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The 6 Best Orange Dial Watch Recommendations for Diving

The 6 Best Orange Dial Watch Recommendations for Diving

The best orange dial watch should allow you to see the time better underwater and look stylish all the same. Find out all about the bright timepiece here!
Apr 09, 2024

Nothing beats the orange dial watch as the ideal accessory to wear while diving. With the help of the bright dial, you can see the time better in the dark. It allows the bold hour markers and hands to stand out against the fresh tangerine-colored background.

Some people may not be into brightly colored watches, but the orange dial watch has a special place in a certain category. The tangerine timepiece can look too eye-catching on the surface. However, that quality allows it to thrive underwater, making it one of the best choices of timepieces to wear for diving activities.

It has been said that the bright-dialed watch has the best underwater visibility. The contrast between the tangerine background and the bold hands makes it easier for the wearer to read the time. Aside from the functionality aspect, orange dial dive watches also have a variety of designs to choose from on the market.

The 6 Best Orange Dial Watch Recommendations for You

Practicality should go hand in hand with style. When it comes to choosing the right choice for the orange dial dive watch, you must consider several things. After all, the right wristwatch should enhance your look as well as function according to your needs.

From the brand Doxa, who started the trend back in 1967, to this day, the orange dial dive watch continues to serve its unique aesthetics. Among many other timepieces used for diving, the tangerine-colored wristwatch has a nice contrast that can help you read the dial better underwater.

The orange dial gives a nice contrast to the bold hands and hour markers that may allow you to see the time easily in the dark. As such, it is the best quality the bright-colored wristwatch offers to a diving enthusiast who seeks the most functional timepiece to wear underwater.

Orange dial watches have their own appeal. They can accentuate and elevate your bright and sporty outdoor fashion of the day. On the other hand, they may also serve as the right accessory for your retro look for everyday events. To know which orange dial watch is the right one for you, let’s check out the list we have curated below.

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Doxa Sub 300T Professional Orange

Starting off this list with the orange dial dive watch from Doxa. The 2019 release, named Doxa Sub 300T Professional, is a tribute to the SUB 300T Conquistador launched for the first time in 1968. Although it is available in six different dial colors, the tangerine-colored one is still the most iconic option out of them all.

As a dive watch, the Sub 300T Professional is equipped with reliable features as well as created with durable materials. The 42.5 mm stainless steel watch offers the strength of a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the excellence of a 1,200 m water-resistant feature.

To help you manage your needs during diving activities, the Sub 300T Professional can show you the information regarding diving easily. The contrast between the orange dial and the bold hands will help you read them all properly underwater.

Orient Ray Raven II Orange

As a Japanese dive watch, the Orient Ray Raven II Orange presents the best quality at a reasonable price. The 42 mm orange dial watch is equipped with a reliable automatic in-house movement.

It helps a lot that the hour markers are in white and in big prints to contrast with the orange dial. As for its reliability underwater, the stainless steel wristwatch is equipped with a 200 m water-resistant feature and protected by the dependable screw-down crown.

Seiko 5 Sports Orange

You can get the best orange dial dive watch at an affordable price with the Seiko 5 Sports Orange. It offers the craftsmanship of the automatic in-house caliber by Seiko and a classic sports design that surely captures the attention with its bright dial.

Seiko 5 Sports “Sports Style” Orange Ref. SBSA009

As a reliable dive watch, the tangerine-colored dial watch is equipped with a 100 m water-resistant feature and a dependable rotating bezel that rotates smoothly. Aside from that, this 42 mm sunburst Seiko wristwatch has a 40-hour power reserve that will undoubtedly aid you in your outdoor activities.

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Evant Tropic Diver 39 Pro

An orange dial watch can be stylish and sporty at the same time. Evant Tropic Diver 39 Pro presents a fresh take on bright-dialed dive watches that often look similar to one another. It takes a different approach by making the watch look more proportional and elegant.

Evant Tropic Diver 39 Pro

The 41 mm pumpkin orange dial dive watch offers the best quality at an affordable price. It is powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement with a 300 m water-resistant feature and durable stainless steel materials that dependably protect the wristwatch underwater.

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Bulova Devil Diver Orange

If the classic stainless steel dive watch does not seem appealing to you, then let’s take a look at the Bulova Devil Diver Orange. Instead of using the same silver and orange design, the American wristwatch pulls off a casual look by pairing the black polyurethane strap with the fresh sunburst dial.

The 44 mm watch manages to pull off the retro look with the contrast between the black strap and orange dial. It is suitable for everyday wear as well as outdoor diving activities due to its reliable 200 m water-resistant feature.

Citizen Automatic Stainless Steel Watch NJ0128-80X

If you prefer a classic and big dive watch at an affordable price, then the Citizen NJ0128-80X could be the right choice for you. With a size of 43 mm in its case diameter and a durable stainless steel material, the NJ0128-80X series produced by Citizen proves to be a reliable accessory for underwater activities. 

Furthermore, the stylishly bright watch is also equipped with a 100 m water-resistant feature to grant you the fun water experience of the day.

At last, this marks the end of the article about the orange dial watch. The color’s unique characteristics make it a necessary component to have in a dive wristwatch. It is important to pay attention to the contrast between the dial and the hands of the timepiece as well. By considering all of that, the tangerine-colored watch can function to its best capability.

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