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May 2020 Lookbook (Circuit Breaker Edition Part 2)

May 2020 Lookbook (Circuit Breaker Edition Part 2)

Our monthly highlights on how we rock these timepieces!
Published by: Samuel Ng
May 22, 2020
In the time off spent watching the latest episode of "The Last Dance" on Netflix and gaming "Animal Crossing" on our Switch, all that while feeling disoriented along the way with regards to the on-going circuit-breaker lockdown (Singapore's stay-at-home protocol) to boot. Since April 7, most of Singapore has been bound to work from home (except our heroes working in essential lines), restraining us from executing a proper lookbook for May; however, we managed to keep it coming.

Now, its time of the month again for us to bring the good stuff for our watch lovers.
Seeing that most of us felt that as though we are in apocalyptic circumstances, it never has been a better time to present precise timepieces that were all-capable and well-ready to handle such times. Today, we only kick things with nothing-but-military-specifications watches, taken from each different brands - from heritage-styles to modern contemporary ones that are fitting. We got icons like the Marathon's Pilot Navigator to Swiss brand Glycine that strictly following its military roots.

1. Ball Fireman NECC Black Titanium Carbide Coating Ref. DM3090A-P4J-BK

Last week, I managed to capture some nice wrist shot during my "emergency" grocery run. Here is the Ball Fireman N.E.C.C., a timepiece explicitly developed for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. As being part of the "gear" for these special forces, I am confident that its provision of anti-shock capacity up to 5.000Gs, along with antimagnetic protection up to 4800 A/m, seems more than enough for my grocery run.

Also, the individual is made out of stainless steel with additional titanium black carbide (TiC) coating, giving that modern and sleek look that one finds in blacked-out timepieces. With that, I dig this variation a lot.

2. Marathon Pilot's Navigator Sage Green Sterile Dial Ref. WW194001-S-SG-D

Acknowledged on my grocery run, our teammate submitted his drill the following day, pulling off his Marathon Pilot Navigator in sage-green tone along the way. You're looking at a hybrid field and aviation watch, specially designed in a manner that dates back to 1980, where the watch brand got a request from Kelley Air Force Base in Texas.

Since then, the Marathon manufactured this watch based on the MIL-PRF-46374G specifications, and what we have here is the latest incarnation. It kept the asymmetrical case with the military 24-hour dial indication, made out entirely from a high-impact fiber shell in dark green color. Unlike most steel field watch, the matte green along with the styling evokes a full-on military instrument, while keeping the hype of this year where "green is the new black."

3. Aristo Flieger 41 Titanium Luminous 5H70Ti - Sapphire

Well, I admire dials that glow. I meant that in literal form. Going with the Mil-Spec theme, I paired with my old Stone Island cashmere jacket with the matte titanium cased Aristo Flieger 41. This watch carries the "form-follow-function" ethos, while I enjoy a subtle splash of color with its orange second needle sweeping away every minute.

Aristo is no slouch in manufacturing military watches - the German watch manufacturer has done so since the early 1930s. This particular pilot watch Ref. 5H70Ti, like the rest of the current maestro's collection, are produced by Vollmer - a Pforzheim manufacturer who specialized in metal works, specifically of metal bracelet since 1922. With its on-going specialty, the watch I'm wearing is crafted durably to their standard, while carrying-on the military spirit of Aristo.

4. Damasko DSub2

Since we are on the topic of German timepiece, this particular one is all-inclusive.
The DSub2 is yet another show-work from a krauthead in our modern days - the idiosyncratic Damasko. The German watch company specializes in high-quality materials technology for the German aerospace/military industry, which has allowed them to build exceptional mechanical watches.

Just based on that Teutonic case design, we know that this watch meant to be worn underwater. Wilfully emphasizing on this what might seem as yet-another-dive-watch, but it is the significance for Damasko. Why so? The DSub2 (along with our exclusive DSub 1) was the first-ever dive watches introduced by Damasko. Like all of Damasko's timepieces being build to the highest standard, their divers included - the Dsubs were made in-house using what Damasko calls "Deutscher U-Boat-Stahl" which translates to be Germany Submarine Steel, for that extra toughness. Yeah, it qualifies as a classic Teutonic dive watch.

5. Glycine Combat Sub Vintage Full-Black Ref. GL0269

"Clouds of sulfur in the air, bombs are falling everywhere… It's heartbreak warfare."
Jamming to the tune of a classic early 2000s spots another "warfare" themed dive watch from a renowned Swiss brand- the Glycine Combat Sub Vintage. I favored the full black version as we all know my approbation with them (paste link:

Not only the fresh look P.V.D. treated case gets the attention, but its grained matte textured "explorer" dial enhances the whole presence. Since the Combat line was first introduced in 1967, the Combat Sub Vintage Full-Black carries on this spirit with the additional sleek aesthetic, allowing one to perceive its mix bag of coolness and heritage.

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