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Men’s Brown Leather Watches: Strapping your Overall Look

Men’s Brown Leather Watches: Strapping your Overall Look

Men's brown leather watches have always been people's favorite. Be it for casual or formal events, it never loses its stunning elegance.
May 17, 2024

Buying a watch is a tricky decision – and so is choosing which watch strap that goes well with your dial. What’s more, you want to have a high-end watch that would take any outfit to the next level.  A nice suit with a sharp-looking and well-fitted head to toe. Some may say that would be enough for a man. But as a watch enthusiast, you want your time-teller to stand out as well.

There are factors to consider such as the type of watch, the bracelet material, and the color. But today, we’ll dig deeper into the color and one of the most common materials for straps. It is a surefire way that you want to look great whether in casual settings or formal events with your favorite timepiece. Well, I’d say that men’s brown leather watches may be all you need.

You might be wondering why leather watch straps and be in brown color among other varieties of choices. Leather straps have been part of the watchmaking industry since 1899 and gaining popularity ever since then. How does it relate to brown? Talking about dark-neutral, brown has historically taken its name among other colors, especially in the watchmaking industry. It also becomes the most common leather watch strap color. As one, they will make an appealing combination and complete your overall style. Let’s talk some more details about men’s brown leather strap watches.

The story of leather watch straps

Not only as a good material in watchmaking but leather is also an excellent one for belts, bags, shoes, and other leather goods. Generally, leather is made from the animal’s skin, especially from the cattle hide. Then the skin is tanned in tanneries, processed with certain types of machinery, and finished as a leather. The making process determines how it will give its distinctive texture and appearance for the watch strap. Overall, leather watch strap is a versatile material for watch strap that never loses its style and is timeless.

Due to its comfort and variety, the leather watch strap appears as one of the top choices in the list. How did it start? The story can be traced back during the Boer war also known as Second War Independence around 1899 between Great Britain and the Boers (Afrikaners). During that period, pocket watches were mostly used until men were looking for something to attach their pocket watch around their wrist. That’s when leather straps were first introduced. Even more, leather watch straps did not come as fashion for men as they were more favoured for women in the first place.

Types of leather watch straps

Understanding types of leather can be quite confusing, especially if this is your very first-time buying a high-end timepiece and you want to have a leather strap around your wrist. No worries! I’ll be sharing some of the grades that will narrow down your choices based on its quality. 

I reckon that you may ask, why there are quite many types when a leather strap is obviously from an animal. Long story short, animals live outside where they may experience fighting with others or rubbing against the trees. That could appear as scars, roughness, or natural imperfections when the leather is processed. Therefore, it will affect the quality of a hide.

As you’ve known the story, let’s start the talk from the top of the pyramid:

Full-grain leather

If you are looking for the best leather watch strap your money can buy, make sure that it comes from full-grain leather. It simply comes from the most durable part of animal skin that includes all natural grains, just below the animal’s hair. It means that the hide is immediately processed for tanning after the hair is removed. As the most expensive grade, it certainly comes with a high quality as an extremely strong and durable one. Even more, a watch strap from full-grain leather is breathable, resulting in less moisture when you wear it all day long. As your watch strap ages, it will look and feel better over time with a vintage style because full-grain leather develops patina. Men’s brown leather watches with full-grain grade is surely the one that can last a lifetime. 

Top-grain leather

The second-best-quality leather is top-grain leather obtained from the top surface or outermost of animal hide — the grains are, then, sanded away and buffed to remove imperfections. As the process affects the top layer of the hide, top-grain leather is thinner to make it more workable for certain applications and less durable that results in cheaper price than full-grain leather. The finished leather from this grade has a more uniform look and if this is what you want then you are good to go. 

Genuine leather

The name might be appealing as it clearly claims as the authentic one. It is but it may not have the quality that the full and top grain offer. It is obtained from the lower part of the animal hide. It is also known as split leather meaning it is the leftover cut that separates the top grain from the suede. Think of a sandwich, the top bread is the top grain while the suede is the bottom bread. What’s left is the middle part that is referred to as genuine leather. This grade can be found easily in the market at a more affordable price than the previous grades — it has a smooth texture without grains.     

Why wear brown leather watches?

Nowadays, lots of modern materials are used for many types of watches or straps with different functionality and styles. Yet, leather watch straps remain as the treasure for its elegance, classic, and unique styles — up to 80% brands use leather as their first strap production. Some may say men’s brown leather watches are ‘old school’ things but the pros and cons always come together.

Not only that it fills in your overall style, leather strap watches define what you call versatility.  Young, old, men, and women — casual or formal events — be pairing it with a shirt and short or a suit and tie — will look just appropriately-fine in a leather strap watch.  This is a simple way to elevate your style in nearly any outfit. If you are the type of person who often switches back and forth between formal and casual events while only wanting to own one watch, a leather strap watch will be good for you.

