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Top 8 Favorite Mechanical Watches for Your 2021 Collection

Mechanical watches as a particular beauty among the plethora of watches.
Dec 29, 2021

Among the people who are not into horology, the mechanical watch might be an underexplored and unknown world. But for the die-hard watch enthusiasts, mechanical is the art of watchmaking. Basically, watches are divided based on their movement type (the system that makes the watch tells time). The first is the mechanical movement that we're going to talk about in this article. The second is quartz that uses a battery to make the most reliable and precise watch ever. 

Despite the accuracy, the mechanical watch movement is valued because of the craftsmanship put into the process. The intricate built behind a mechanical watch is the main charm for itself. Quartz watches are mainly sought after because of their accuracy yet for any watch collector having at least one mechanical watch is a must. We've rounded up some of our favorites mechanical watches that should be on your watch collection. 

What is a mechanical watch?

The basic thing about mechanical watches is the system that utilizes a clockwork mechanism either manually or automatically to tell time. They don't use a battery or any other electrical power source to tick. As such, a mechanical movement itself is divided into two categories, manual and automatic. Manual watches refer to the mechanism that requires manual hand-winding. The wearer needs to rotate the crown to wind the watch mainspring. The watch won't work if the watch is completely unwinded.

As for the automatic watches, the wearer doesn't need to manually wind the mainspring. The watch will gain energy from the wrist movement when the watch is worn. In other words, it gains kinetic energy from the wearer’s movement. By that means, as long as the watch is worn regularly, it won't stop ticking. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Brown 38 Ref. H69439901

It's an undeniable fact that this Khaki collection becomes the epitome of best value Swiss manufacturing timepieces, especially for its mechanical watches. The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Brown with a robust brown appearance. It's driven by an upgraded Caliber H-50 which is a tweaked 17-jewel ETA 2801-2 hand-wound center seconds movement. It features a simple dial look paired with a domed sapphire crystal. Further, it has a measurement of 38mm in diameter making it exceptionally well and versatile for both men and women. As for a specific reason, this Hamilton mechanical watch would be a great pair for those who love outdoor activities as it is built with robustness in mind.  

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Brown 38

Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Handwind

An exceptional pilot watches from Steinhart with a Swiss Made ETA6497 mechanical watch movement. At a first glance, the Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Handwind is ready to amaze. Domed sapphire crystal, satin-brushed stainless steel, and a beautifully engraved case back. The watch case is accompanied by a thick brown leather strap with rivets yet is comfortable to strap on your wrist for the whole day. The watch dial is designed to resemble its historical model, the original B-Uhr. Taking a closer look at the dial, you'll notice the blue hands that are mesmerizing as it catches the light at different angles. Simple yet manly, this mechanical watch would elevate your charismatic look.  

Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Handwind

Aristo Aviator Vintage 4H451 - Sapphire

Another impressive mechanical watch by Aristo comes in with only 50pcs. The Aristo Aviator Vintage 4H451 brings a vintage design inspired by vintage aviation watches. As a result, it is rather a simple dial layout with a matte black background.  A mechanical watch with vintage stories is another fulfilling aspect of watch collecting. As a modern reinterpretation, the watch brings a refined modern design for a cultivating look. It is driven by the NOS (new old stock) Durowe 451 hand-winding caliber that came straight out of the golden era of German watchmaking. Rest assured for a reliable watch as the watch movement is built by Aristo’s skillful watchmakers to be as robust and high-performing as possible. The amount of 17-jewel manual-winding is featured to make a capable engine and a long-lasting watch as long as taken care of properly.  

Aristo Aviator Vintage 4H451 – Sapphire

Marathon GPM NGM Black Mechanical Ref. WW194003BK-NGM

Marathon is one of the favorite watch brands when it comes to military watches. The GPM NGM Black Mechanical is an impressive tool watch with a tough and robust appearance. The first look of this mechanical watch mainly starts from its metal core covered entirely by a high-impact fiber shell in a black color tone. Black for an exclusive look. Moving on to the face, you'll get a nice look here. Interestingly, although the dial is pretty full in its markings - Arabic hour markers along with a set of 24-hour markers reading inside - it still manages to have a clean layout dial. As for the highlight, this watch has the robust Japanese Seiko Instrument automatic caliber NH35 with dual-wind capability inside. As such, you don't have to worry about its accuracy.

Marathon GPM NGM Black Mechanical Ref. WW194003BK-NGM

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue - Bracelet Ref. 01 754 7741 4065-07 8 20 22

Let's introduce one of Oris’s signature watches that symbolizes the independent Swiss company’s long and illustrious history. The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue is the new era of Oris' stylish mechanical watches. Some parts of the watch have been reworked for a more appealing appearance. The case is set to be slimmer, smoother, and more seamless for an elegant slip once it straps around the wrist. The first to notice on this watch is most likely its bubble-curved sapphire crystal that elevates the watch’s vintage aesthetic. Looking at the watch dial, it features rounded Arabic numbers, a rail track chapter ring indicating the minutes, ornate hands, and the pointer date hand. Not to mention, the Oris 754, base SW 200-1 -- an automatic winding pointer date developed by Oris that makes this watch run reliably.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue – Bracelet

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Mechanical Grey Ref. SBEC009

Creating high-precision watches has been a forte for Japanese watch brands as Seiko. The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Mechanical Grey is a true piece of exclusive watches. A well-built case with a set of compact and slender lugs. Measuring 42.5mm in diameter, the watch would comfortably sit on your wrist. Looking at its appearance itself is enough to put us in awe. Trudging on its side, a screw-down watch crown and chronograph pushers that feel incredibly gratifying with crisp and defined actuations. As the gem of this Seiko mechanical watch is the Caliber 8R46 Seiko automatic movement with an impeccable 34 jewels and a capable power reserve of approximately 45 hours.

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Chronograph Mechanical Grey

Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Green Ref. RK-AV0114E

Skeleton watches with a great view of delicate things inside the mechanical watch. The Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Green brings up a premium watch design. Openwork watchmaking that exudes modern vibes that graces your outfit with mesmerizing elegance. To be noted, the watch is quite versatile and would be good for almost any occasion. The skeletonized cut-out is highlighted at the 9’oclock which reveals the balance wheel powering this fine watch. Moreover, the sunburst green dial is another aesthetic point that brings elegance. Seen through the screw-in case back, you can see the in-house caliber F6F44 that is exclusive only to Orient timepieces. Exclusive and high-performing watch for an excellent value of money.

Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Green

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Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph Vintage White Ref. LJ-LM-001

Quite a complex watch with a range of features yet satisfying for an impressive tool watch. The Le Mans Chronograph Vintage White by Le Jour is a racing chronograph that resembles the classic chronograph designs from watches of the late 60s to the early 80s. It features exotic 3 sub-dial counters at the 12, 6, and 9 o'clock and a tachymeter scale for measurement function. Despite the chronograph registers and a day-date window, the watch dial looks symmetrically well with an uncluttered design. This watch is driven by the dependable Swiss ETA caliber 7750 automatic chronograph movement. Beating at 28,800 beats per hour with 25 jewels, the watch holds a great choice for a chronograph watch.   

Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph Vintage White

These are our favorites among the dozen options of mechanical watches. After all, the level of craftsmanship and historical stories behind every mechanical watch is what the zealous watch enthusiasts look for. The passion to assemble all intricate elements to be a complete piece of watches to tell the time.  

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