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Pick Your Best Ceramic Watches and Shine

Pick Your Best Ceramic Watches and Shine

Discover the best ceramic timepieces. Journey into our comprehensive guide to its timeless elegance and durability!
May 18, 2024

Today, one generally has two main choices: quartz or mechanical watches for men. The former relies on a battery and its vibrations to keep the machinery moving while the latter is more intricate. While the previous offer higher accuracy, the second type is well-regarded for its craftsmanship and independence from a cell – well, that doesn’t also mean a mechanical watch is inaccurate. 

Of course, as with all things, there are elements that potential mechanical watch enthusiasts will be well to do before purchasing a timepiece for themselves. So, what is a mechanical watch and which pieces are worth the investment? Read on to find out more.

A Short Guide to Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches for men are well regarded as the defining accessory. It adds dazzle to an otherwise modest look. This specific timepiece has two categories: automatic and manual. Before the invention of quartz and other modern movements, the latter type required the watch owner to wind in order to keep them running.

The former automatic types are able to self-wind, gaining power from the wrist movement of the wearer. This is possible through the weighted rotor that winds the spring prompted when you are moving around which then makes the hands and other features work.

Not to worry, even when you’re idle, the excess energy is stored in what’s known as a power reserve. The capability of this differs by each timepiece but is generally in the 40 – 80 hours range.

Due to its many parts and lack of battery, a mechanical watch may at times need servicing. All this can also result in an expensive bill. Furthermore, if accuracy is what you are after, this particular type loses when compared to quartz movements and even the clock synced to smartphones. 

In fact, some timepieces are claimed to have 10 seconds of loss or gain per day. But, the vintage charm in several mechanical watches for men has remained of fascinating interest to fellow watch enthusiasts – new and old. Verily, owning a modern rendition of a classic timepiece can experience an increase in value when deciding to sell them.

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7 Marvelous Mechanical Watches for Men

Personal preference in style is what might be the deciding factor before finally deciding to buy this particular timepiece. To help find the best mechanical watches for men, these are several recommendations you might want to follow:

1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart 

The first on the list of mechanical watches for men is the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart. Featuring a semi-skeletonized dial to see through its intricate machinery along with a mix of brushed and polished stainless steel, the outcome is a sporty yet gorgeous watch altogether. 

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto Silver - Leather Ref. H32705521

The Open Heart is powered by the Caliber H-10 automatic movement with a power reserve of a generous 80 hours. Steady and stylish.

2. Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon features a nifty-looking gizmo at its six o-clock. This complex feature will rotate as a way to offset the force of gravity on the movement of a watch. Although it doesn’t really have an effect on the accuracy, it is an entertaining highlight and conversation starter nonetheless.

3. Seiko Prospex 1968 Diver’s Modern Re-interpretation “Save the Ocean”

The Seiko Prospex 1968 “Save the Ocean” is another best mechanical watch. This limited-edition timepiece possesses a Zaratsu-polished stainless steel case for a mirror-like finish. With a black ceramic bezel ornamented with white numeral markers and a 200m, the result is a dive watch capable of your water adventures.

Seiko Prospex 1968 Diver’s Modern Re-interpretation “Save the Ocean”
Seiko Prospex 1968 Diver’s Modern Re-interpretation “Save the Ocean”

Furthermore, this sporty timepiece is equipped with the Caliber 8L35 automatic movement and 50 hours of power reserve. For the vintage enthusiast, this Seiko Prospex also allows hand-winding.

4. Yema Flygraf Pilot M2 – Bracelet

Next, the Yema Flygraf Pilot M2 is also one of the best mechanical watches available. Coming from an independent French brand, its history cannot be overlooked. With decades of experience and releasing renowned pieces such as Superman and Rallye in the 60s and 70s, their dedication is well worth the applause.

Yema Flygraf Pilot M2 - Bracelet
Yema Flygraf Pilot M2 – Bracelet

Featuring a brushed dial and SuperLuminova generously applied along with a splendid 300m water resistance and the YEMA-2000 in-house movement, the Flygraf Pilot by Yema is truly a stunning timepiece to collect.

5. Squale 1 Squale 50 ATMOS Blue – 1521 – 026/BLU

The 1521 by the Italian brand Squale is the next contender for the best mechanical watches for men. The pair-in blue sunburst dial and bezel along with the leather strap provide a breezy, sunny weather aura. Additionally the SW 200 automatic movement with 38 hours of reserve power this timepiece.

Squale 50 ATMOS Blue - 1521 - 026/BLU
Squale 50 ATMOS Blue – 1521 – 026/BLU

Featuring white hour hands and numerals together with an orange seconds hand, your experience in reading below water will never be more clear. 

6. Junghans Max Bill Automatic

The next best mechanical watch for men comes from the esteemed German brand Junghans. Crafted by the Swiss industrial designer Max Bill, the Max Bill automatic has a minimal and straightforward appearance directly influenced by the Bauhaus. The 12-hour markers pair captivatingly well with the 60-minute indices.

The association with a well-respected designer along with his familial roots in watchmaking exudes a sense of collecting a piece of art when buying this timepiece.

7. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph Watch

The modern rendition of the legendary Oris Divers 1965 comes in a chronograph and comes packed with a whole lot of features gorgeous to every wearer. The stainless steel case together with the black bezel and dial are beautifully ornamented with bronze-finished edges.

A Swiss automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and subdials for minutes and hands are also highlighted in this edition. Voguish yet timeless.

While not as accurate when compared with quartz timepieces, there is a certain captivating charm that the mechanical watches own. I hope that this short introduction along with a couple of recommendations serves you well. Whatever you finally choose and purchase, make sure to do your research beforehand.

Stay tuned to our Gnomon blog for guides, tips, recommendations, and everything more on the world of horology. 

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