Talking about leather, you can’t miss out the fact that it mostly comes in brown. The reason lies in its tanning process using a vegetable tanning method resulting in brown leather from light golden brown hue to dark chocolate-brown shade. Having a brown color for your leather strap watches could make an understated beauty hard to achieve with any other color. It is easier to mix shades of brown in one style, unlike other dark-neutral colors. 

Therefore, I would say a brown leather strap watch is the color of the moment. A black leather strap may also be a good choice but keeping its natural looking would be a taste of authentic flavour.

Besides, men’s brown leather watches are known to be the gentleman’s thing. Isn’t that all we need? Here, I would like to share some of my favorite watches with brown leather straps.

Alpiner Regulator Automatic Blue – Leather Ref. AL-650NNS5E6

In contrast to the image as reliable aviation timepieces for military pilots during the Second World War, Alpiner Regulator Automatic Blue – Leather Ref. AL-650NNS5E6 is available in a dressier take with a circular stainless steel 3-parts case. Indicating legibility as their main focus and exhibiting a confident wrist presence, all of these are presented through its large 45mm case diameter. 

This timepiece is matched with a 22mm brown calf leather strap lined by a row of neatly stitched off-white stitchings — making an appearance of rugged characters to boost your aura. Visually outstanding, eye-catching detail, and attractive upgrades for every complication in it. What else do you need? Besides, their new arrival after more than a 10-year hiatus will bring you back to the 80s with a timeless nostalgia. 

Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical – Leather Ref. H76419531

A NATO leather strap, Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical – Leather Ref. H76419531 comes to us with a vintage look and unique aviation design. Presenting a brown leather strap made from cattle hide, this wristwatch also applies a “tropical” caramel color treatment for its luminous markers. A vintage yet elegant look that radiates reliability may be your way-to-go on almost any look along with your men’s brown leather watches.

Featured with H-150 handwinding movement with power reserve up to 80-hour, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer is the true recreation of a robust military piece for the British Ministry of Defence in 1973. What’s more, be prepared to be amazed with its textured dial to reduce reflections under certain lighting. 

Khaki Pilot Day Date Automatic Vintage Brown – Leather Ref. H64605531

Another Khaki Pilot is here as my favorite one when I was looking for men’s watches with brown leather bands — it comes with its vintage, utilitarian, and versatile timepiece. Powered by its automatic Caliber H-40, both information of day and date in Khaki Pilot Day Date Automatic Vintage Brown – Leather Ref. H64605531 is presented nicely at the top while keeping things balanced symmetrically. The best news of all is that you can afford its advanced upgrade in a well-priced manner.

Further, the Khaki Pilot Day Date is paired with a 20mm sturdy brown calf leather strap with matching dark brown color keepers and goes well with its black dial. Making you ever-ready to go over your day with stunning men’s brown leather watches. 

Combat SUB 42 Sports Bronze GMT Brown Ref. GL0316

A part of Glycine’s philosophy believes that the great value of timepiece should be affordable for many watch enthusiasts . With that being said, I would be no doubt to have one of their watches as my own. A Combat SUB 42 Sports Bronze GMT Brown Ref. GL0316, not only does it offer a captivating and sturdy look but also great performance.

You might also enjoy its precise automatic and chronograph movements as well as its large screw-down crown that is easy to grip. This timepiece features a 22mm Glycine signed brown calf leather strap that will be well-fitted and comfortable on all wrist-sizes.  Made from marine grade bronze material, CuSn8 with brush finishing, rose gold plated on its dial, and a beautiful two-tone brown hues on its bezel.  The combination of the leather-elegance with the nuance of brown are all you need to have an outstanding look in any look.

Trainmaster Moon Phase Black – Leather – Ref. NM3082D-LLJ-BK

The classier watch collection but it is meant both for formal and casual attire. The Trainmaster Moon Phase Black – Leather – Ref. NM3082D-LLJ-BK from the Ball Watch Company may be your true one. The presence of tritium gas tubes is their unique point used for emitting electrons, resulting in a constant emission of light. Not to mention, its dark brown crocodile leather strap matched with its black dial would be a match that radiates elegance yet sturdy look.

Further, this time-teller also presents with a moon phase complication for an added touch of elegance. And to make it to be in your top-list, I’d tell you that its crystal is featured with anti-reflective sapphire crystal for clarity and toughness. So if you are looking for something more than just ordinary men’s brown leather strap watches, this Trainmaster probably is your answer.

Now you have it all about men’s brown leather watches. Leather material for your watch strap may be one of the top-notch choices, having it in a brown color would fully enhance your style in nearly any attire. Off you go either for your first buying of leather watches or having another one.

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