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how often should you service mechanical watch

How Often Should You Service A Mechanical Watch?

Tips on maintaining precision and caring for mechanical watches. Explore the tips and how often service mechanical watch is!
May 03, 2024

mechanical watch is a lovely accessory with a traditional and classical charm. It is also powered by sophisticated gear and spring systems that keep accurate time without using batteries. Nevertheless, the movement’s complex charm requires detailed attention, including the service mechanical watch.

With respect to that, the service of mechanical watches is not as simple as it appears. In addition to expertise and experience, servicing a mechanical watch takes careful attention to detail, patience, and meticulousness.

With the details required to take care of this type of timepiece, the question of ‘how often service mechanical watch’ becomes the concern of watch enthusiasts. 

But don’t worry! This article will clarify all the information about ‘how often service mechanical watch‘ or the basic information about maintaining a mechanical watch. Get ready to learn all the details by reading this article!

How often Should I Service My Mechanical Watch?

In fact, there is no fixed time to determine when we should service mechanical watches. However, most timepiece manufacturers advise doing the service mechanical watch every four to five years. 

Besides, knowing how often to service mechanical watches also depends on the frequency of wearing them. Whether you wear your mechanical watch daily or occasionally will influence the need to service the timepiece.

And if you wear it rarely, you may not need to service a mechanical watch as frequently. Nevertheless, it is important to note that you need to wind your mechanical timepiece at least once a month to keep the components lubricated.

Furthermore, if you wear your mechanical timepiece for frequent underwater activities, you also need to get your watch serviced frequently.

Should I have My Mechanical Watch Serviced?

As previously mentioned, how often service mechanical watches depends on the frequency of using them, and there is no fixed time for getting them serviced.

Nevertheless, there are several conditions that you need to know whether you need to get your mechanical watch serviced. Below are the several factors that influence the need to get a service mechanical watches:

Watch Accuracy

A watch accuracy is the first factor that may influence the need to get a service. If your watch runs accurately and on time, you may not need to get it serviced.

As long as your timepiece is functioning well and there are no noticeable issues such as strange noises, winding difficulties, or significant loss or gain of time, you can hold off on servicing it.

However, it is important to note that regular maintenance is still necessary for a mechanical watch, generally every four to five years. Regular service is done to make sure that your timepiece remains in good condition and to prevent any potential problems from arising.

On the other hand, if your watch is not keeping accurate time, consider having it serviced. Nevertheless, before rushing to a watchmaker, it is important for you to take some precautions and steps to determine the issue and whether it can be resolved without a full service. 

Furthermore, if you are already doing those steps, you may visit the professional to get your timepiece serviced.

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Watch Function

Secondly, the function of the watch has become the factor that influences the need of getting a service. Even if your watch has an accurate time, it does not mean that it is working properly. It is possible that there may be underlying issues that are not immediately apparent. 

For instance, your automatic watch may be keeping good time, but the automatic system is broken and the watch cannot wind by itself.

Other features like date functions, alarms, and moon phases can also malfunction while the watch continues to keep good time. Although some of these features may not be essential to the watch’s performance, the function may still be considered as important to the watch owners.

Thus, if you notice a problem with one or more of its functions, it is a good idea to have your watch checked out by a qualified watchmaker. The professionals can identify the problem and provide recommendations to fix it. Neglecting the issues on the function may lead to serious problems.

Watch Age

Third, the age of the timepiece is the factor that may influence the need of getting a service. If you purchased your watch less than four years ago and if the accuracy is still great, you may not need to service it.

Nevertheless, if your mechanical timepiece is more than 4 years old, it is strongly advised to get it serviced even though the accuracy is still great. Additionally, in case the timepiece function is not working well, you are required to get it serviced regardless of its age.

In addition, to prevent any potential breakdowns, a vintage watch should also be serviced every four to seven years, even if they are still running well. 

Because if a part breaks in a vintage watch, sourcing or creating a new part can be difficult and costly. Therefore, it is better to service vintage watches preventively rather than wait for a breakdown.

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The Synthetic Oils in Watch

Lastly, the factor that may influence the need to get a service is the synthetic oils used in watches. It is because the synthetic oils used in watches eventually dry out and evaporate.

If the synthetic oils are already dry, it may cause the pivots of the gear train to run dry and shear, which leads to debris buildup and potential failure. Thus, to prevent this, routine maintenance is recommended.

Furthermore, even if a watch is running on time, its gaskets can dry out and compromise its water resistance

Without a service, a watch could go for years with dry pivots and compromised water resistance, leading to potentially costly repairs. Therefore, manufacturers and industry experts recommend proactive maintenance to catch and address issues before they become more serious.


In conclusion, a mechanical watch is a timepiece that requires detailed attention and care. Even though there is no fixed time to get a service mechanical watch, there are several factors that may influence the need to get one.

All in all, to make your mechanical timepiece sustain its beauty and charm, you need to give them detailed care. We hope that with our guidelines, you can give your mechanical timepiece proper care.

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