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Top Watches for Fervent Hunters: From the Retro to the Robust One

Looking for a companion during the open season? No need to cherry-pick, these wonderful hunting watches are meant for you.
Jan 25, 2022

We've passed the old years when hunting was seen as a necessity. If we move to the beginning of human history, there is no better reason to hunt except for one's food. To assure a high chance of survival in solo or group hunting, every hunter must have reliable gears: from the choice of equipment and clothing. It's no surprise that even pocket watches were the convenient hunting watches to read the time during a hunt.

At the present moment, however, many see hunting as a sport. To experience nature and wildlife is apparently the reason for such activity. Still, hunting is not everyone's cup of tea. Yet, if you're one of those keen hunters, you need better ​gears to be with you. Of course, you want better hunting watches, too.

While you might not be into hunting activities, there's no harm in collecting hunting watches, as I do collect them myself. The feeling of a heavy watch around my wrist, it seems like I can't get enough of it! I, indeed, appreciate the bold look of those timepieces. Before we jump straight to the recommendation, what criteria do you need to look for in an impressive hunting watch?


I don't want my watches to be just inside the treasure chest. As a practical guy, I want them to have decent performance. Though I don’t often go for a hunt, I enjoy going up high on top of a mountain and fishing. There are two criteria of hunting watches in my collection; maximum legibility and high level of resistance to water, shock, and scratch.

A watch with maximum legibility would be helpful to tell time even at a glance. As such it needs to be equipped with an anti-reflective dial. The indices should also be coated with a good lume so that a dark environment would mean nothing for a time-teller. Resistance to water, shock, and scratch is the next must-have criteria for my hunting watches. It’s inevitable that I might bump my watch to the tree or stone and in another case, it might be pouring rain during the track. Therefore, it should withstand any harsh conditions, especially for hiking.

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The look 

Who doesn't want to look refined with their timepieces? The look and color of a watch are essential to me even for hunting watches. Despite the basic requirements that the watch needs to be reliable, robust, and compatible for outdoor activities, I want it to look stylish as well.

There are ways I found to make it happen as plenty of choices in hunting watches are available for every style and color. But for me, green and brown are the most suitable for the nature of the woods or if you want more neutral ones, you might want silver and black watches that go well in any environment.

If we're one of the same kind, then keep on reading my picks of hunting watches for men, friends!

The high-quality watch with retro style

For those who love the woods, a dark khaki green color suits the theme of the forest. Hunting needs capable gears. You can, with a similar style of clothing, blend into nature. I recommend Ocean Star Tribute Green. It's classy yet the perfect fit for the open season.

Mido has been an innovative luxury watch brand since 1918. It offers high-end timepieces with a creditable performance. That includes this timepiece. I have no doubt about that though. In this watch, you can see the complete mixture of vintage beauty and terrific modern specifications.

Ocean Star Tribute Green

The Ocean Star Tribute is very sturdy. Built with 316L stainless steel, the case is resistant to scratch and corrosion. Not to mention the revolutionary single-shell case and Aquadura crown make the watch hold its ground under the harshest conditions. Whenever I wear this watch, I can feel the comfort of its veritable nylon fabric strap. With the Mido Caliber 80 automatic movement, it stores an 80-hour power reserve. Ready to serve you with a reliable movement throughout the days. Moreover, the watch is resistant to water up to 200m.

A versatile look with resilient materials

Khaki Pilot Day Date Automatic Vintage Brown - Leather Ref. H64605531 indeed has a multipurpose look and functionality. It can be your everyday sports watch with the perfect traditional vintage-style accompanied by modern technology. Of course, it's a perfect fit for hunting for both men and women.

Khaki Pilot Day Date Automatic Vintage Brown - Leather Ref. H64605531

Hamilton's rich history of military watches lives up to its popularity. The stainless steel with brown PVD coating treatment for the case and sapphire crystal while maintaining 100m water resistance highlights its great reliability. The robustness and high legibility aesthetics are essential to produce this aviation-influenced piece. 

Further, the automatic Caliber H-40 movement reserves 80 hours of power. During the dark, the lume in the hands, indices, and numbers will glow the color of green. The watch has day-date complications too.

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The robust watch with intricate specifications

A busy yet formidable design. That's my first impression of this Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT II Black/Red Ref. DG2018C-S3C-BK. It's evoking my admiration for the sophisticated, bold, and aggressive look. Despite looking so busy, this timepiece from Ball Watch Co. never leaves to preserve its exceptional performance.

It's truly the toughest that can withstand adverse conditions of nature as one of the hunting watches. This one made from stainless steel for the case and bracelet is not only resistant to shock and scratch, but also is anti-magnetic. The domed sapphire crystal and Its water-resistant to 100 meters add more to the quality of the watch.

Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT II Black/Red Ref. DG2018C-S3C-BK

Have no fear under the night devoid of light, because this timepiece applies 43 tritium tubes that glow brightly until 25 years. The long-lasting luminosity boasts remarkable nighttime legibility. With 100m water resistance, there will be no trouble even though rain is about to fall down. You can take a rest while waiting to continue the hunt.

The above list of watches, each has its own merits. While there is no absolute pick, it is particularly essential to consider the watch's functions and look. In the end, hunting watches have to be of great assistance to your needs.

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