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Why the Omega Seamaster 300 Worth of Your Fortune?

A legend collection from the Omega.
Apr 07, 2022

What do you have in mind when I say Omega Seamaster 300? This is one of the well-known collections by Omega. Quite similar to the Speedmaster which stays with the idea of space exploration, the Seamaster collection also gains attention for underwater exploration. Up to here, I just want to take a moment of admiration for these Omega's incredible collections. 

The Seamaster line has been in ever-growing popularity ever since its first launching in 1948. From that time to the present day, Omega has released a variety of models for this collection -- thanks to the demand that never stops. Looking back at history, the Seamaster was a prominent tool during World War II. Omega supplied these watches to the British military as a robust, durable, and reliable watch for the soldiers. 

In addition to that, the Omega Seamaster 300 also gained popularity when it was worn by James Bond. That exposure successfully brings the Seamaster out of the realm of watch enthusiasts.  Nowadays, the Seamaster model has been developed to fit daily wear that is more suited to civilian life. Omega has updated a range of models from the inside out that will appeal to your taste. Man or woman, mechanical or quartz, Omega is ready to spoil you. 

Appealing Charm of Omega Seamaster 300

The brand itself has been enough explanation of why Omega Seamaster 300 is worth buying for your collection. Since its first release in 1948, the demand for this collection is an ever-growing chart. Throughout its journey, the Seamaster 300 has gone through several adjustments and changes that make it appropriate to the current demand, such as the morphing case that goes beyond its original version. First being the supplier of World War II with a robust timepiece, it changes itself to a more civilian style -- an all-rounder watch with even better water resistance.

Talking about the reasons why Omega Seamaster 300 is worthy can be started with the statement of conquering the chronometer. The recent collection of Seamaster 300 has been equipped with METAS certification -- it was started in their 2018 collection. So, here's the story.  The early Seamaster 300 was powered by the Caliber 8400 while the current model works with the Caliber 8912. 

Although both of them handle the same 15,000 gausses of magnetism to fulfill the standard of the Master Chronometer, the Caliber 8400 was never submitted for METAS testing. Therefore, the latest models of Omega Seamaster 300 can enjoy the updates as a result of METAS certification. Despite only small changes, the wearer could notice a more pleasing sight in the internal parts.

Other than that significant update, more reasons to grab one Omega Seamaster 300 can be seen through the detail on the watch dial. In the Seamaster 300 Bond limited edition, the gorgeous lollipop seconds hand makes a comeback that becomes an appealing point for Omega watch enthusiasts.

My Favorite Omega Seamaster 300 Diver

Although there are lists of Omega Seamaster 300 collections, most of us definitely have our favorite pieces among that abundance pieces. So, here I'd like to share some of my favorite ones.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Green

A brand new piece is finally here! The Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Green has been one of the most anticipated Omega collections in 2022 and is predicted to be a phenomenal one. The release of this watch is also part of the requests by the Omega community and as if Omega has listened, the timepiece is finally introduced.

The Green Seamaster Diver appears to have a striking look with a unique shade of green. Many have said that this watch has a different lighting condition due to the ceramic dial that reflects light depending on the situation. The other updates can also be seen on the bezel combination that uses ceramic unidirectional. 

This timepiece doesn't seem to have other updates from the previous Seamaster 300 collection. It is still powered by the Omega Calibre 8800, the watch has the same dimensions, and stainless steel is still used as the main material. Yet, you might find it hard to grab this watch as the waiting list could be lengthy to start but would lessen over time.

Seamaster Diver 300m Co-axial Master Chronometer 42mm

This is my favorite piece when Omega starts applying its METAS certification on their Seamaster products. A grand update that creates a far more interesting sight behind the transparent case back. The art of a movement that many watch enthusiasts love. Omega also made several updates on certain parts of the watch, such as the bezel.

The watch bezel is designed to create a slimmer profile and smoother action for easy operational use. It is also applied with enamel to make the numbers stay bright white longer. Also, Omega uses a highly scratch-resistant ceramic on the bezel to maintain the color. 

The overall appearance of the Seamaster Co-axial Master Chronometer presents a bold yet stylish look. Not to mention, a bigger watch case measured 42mm compared to the previous Seamaster that has a 41mm watch case. The wavy pattern on the dial is also something that should be mentioned here as it appeals to me.

Final thought

After all of the talks above, I'm still indifferent to my opinion that Omega Seamaster 300 still brings incredibility and takes a special place in the community. Similar to Omega's other contenders, such as Patek Philippe Royal Oak or Rolex Submariner, the Seamaster line is one of the prominent icons -- a top-notch on its own charm. The long-lasting popularity of Seamaster isn't just hyperbole while in fact, Omega keeps updating its collection to make the finest quality.

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