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5 Enchanting Moon Phase Watches to Buy in 2024

Moon phase watches offer an interesting charm to watch complications by having the moon phase on the watch dial around your wrist.
May 16, 2024

Wristwatches are not only functional tools but also statements of style and sophistication. Among the various watch complications that can adorn a timepiece, the moon phase watch is one of the most enchanting. 

A moon phase watch showcases the current phase of the moon, providing a poetic link between the wearer and the cosmos. This guide explores the intricacies of moon phase watches and highlights some of the best models available today.

What Is Moon Phase Watch?

A moon phase watch displays the current phase of the moon as seen from Earth. This complication traces its origins to ancient timekeeping devices and has been incorporated into mechanical watches for centuries. 

By capturing the lunar cycle, moon phase watches add an element of astronomical charm to the wrist, appealing to both horological enthusiasts and casual wearers.

How Does Moon Phase Watch Work?

The mechanism behind moon phase watches involves a rotating disc with two identical moons. This disc advances one step every 24 hours, driven by the watch’s gear train. 

The moon is typically displayed through an aperture on the dial, cycling through the various phases – from the new moon to the full moon and back again – over approximately 29.5 days. This intricate dance mirrors the actual lunar cycle, albeit with some slight variations in accuracy depending on the watch's design and precision.

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Gnomon’s Pick: Best Moon Phase Watches to Consider

Moon phase complication has its own charm that captivates watch enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t be interested in the alluring display of moon phases on a watch dial? Interested in having one in your collection, let’s check out Gnomon’s picks for the best moon phase watches below:

1. Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Silver

Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Silver

Movement: Swiss SW280-1, Diameter: 42mm, Thickness: 12.1mm, Lug-to-Lug: 49.5mm, Water resistance: 50m, Crystal: Sapphire.

The Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Silver combines classic maritime aesthetics with a sophisticated moon phase complication. Its silver dial is adorned with classic spade hour-hand and the large minute track, creating a timeless and elegant appearance. 

The moon phase indicator is beautifully integrated above the 6 o’clock position, standing out against the pristine backdrop. This watch is powered by a reliable Swiss automatic movement, ensuring both precision and durability. The Marine Moon Phase Silver is perfect for those who appreciate traditional watchmaking with a touch of celestial charm.

Price: $660.00 USD

2. Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Moon Phase Black

Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Moon Phase Black

Movement: Automatic caliber BALL RR1801, Diameter: 40mm, Water resistance: 50m, Crystal: Sapphire.

For those seeking a blend of ruggedness and refinement, the Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Moon Phase Black is an excellent choice as the best moon phase watch for men. This watch features a sleek black dial with white hour markers and hands, enhanced with tritium gas tubes for exceptional legibility in low light conditions. 

The moon phase display is placed at the center of the dial, providing a striking visual element. The Trainmaster Moon Phase is also equipped with Ball’s signature anti-shock and anti-magnetic technologies, making it as tough as it is beautiful.

Price: $1,848.00 USD

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3. Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Blue

Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Blue

Movement: Swiss SW280-1, Diameter: 42mm, Thickness: 12.1mm, Lug-to-Lug: 49.5mm, Water resistance: 50m, Crystal: Sapphire.

The Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Blue offers a vibrant twist on the classic moon phase watch. Its deep blue dial is complemented by white hands and markers, evoking the vastness of the night sky. The moon phase complication is prominently displayed above the 6 o’clock marker, adding a celestial touch to the nautical-inspired design. 

Housed in a stainless steel case and driven by a Swiss automatic movement, this watch combines aesthetic appeal with robust performance. It’s an ideal choice for those who want a distinctive and eye-catching timepiece.

Price: $660.00 USD

4. Longines Master Moon-Phase

Movement: Automatic L899, Diameter: 40mm, Thickness: 11.1mm, Water resistance: 30m, Crystal: Sapphire.

The Longines Master Moon-Phase exemplifies the brand’s dedication to elegance and technical mastery. This watch features blued steel hands and applied hour markers. The moon phase display is artfully placed at 6 o’clock, within a sub-dial that also shows the date. 

Powered by the Longines L899 automatic movement, this timepiece offers a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. The Master Moon-Phase is well-suited for formal occasions, adding a touch of refinement to any attire.

Price: $2,625 USD

5. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase Chronograph

Movement: Automatic Caliber 9904, Diameter: 44.25mm, Lug-to-lug: 50mm, Thickness: 16.9mm, Water resistance: 100m, Crystal: Sapphire.

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase Chronograph is a true icon in the world of horology. This watch combines the legendary Speedmaster design with a highly detailed moon phase complication. 

Its black dial features two sub-dials: one for the chronograph functions and another for the moon phase and date. The moon phase indicator is so precise it only requires adjustment once every ten years. 

Powered by the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9904, this watch offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. It’s a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the intersection of history, innovation, and beauty.

Price: $11,200 USD

Final Thought

Moon phase watches capture the romance of the lunar cycle, blending artistic expression with horological expertise. From the traditional elegance of the Steinhart Marine Moon Phase Silver to the iconic status of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase Chronograph, there is a moon phase watch to suit every taste and style. 

Each of these timepieces offers a unique way to connect with the cosmos, making them cherished additions to any watch collection.

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