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Oris Gold Watches – Carysfort Reef and Wings of Hope Review

Oris Gold Watches – Carysfort Reef and Wings of Hope Review

Discover both Oris Gold Watches Carysfort Reef and Wings of Hope Limited-edition in our review here. Check it out in this article!
Apr 25, 2024

Notable for their Swiss mechanical watch production, Oris constantly offers sleek and innovative watches with advanced performance levels., Oris bear the values of intelligence, innovation, and care for the marine environment in the making of their watches. Among all of their forward-looking designs, we will focus on Oris gold watches in this article. 

Oris takes their forward-looking view into the invention of a great number of mechanical features and designs – such as the Depth Gauge: a patented feature of the Aquis line of dive watches. 

Not limited to the designs of their watches, Oris also takes a forward-looking approach to environmental sustainability. In recent years, they actively partner with multiple philanthropic organizations to create some prestigious limited-edition timepieces, while raising funds for charities like the Coral Restoration Foundation.

It aims to support those working on solving environmental problems – especially in the area of marine conservation All these values make Oris a truly irresistible brand for every watch lover. That way, the Oris gold watch is truly an irresistible offer for every watch lover.

Are Oris Watches Worth Anything?

Oris is a worthy watch for anyone who loves a good value. You might have heard about their excellent craftsmanship and great innovations, but more than that Oris holds some additional reasons that make it such a worthy watch.  

Oris’ journey has been drawn for more than a century. During this time, they invented the most innovative features in watches such as the Big Crown and the Depth Gauge. Furthermore, Oris excels in defying classification. Between the Aquis and Diver collections, Oris managed to capitalize on the world’s appetite for high-quality dive watches. 

The Big Crown and Pro Pilot collections also capture the essence of technical aviation timepieces. Most importantly, across all collections, Oris offers top-of-line pieces at a very reasonable price.  

Oris Gold Watches Recommendation

Does Oris make gold watches? The fact that Oris is an excellent Swiss brand with exemplary innovation makes it possible that they have a series of gold watches in their catalog. 

With excellent dedication and a high level of craftsmanship, Oris offers functional watches using premium materials with a highly-regulated movement which makes it accurate and long-lasting.

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Oris Carysfort Reef Limited-Edition 18k Gold

As a watch company with a penchant for dive watches, Oris has been deeply involved with a series of reef conservation efforts around the world. The Coral Restoration Foundation is just one of its many wonderful partners. In this collaboration, Oris and the Coral Restoration Foundation work together to protect the Carysfort Reef, a coral reef in the Florida Key Largo. 

The reef is known to be one of the epicenters of the early recreational dive industry in the 1950s and 1960s. However, over the last 40 to 50 years, Carysfort has been severely degraded. Even the population in the Keys has declined by around 98 percent.

Oris Carysfort Reef Limited-Edition 18k Gold – Source: Oris
Oris Carysfort Reef Limited-Edition 18k Gold - Source: Oris

In support of this conservation effort, Oris creates the limited-edition Carysfort Reef. In order to make it more environmentally friendly, Oris created it by refreshing the existing watch designs and features. 

Designing on the basis of the Aquis GMT, the Oris Carysfort Reef offers a well-executed traveler’s watch with diving credentials. It measures 43,5mm in diameter and comes with a blue dial. The case of the watch is made of 18K yellow gold, with brushed and polished finishing. Even the bidirectional bezel (painted black), crown, and caseback are also made with solid gold. 

To match the gold bezel, they paired the Oris Carysfort Reef with a textured leather strap. Inside the watch ticks the caliber 798 which is made based on the well-known Sellita SW 330-1. This movement allows the watch to beat at 28800 bph and stores up to 42 hours of power reserve

Oris Wings of Hope Gold Limited Edition 

Wings of Hope Gold is another limited-edition piece among Oris’ gold watches. For this watch, they partnered with Wings of Hope, a non-profit aviation-based organization that brings medical support to around 65.000 vulnerable people around the world. The organization was founded in 1963 and has expanded to over 50 countries today.

Oris Wings of Hope Gold Limited Edition – Source: Oris
Oris Wings of Hope Gold Limited Edition - Source: Oris

To support this organization and its mission, Oris released two limited edition pilot watches – one of them is the Wings of Hope Gold Limited Edition. Unlike the steel version, there are only 100 Oris Wings of Hope Gold Limited Edition watches available worldwide. 

Looking at the details, its big crown and readability highlight its aviation characteristics. The 18-carat gold case measures a comfortable 38mm. Further, it is equipped with 5 bar water resistance, a sapphire crystal case back, and is able to provide 5 days of power reserve. This is a straightforward pilot timepiece with the elegance of solid gold. 

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Final Thought

More than just superb craftmanship, Oris gold watches incorporate clean design features and embody sustainability for a better tomorrow. All these reasons make them a worthy addition to your collection. 

More than just an accessory, Oris gold watches are masterpieces for everyone who adores the value inside them. It’s because they don’t only work for your style, but also for the goodness of every human being.

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