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How to Start a Watch Collection: Showcase of Personality

How to Start a Watch Collection: Showcase of Personality

As a watch enthusiast, you must know how to start a watch collection in order to showcase your character well. Read more here!
Apr 17, 2024

What types of timepieces do you love to wear? Have you ever thought about acquiring a couple of wristwatches yet? If you think about it, then you must know how to start a watch collection properly from now on.

Countless numbers of watches to choose from around the world, but you must find ones that fit your style. In order to showcase your personality well, the selection of your beloved pieces of wristwatches must be done genuinely and thoughtfully.

Whether it be a classic or modern style, your preferred wristwatches should always help you feel like yourself on every occasion. Each one of them can function as a timekeeping buddy for different activities. Yet, they must feel like a part of you, an extension of your identity.

How to Start a Watch Collection

When it comes to collecting watches, the wide variety of selections can often make you overwhelmed. Focus on your preference and expand your horizon from then on. That is the most important part of how to start a watch collection. 

Unlike most collecting hobbies, a watch collection can serve both in functionality and aesthetics. Either wearing or displaying it, the joy of viewing your favorite dazzling timepieces cannot be replaced by anything else.

Aside from a hobby, collecting watches can make a good investment. Certain brands have been increasing values over the years. Having them in your treasured watch cabinet or on your wrist gives off a prestigious air to your character.

So, what is the first step in collecting wristwatches that fit you best? How to start a watch collection in this era of watchmaking? Is there a proper procedure for it? Or should you follow your own instincts? Let’s check all the information you need below!

Find Your Purpose

The first step on how to start a watch collection is to decide what you want it for. It depends on your needs to dress and the activities you regularly do. Are you looking for watches that can go nicely with both casual and formal styles? Or do you need durable and stylish timepieces that can handle your adventurous spirit?

Aside from the personal need, you may go for your own taste for certain watch styles. Usually, specific brands have particular flairs which make them look distinguished in comparison to others. Perhaps the luxury allure can be considered in the process of starting your own watch collection.

Alternatively, a particular subcategory of a watch can also help you decide on how to start a watch collection. Dress watches definitely can give off an elegant vibe, while the diver type of timepiece will make a unique choice while remaining perfectly utilitarian.

Calculate Your Budget

Once you pick your purpose or choice of watch, you should allocate the budget for it. In this next step of how to start a watch collection, make sure you have what it takes to acquire all the wristwatches you long for.

In some cases, watch collectors tend to prioritize the value of the brand names over the style. The cost of luxury wristwatches may be extremely high, but they always come with high-quality materials and magnificent features to offer.

On the contrary, a watch collection can be made up of vintage or second-hand pieces. Although the price is not always fixed, the prepared budget will not necessarily go higher than that to start the luxury wristwatch collection.

In short, you must not go overboard with your budget. A watch collection does not have to start big. Go small first with a couple of selected fine timepieces of your own choice. From that point onward, you can expand the collection and curate it to your liking.

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Focus on You

While finding the right timepieces is important, you must also not forget the idea of showcasing your character. As an extension of yourself, the wristwatch should become a natural complement to your sense of fashion.

In order to find the right watch for you, try to stick to a theme first. For example, you can focus on classic dress watches to go nicely with formal attire. Afterward, the collection can start to take on a life on its own by going with either the specific brand or style.

To help get your collection staying in the right lane, you can pick one renowned timepiece that fits you best first. Once you get the one, then the rest of the choices can follow in the right direction. Perhaps you can even add more diversities in the next step on how to start a watch collection on your own.

Expand Your Horizon

Once you fulfill your purpose of collecting watches, then diversify the choices. In this next step on how to start a watch collection, venturing into unexplored areas may present a fresh change of air.

As time goes on, your interest in watches may change. Therefore, get the change of scene with a different style of timepieces. If you already own fancy dress watches, then it is time to start collecting more specific wristwatches, like The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra for athletes or The Oris Big Crown ProPilot for visionary entrepreneurs.

Tools for the Job

You might have collected watches for a personal interest before, but now the need for a professional act is calling. In this part of how to start a watch collection, the specifics of certain timepieces may even be a necessary or helpful tool in your line of work.

As mentioned earlier, the watch you wear should always show your character. For a unique profession like an architect, a carefully crafted wristwatch with incredible details may present the best quality to the wearer.

Aside from the beauty of the style, a specifically designed wristwatch can be useful in a certain line of work. For example, a precise chronograph with the capability of measuring time intervals down to 1/100th of a second will be the perfect fit for a doctor.


We have come to the end of the list of how to start a watch collection. Starting to own a couple of wristwatches most suitable for you is not difficult. Once you get the vision, you will realize it slowly but surely. All you must do is to prepare the budget and learn all the things necessary to make your watch collection showcase your color.

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