel the luxury wrapped around your wrist.

Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente

Oris has announced a brand new partnership with the non-profit Roberto Clemente Foundation, together with a newly released limited-edition watch to commemorate the late baseball athlete the foundation is named after.

(Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente - Ltd Ed 3000pcs)

The Roberto Clemente line is handled in a subtle yet effective manner, with a gold "21" (Clemente's number) appearing alongside the black Arabic numerals around the dial used for date reading. Its appearance would easily go unnoticed at first glance, but it's the kind of detail that adds meaning without compromising on the watch's core and face appeal. Before we take a closer look, it helps to understand the relationship between the Roberto Clemente Foundation.

(Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente - Ltd Ed 3000pcs)

The pointer Date LE is restricted to 3,000 instances, marking the 3,000 hits Clemente accumulated over the course of his career. The back case of this watch features a hammered Clemente relief along with the unique number of each watch that goes out of production. If this is the first time you've heard of Roberto Clemente, or if you're not very into baseball, this fine watch has its own advantages.

(Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente - Ltd Ed 3000pcs)

On the wrist, the Pointer Date is made easy thanks to the 40mm case and the lug to lug ~ 48mm sizes. The case is classically proportioned with the brushed lug and distinctive coin-shaped bezel that gives the watch a distinctive look. The bezel sits in a notch at the base of the lugs to allow for a lower overall profile, a welcome step as the dome crystal contributes a bit of its own height, but don't expect any trouble getting this one under your cuff.

(Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente - Ltd Ed 3000pcs)

It looks old-fashioned, with cathedral-style hands and medieval modern Arabic numerals representing each hour right inside a dark green chapter ring. This tightens the proportions of the dial to appear smaller than the recommended 40mm, creating what looks like a step down on the outside of the dial. It is the furthest rung that holds the date numbers, each of which is represented individually. Crystals distorted at the edges but not enough to block a quick reading of the date at all except for the steepest angles. The date is read through a pointer with a golden triangle at the end, which shows the date at the base.

(Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente - Ltd Ed 3000pcs)

Oris excels in color schemes with this watch, as we've seen in other limited edition and standard production models. This is where Roberto Clemente LE distinguishes itself as the only Indicator Date to have a white dial. The gold and black additions are meant to evoke the color of the Pittsburgh Pirates, but they work well here on their own, and if you don't have any knowledge of Clemente connecting, you'll have a hard time connecting the dots from the dial alone.

(Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente - Ltd Ed 3000pcs)

Bookmark Dates uses a Sellita SW200 (Oris 754) with Oris built modules to control bookmark date complications. Quick setup is handled with ease as the date hand can be adjusted independently by pulling the knob out to its second stop. The hour and minute hands are the only items on the dial that receive sufficient moss, with the tiny dots inside the chapters ring for the hour markers barely recorded, making low light usage less than optimal.

Get your own Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente on Gnomon store.

Oris Classic Date Watch

Swiss watchmaker Oris, known in the watch world most famous for its affordable sports watches, has also produced a number of "classic" products that are more suited to professional environments. Now, Oris has revitalized the lesser-known Classic Collection with a completely new watch, the redesigned Oris Classic Date, available in 42mm cases for men and women 28.5mm. Both watches feature Swiss-made automatic mechanical movements, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, display back cases, and are available in a variety of color schemes, materials, and strap or bracelet configurations. While not a groundbreaking redesign, certain elements are worthy of attention.

(Oris Classic Date - 28.5mm)

It is clear that the biggest difference from the previous Oris time and date models is the dial. It is available in white or black, carefully redesigned with a guilloché-patterned chapter ring around it. Oris says it was "inspired by the glossy canopy of His Majesty the Court in The British. The Museum, an iconic glass building designed by Lord Norman Foster, one of the greatest architects in the world. "I admit that it is a little romantic to me, yet the pattern works so well on a watch in this style. A double-edged hour marker in Roman numerals or a wand style is applied to the watch. the top of the guilloché ring and, according to Oris, ensures the watch "catches the light at any angle." A fairly simple wand with the help of a small luminous material complements the dial which also features a visually balanced date window at 6 o'clock. is a slightly updated form of the new casing.

(Oris Classic Date - 28.5mm)

While still a relatively traditional circular watch case, the new Oris Classic Date series has a more fluid shape which helps to give the watch a low-key look. The new case also appears to be more wrist-wrapped than the previous version, a change that should make the watch more comfortable. Like the previous version, the Oris Classic Date is available in a combination of a stainless steel and gold plated PVD case and bracelet. A small knurled ring just below the polished bezel is a new feature and adds traction to the plain case design.

It's interesting to note the changes to only two sizes for the Oris Classic Date, compared to the small, medium and large options in the 29mm, 37mm and 42mm of the previous collection. While not new, the anti-reflective sapphire crystal and display back case are welcome features in an affordable watch like the Classic Date. The actual timeliness task is still being handled by movements from major caliber makers ETA and Sellita.

