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5 Must-Have Men's Oris Watches for Your Collection

5 Must-Have Men's Oris Watches for Your Collection

Are Oris men’s watches worth buying? Offering exceptional quality watches at affordable prices, Oris is a perfect choice. Find more here!
Apr 25, 2024

Being an independent watch company has brought Oris many chances in exploring the varieties of the watchmaking industry. That makes this company’s mechanical watches one of the best-valued timepieces in the industry. That said, for any veteran or newbie to collecting watches, having at least one s Oris men’s watch is a must.

Established in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in Holstein, Swiss, Oris’s watches carry the spirit of freedom for innovation. Therefore, the brand dedicates itself as an independent brand to explore wider possibilities in innovation. Working on a simple philosophy that said, “Things must make sense”, Oris’s watches are known for their high cutting-edge designs and watch complications

Following that approach, Oris managed to bring watches with incredible performance and high-precision engineering as reliable as life-saving tools. Oris’s watches for men mostly focused on modern features with sleek designs. That includes shock resistance, scratch resistance coating, sapphire crystal, and higher power reserve.

As such, this article will highlight some of the best men’s Oris watches that should be on your radar. Compiling and choosing among dozens of options for the Oris collection is such a difficult thing considering the uniqueness of each model. Yet, we’ve managed to put together some that might interest you either in their design, features, and prices. 

Why Should You Buy Men’s Oris Watches?

Being a Swiss-made watch brand has given it enough prestige. But it is not all. 

The first highlight of Oris lies in its modest prices. Different from other luxury brands, Oris offers exceptional and high-quality timepieces at affordable prices. A definite must-have, especially for those starting their watch collection. 

Furthermore, the company is probably the best in terms of value among other Swiss brands. Along with the company’s philosophy, Oris always pursues innovation and delivers the best products for its customers.

In addition to that, Oris is also known for its partnership for good causes. The company produced many watches in special support of the environment and society. Some of the organizations are Reef Restoration Foundation, Korea Federation for Environmental Movements, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. All of these reasons make Oris watches worthy of your collection.

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5 Must-Have Men’s Oris Watches

Generally,  Oris men’s watches fall under 3 big categories that include, dive watch, pilot watch, and non-sports in the Artelier collection. The distinction is quite clear despite Oris’s broad catalog. Regardless, there may be an Oris men’s watch below that is right for you.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue

Appears in a bulky size while displaying an old-school style, the Big Crown Pointer Date Blue has been a popular collection for years. The watch symbolizes the outstanding journey of Oris equipped with its big crown signature as Oris’s legacy. As a reliable and professional pilot watch, this timepiece exhibits basic and advanced functions.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue – Bracelet Ref. 01 754 7741 4065-07 8 20 22
Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue - Bracelet Ref. 01 754 7741 4065-07 8 20 22

The oversized crown can help gloved airmen to adjust their watch quickly and easily. While the big size measures 40mm in diameter are meant extra legibility. The watch is also made with premium quality ensuring its durability in extreme conditions. That includes a multi-piece stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and Oris 754 automatic winding pointer date.

Price: $1,935

Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400

The next watch in the aviation edition is the ProPilot X Calibre 400. Compared to the previous timepiece, this one gives a simpler and more elegant look – but it doesn’t mean the watch isn’t durable enough. The watch comes in a 39mm diameter with a titanium case. It boasts its angular lines of the aviation-inspired form that are treated with satin and sand-blasted.

Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 Blue Ref. 01 400 7778 7155-07 7 20 01TLC
Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 Blue Ref. 01 400 7778 7155-07 7 20 01TLC

Driven by Oris Calibre 400 Series movements, the watch can give optimal accuracy to -3 to +5 seconds a day (within chronometer certification standard). Not to mention the great power reserve that makes the watch last until 5 days. Within this reliable movement, it is also equipped with more than 30 non-ferrous and anti-magnetic parts.

Price: $3,850

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Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 – Bracelet

Moving on to the dive watches line, we definitely should mention the Aquis collection as one of the popular Oris men’s watches. One of the stunning pieces in this collection is the Aquis Date Calibre 400 with its high-accuracy movement. The watch comes with versatility, allowing for stylish wearing both for men and women. 

Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 – Bracelet – 43.5mm
Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 - Bracelet - 43.5mm

Adding to that, it can be a reliable professional diving tool and a stylish fashion statement at the same time. The same as the previous watch, driven by the Oris Caliber 400 allows the watch 5 days of power reserve. To top it off, the watch exhibits 300m of water resistance, giving you the fullest experience of diving with this men’s Oris watch.

Price: $3,270

Oris Sixty Five Bronze – Leather

The next diving men’s Oris watch that you can choose is the Sixty Five Bronze – Leather. Its two-tone model with almost all-bronze display gives a vibe of retro dive watches. The watch highlights its aesthetic design through its sleek design and bronze color watch that resonates well in contemporary watchmaking.

Oris Sixty Five Bronze – Leather – 40mm – Ref. 01 733 7707 4355-07 5 20 45
Oris Sixty Five Bronze - Leather - 40mm - Ref. 01 733 7707 4355-07 5 20 45

Coming from reliable Swiss watchmaking, the watch definitely possesses a number of premium qualities, such as a domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and corrosion-resistant stainless steel case. Along with its unidirectional-rotating bezel, the watch has 100m of water resistance. 

Price: $2,100

Oris Artelier Complication

Now we come to the non-sports collection of men’s Oris watches that fall in the Atelier. While the other collections mainly focus on delivering a life-saving tool and practical function, the Atelier is Oris’s classic edition that is more dressy and versatile. These descriptions can be seen through this Oris Atelier Complication that boasts elegance within the white persona.

Oris Artelier Complication – Source: Oris
Oris Artelier Complication - Source: Oris

Although most of the Atelier collection leans toward minimalist watches, this watch gives a little extra by adding three sub-dials. Paired with a stainless steel bracelet, it gives more versatility to elevate someone’s style on almost any occasion. Driven by Oris 781 automatic winding, it offers much reliability to the wearer.

Price: $3,600

Final Thought

Truth to be told, there is more to explore about men’s Oris watches than is possible to explain in this article. Yet, this article might have helped you realize the value of Oris and its earnest passion for making timepieces. Being an independent watch brand becomes helpful for the company to thrive on new possibilities. 

If you are still unsure about which Oris men’s watches are right on your wrist, we at Gnomon Watches will be pleased to offer some suggestions to you.

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