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is wearing a watch attractive

Is Wearing A Watch Attractive? 5 Reasons You Ought to Know

To answer the question of “is wearing a watch attractive”, we have enlisted some reasonable reasons in this article. Find out here!
Apr 24, 2024

Last night when I was scrolling down some questions at Quora, I found some people are questioning about “is wearing a watch attractive?”.  This question drives many responses from everyone. Some are saying that watches can give a distinctive effect to people’s looks, while the rest are on the opposite side. 

Well, people might have their own preferences. However, so do I. Therefore, to pour a glass of my opinion, I decided to write my preferences here. Aside from its functionality, I personally think that watches do add some understated statement to our look. 

For instance, when you pair your elegant watch with a suit and tie, you will have a sophisticated professional look. Definitely, it would make you look more attractive and appropriate.

6 Reasons to Wear a Watch 

As time goes by, watches are not only made for men. It has been part of the present’s accessory that is very helpful to boost our style. That’s why everyone can wear watches to make them look more attractive. 

However, amount of people are still questioning “is wearing a watch attractive?” or “is wearing a watch necessary?” Well, to me, I personally think that watches are a mandatory thing to have. 

Moreover, if you’re such a person with busy activities or a sociable personality. Watches are very necessary at least to show you time and adjust your style for any occasion.

So, to know what wearing a watch says about you, here is a thread of reasons why you should wear a watch. Check it out!

1. A point of Style 

The first reason to wear a watch is related to the style. When it comes to fashion, watches are the ultimate accessory. A person who wears a watch is implicitly sending a message about their attention to the style to everyone. 

With different styles of watches they use, people can tell what occasion they want to attend or what kind of style they want to fit in. 

For instance, some people are more likely to choose a classy or vintage watch to show their taste in enjoying the finer things in life. So, in other words, you can also say that watch doesn’t only help escalate your style but also says something deeper about you. 

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2. Showing off Your Taste and Appreciation for Quality

For some people who have a good grip on horology, a watch doesn’t only function to boost their style. Further, if the watches are not merely built as a “tool” but also embody a certain history or image of tradition.

That’s why purchasing a watch is also part of their appreciation of the time, effort, and skill needed to build a fine watch with the highest quality. 

3. Functionality

Not merely a time teller, watches are also built to be practical for any purpose. For instance, a dive watch. Since it’s used to track the time under the water, that’s why the case is made to be eligible and definitely waterproof. 

Another example is a pilot watch. It is equipped with specific features that give pilots ultimate visibility and durable tool to help them navigate the skies easier. 

4. Demonstrating Your Professionality

“Is wearing a watch attractive?” Well, the answer may vary. But if you ask me, I personally think that watches can demonstrate our professionality level and it definitely makes you look more attractive. 

I admit that it’s indeed not a requirement, but if you want to look more professional, you might consider wearing a watch on your wrist because it will make you look more punctual. Yeah, I think we all agree that professionals never waste their time, don’t they?

Furthermore, when someone glances at their wrist to check the time, it gives a “reliable and sexy” vibe to that person. In other words, your timepieces don’t only represent your professionality, but also be the symbol of your success. 

5. Investment

Aside from their attractiveness, watches also represent a great investment. A mechanical watch will be able to last very long if it is kept in a good way. Thus, you can inherit them from your future generation as a heritage.

Besides, a watch also could be a good financial investment too. Especially if it’s an iconic or rare limited-edition timepiece. If you are quite lucky to have it, it’s likely to get a bigger return in the future. 

Well, those are some answers to the “is wearing a watch attractive” question. Now, you know the reasons why wearing watches can make you look more attractive. However, I’m not saying that a person without watches will look less attractive. 

But in case you want to have a multipurpose accessory that makes you look more attractive, watches are a good choice to have. To know further tips, insight, recommendations, and watch reviews, let’s go straight to our Gnomon page!

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