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5 Ways to Spot Fake Watch

5 Ways to Spot Fake Watch

Buying a watch can be risky without research which can lead to fraud. Find out how to identify a fake watch through the tips in this article!
Mar 27, 2024

The experience of buying a watch could be something risky at some point if you didn’t do enough research. The worst case is that you bump into something fake and replicas. In fact, the existence of fake watches is huge – they make a business on their own. The research mentioned that as many as 30% of watch searches are for fake timepieces. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to identify a fake watch.

Whether you are buying a watch online or directly in the shop, the risk is always there. Spotting which one is real and not becomes tougher – yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t do that. Many fraudsters employ watchmaking experts to make a near-indistinguishable timepiece of the genuine one. The condition is getting worse as they also give detailed care and attention to make replicas even look better. 

Nevertheless, there is always a gap to fill in – there are some measurements you can take to identify a fake watch. A number of tips would be helpful as a guide to lead you with the real horological pieces. The guide applies to both online and offline purchases. So, pay attention and try to demonstrate the tips.

5 Vital Tips on How to Identify A Fake Watch

In fact, replicas or fake watches would never truly be the same as genuine watches. As such, there are some vital things to do how to identify a fake watch. Below are the 5 vital steps to follow:

Authorized Store

The real and genuine watches will only be available in authorized stores that are affiliated with the brand. With that being said, it’s certain that the first thing first is checking where to buy the genuine piece. It’s definitely worth the time to spend more time researching the authorized store where you can buy a genuine watch.

Not to mention if you are looking for a limited edition timepiece, there is a low chance that you can find the product easily in any store except the authorized ones. Unless that is, there isn’t a guarantee that you can receive the timepiece that you have been promised. 

You can always ask the store about the brands they are licensed to sell or check on the brand’s website for a double check. All of the processes will help you to ensure the watch’s authenticity. In addition to that, the authorized seller will also provide a warranty.

Check on the Materials

As a common trait of fake things, they will never use premium materials as in the original ones. The same also goes for how to identify a fake watch where you can see through the use of materials. At a simple glance, fake watches would most likely have a different color hue. The use of low-quality materials is the main cause why it looks different.

In addition to that, the original timepiece will have a well-finishing look. As such, try to look and scrutinize the improper polish, unfinished edges, some little scratches, wrong markings, and even a crown that is hard to be operated. Any errors spotted on the timepiece can be a vital indication of how to identify a fake watch. 

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Weigh It Out

The next in how to identify a fake is still about the materials used in a timepiece. Weighing a timepiece can also be helpful as original timepieces will be sturdier and tend to be heavier. They use precious gemstones, such as crystals in the process of making. Not to mention if the watch also uses gold, diamonds, or silver to add value to the watch.

Besides, dozens of intricate parts in the watch movement also add the weight of a watch. These tips will always be noticeable differences to identify which one is the real one and the fake one.

Check the Model and Serial Number

Every watch made by the respective brand is unique. It’s not only about the design but each of them has a different serial number to identify each timepiece. The numbers can tell you about the watch, such as its ID and the production date. Most serial numbers can be spotted engraved on the watch caseback. If the watch is real, the number should be the same as the one written on the bracelet.

In addition to that, you can also use the model numbers how to identify a fake watch. Different from the serial number, the model number is used to indicate a specific timepiece to others produced by the same brand. It means that some watches can have the same model number but a different serial number.

After all, you can always check on these numbers to make sure you have the original timepieces. Try to research both numbers online to ensure that you are on the right track.

Be A Smart Buyer

Last but not least tips on how to identify a fake watch is to be skeptical and a smart buyer. Don’t be greedy and easily jump on the decision just with goody-goody or gimmick offers. In buying a timepiece, especially in an online store, you need to stop yourself for quite a while to do some research. That way, you can avoid yourself be a victim of fraud.

Final Thought

Nothing good comes easy might be a good quote in describing the experience of buying timepieces. It truly doesn’t matter whether it’s a first-time buying or a dozen time of successful buying, the risk of fake watches would always be there. Therefore, it’s a wise choice to always be careful before purchasing one.

The aforementioned tips on how to identify a fake watch are somehow just basic guides to follow. In fact, there might be some other things to also consider, such as looking at the stamps on the watch. In brief, it’s about taking a closer look and careful measurement to get your watch experience to go smoothly and end up with an impressive original timepiece.

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