The larger Classic Date 42mm sports the Oris Caliber 733, basically a custom rotor on the renamed Sellita SW200, which in turn is pretty much the same as the respectable ETA 2824. Oris chose the ETA 2671 for their 28.5mm Classic Date, a decision largely due to the small diameter of the case. While neither movement is an inherent rotary head, they are both capable, proven automatic Swiss-made caliber, which should provide years of trusted service and reliable timepieces.

The Oris redesign for the Classic Dates collection is a less than groundbreaking development, but demonstrates the brand's motivation to modernize its collection over time due to changing trends, especially in case size. As they often do, Oris has created a value proposition for Swiss watches with tasteful designs and a high level of attention to detail for watches in its price range. While not quite as distinctive as the Oris Aquis Date, the Classic Date is supposed to make the jump from vacation to boardroom a little easier than some of Oris' aggressive sports watches.

For those with vintage style preference, Gnomon has Oris Classic Date watch in stock. Come get one for your collection.

Oris x Momotaro

Oris is proud to introduce Oris x Momotaro, a special edition watch produced in collaboration with Momotaro Jeans, a passionate Japanese company whose high quality jeans are worn by style-savvy people in the Far East and around the world.

The new watch is a steel and bronze version of the iconic Oris Divers Sixty-Five, and features a Momotaro indigo denim strap with two white 'battle stripes', a hallmark of the famous denim manufacturer.

Named after the hero of Japanese folklore, Momotaro was launched in 2006 by Mr. Hisao Manabe. Its roots lie in his textile company, which he founded in 1992 with only three employees in the small coastal town of Kojima in Okayama.

From the start, Pak Manabe's vision was clear: there was no compromise on quality. The denim will use only the finest long staple cotton, and only dark indigo cord dye for best fade results. The workshop will use vintage shuttle looms to form a hand-crafted feel to the weave, and each detail are hand sewn. Mr Manabe wants to set a new international denim standard.

Nearly 30 years later, Mr Manabe's company employs 140 people in factories, shops and offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Okayama. Okayama, once depressed, is now the capital of denim, brought back to life by the company that grew up around Mr Manabe's business. Momotaro is today known for his mantra: 'Made by hand without compromise'.

For Oris, this new partnership made sense. The independent Swiss watch company combines precision manufacturing with traditional hand craftsmanship to create beautiful, high-quality watches. Oris x Momotaro celebrates shared passion.

Oris x Momotaro watch is available for purchase in the Gnomon store.

Oris Sixty Five Series

Oris has dived into the past and is delighted to present the Oris Divers Sixty-Five - a revival of the majestic diver's watch that first appeared within the Oris collection 50 years ago. The new Oris Divers Sixty-Five shares the initial retro 1960s look, but has been modernized using 21st century watchmaking techniques. The case is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel. Vintage-inspired bubble curved glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and features an anti-reflective coating on the inside to reduce glare and improve legibility under water.

(Oris Sixty Five - Bracelet - 42mm)

Based on the Oris diver's watch released 50 years ago, the Oris Divers Sixty Five is a close remake of the design with an increase in case size to 42mm to keep up with the times. With its lingering vintage look and feel, the Oris Sixty Five has managed to effectively capture its nostalgic charm. 

(Oris Sixty Five Bronze - 40mm)

If you're used to the sea of ​​great diver's watches available from every other brand now, you'd be surprised by the Oris Sixty Five. Its rather sleek profile at 13.2mm thick is mostly crafted by a vintage looking domed sapphire crystal. The watch rests very flat on the wrist. Overall, the case is very well executed with clear edges, polished and satin brushed sides of the case along the top of the long contoured lugs. The bottom screw crown marked Oris is not guarded. The closed back casing design is also directly lifted from the 1960s model.

(Oris Sixty Five - Leather - 42mm)

Those who find the 40mm dial too funky might prefer this. The larger Sixty Five features a more classic dial in terms of design layout but comes in a bolder, darker blue color. Depending on the lighting and angle, it will change from black to bright blue. This is a much busier call with a round index applied. This adds something else to the mix too: a gorgeous dark blue dial that blends beautifully with SuperLuminova.

(Oris Sixty Five Bronze - Bracelet - 40mm) 

The Sixty-Five comes with a choice of two straps; quality tropical rubber strap or metal bracelet with rivets on the edges to mimic the design of a metal bracelet made in the era of 60s. Tropical rubber straps scream 60s funk. The rubber strap is very soft and flexible so it is very comfortable to wear.

(Sixty Five Bronze - Leather - 40mm)

Once strapped to the wrist, there is really no argument for this watch. This watch brings a nostalgic feel to the wearer. It's nearly impossible to write down feelings for the Sixty Five divers, but it is truly the watch to try to understand the charm behind the Oris Sixty Five. 

Oris Sixty Five Series is now available only at Gnomon store.

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