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Watches for National Boyfriend Day
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Watches Style for Him in Celebration of National Boyfriend Day

Timeless pieces for a special man at National Boyfriend Day.
Oct 05, 2021

There isn't any bound when it comes to celebrating a special day for our sweetheart nor is there a fixed day - one day could be as important as others. However, marking a certain day could be a great way to remind each other how special our significant other is. National Boyfriend Day has been around the corner and I am pleased to tell you how I made this day a remarkable moment with a lovely timepiece for my special man.

I wouldn't deny that giving a gift could be as complicated as it could be even for a boyfriend. But among others, a watch stands out the most that would be a perfect gift for him. Why is that? Well, as special as him, a timepiece could be a good reminder of how important he is for me, and National Boyfriend Day could be a good moment to express it directly. As the time ticks, I would always be glad to be by his side and make memories that we both would always cherish later on.

Although the choice has been narrowed down to only timepieces, I was served with dozens of them that just look good for me - to be honest, this is another challenge. The only simplest way I found was choosing some based on the design that could fit the wearer's style. Long story short, I've listed the style into these three categories.

Looking for a classy gentleman look?

Simple yet elegant. This timepiece simply defines beauty. The Ball Watch Trainmaster Standard Time 135 Anniversary is meant both for the meeting rooms and casual style - despite being chic with its white enamel dial. Introduced as a dress watch, I was convinced of how this timepiece would strap my boyfriend's overall look. It also cues a modern vintage style thanks to its unique case design.

Ball Watches for National Boyfriend Day

You can also clearly sense its classic style through the Arabic indexes that each are embedded with tritium tubes. This is the unique aspect of Ball watches that makes them stand out from the rest. The tritium gas used in the watch is radioactive and in some ways will result in a constant emission of light -- making an easy identification in the dark. It means that it doesn't need external light sources like conventional SuperLuminova. To top it up, this timepiece is equipped with a boxed sapphire crystal that has an anti-reflective treatment for added toughness and vintage charm.

Moving on to the movement, the Trainmaster is powered by the Ball RR1101 automatic movement that emphasizes the accuracy under adverse conditions - it's a classic watch style but was made to be tough withstanding. Admire how this movement works through its see-through exhibition caseback. In all, the Trainmaster clearly invokes its simple and classic style that speaks class. Wouldn't it be a perfect gift for him?

Bold and robust with a sophisticated look

It's impressive with its modern yet utilitarian design. It offers a robust timepiece with its 42mm black PVD treated stainless steel case. It serves as a great tool watch with its bi-directional rotating bezel equipped with logarithmic gradations. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto PVD Black is exceptionally a dependable companion right on the wrist.

Hamilton Watches for National Boyfriend Day

Hamilton has been known for producing robust functional timepieces and they have carried this value until the present day. The Khaki Aviation Converter is one of Hamilton's collections that integrates leading-edge technology. Not only that it serves a sophisticated look with a fine satin brushed finish throughout the case and a practical function that makes it a reliable tool but also a perfect piece for the National Boyfriend Day celebration. In addition to that, the gold-tone crown and double-row polished knurling on the bezel are the first personas that caught my attention. It is well-made but also functions for a firm and confident grip on the bezel.

Talking about the dial, it flaunts a black dial that invokes a deep area along with the syringe-shaped luminous hands that makes time reading simply a breeze. It also features a date window placed at the 3 o'clock position. As the gem, the Khaki Aviation Converter used caliber H-10 automatic movement equipped with 25 jewels to make everything work well for the watch. My choice, finally, fell on this timepiece.

Edgy style with more detailed complications

Creating an edgy look is all about making a creation with our style - combining unique outfits in a way to reflect unconventional or unique appearance. That's how I considered the way my boyfriend styles himself in casual attire. As such, a timepiece that is quite out of his taste bud but exudes an iconic design would be a good gift to mark a National Boyfriend Day.

Le Jour as one of the prominent watch brands introduced its latest vintage-inspired racing chronograph that resembles their classic design of watches in the late 60s to the early 80s. Among all watches with complications, the Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph Blue is my favorite one. A date window, chronograph, and fixed bezel as well as its dominant blue color resulting in an elegant style.

Le Jour Watches for National Boyfriend Day

This timepiece is introduced as a sports chronograph equipped with three subdials at the 12, 6, and 9 o’clock position that looks overall balanced and coherent dial design. They are presented in a white background resulting in a contrasting color with the matte blue dial. Further, the dial is applied with a highly domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal - resulting in a vintage charm combined with modern attire. As for its fixed blue stainless steel bezel, it is equipped with a tachymeter scale for measuring speed over a fixed distance.

Whatever watches you are choosing, the time you are giving to him is the most important one - especially during the celebration of National Boyfriend Day. A timepiece is just a lovely reminder about the time that a couple has spent and will spend throughout the journey.

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