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The Hamilton Ventura Watch: A Complete Package of Perfection

A remarkable timepiece of Hamilton Ventura watches collection, the favorite of a legend.
Jan 04, 2022

Daring and breaking the norm, pioneering and uncommon design, Hamilton introduces to you an iconic watch under the Ventura watch collection. The Hamilton Ventura watch is not only well-known for its technical innovation and unique design but also a valuable historical popular culture story behind the watch. The original timepiece of Ventura was introduced in 1957 and later it became more popular when the legend of Elvis Presley wore it in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii as product placement.

For some watch enthusiasts, having a watch like the one worn by favorite movie stars or musicians often left a huge impression. Wouldn’t that be great to have the same piece circling on the wrist as what they have? That's what happened to the Hamilton Ventura watch that fits the taste of the American singer and actor, Elvis Presley. Later on, Hamilton also launched a special timepiece as a tribute to Elvis: the Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Auto. Combining the ultimate new watch design that ties to the image of the King of Rock and Roll, the Hamilton Ventura watch holds a special spot in the heart of watch enthusiasts. 

The enchanting look of Hamilton Ventura watch

Besides the story of Elvis Presley's fondness for the Hamilton Ventura watch, it couldn't be denied that the iconic watch design is the starting line. A boomerang shape that breaks the rule of standard design has set this watch in the new milestone of watch horology history. The Ventura itself was launched at a New York press conference and managed to attract people's attention.

Richard Arbib, the man behind this iconic design, mentioned that he was inspired by the shape of a bomb design. It's been in Richard's DNA as he has made his name as a designer of cars and artillery for the US military during World War II. His imagination has brought him to create a masterpiece in the form of a watch. It is also said that during that period, Americans were focused to shape the future after wars have ended. Lots of household items and objects were designed to resemble that kind of mind. As such, it is believed that the design of the Ventura watch also tried to portray that concept.

Further, there is also important information about the Hamilton Ventura watch that should not be left out. This special timepiece is also known as the world's first electrical. Thanks to its battery-powered energy source. It was launched in 1957, pretty earlier than the quartz era. Therefore, it could also be considered the predecessor of quartz watches. A futuristic shape with a vintage charm and an advanced performance - perhaps these are the reasons why Elvis was impressed with this watch. 

The Hamilton Ventura watch remained in production for only seven years before the company decided to retire. However, the charm of Ventura watch collections always has an exceptional  place among watch enthusiasts. Therefore, Hamilton revived in 1988 and brought back its Ventura collection to life until today. Besides, Hamilton also decided to pay tribute to their biggest fan Elvis Presley by launching the Hamilton Ventura watch Elvis 80 Blackout Automatic on January 8, 2015, as Elvis' 80th birthday.

Hamilton ventura watch elvis

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Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Blackout Automatic Ref. H24585331

A futuristic watch design yet rebellious as the ultimate rulebreaker. As the name mentioned, the watch is made to celebrate the 80th birthday of the King of Rock' n' Roll, Elvis Presley. The triangular case is still the main signature of the Ventura watches. To make it more special, the watch is equipped with a power reserve of up to 80 hours representing the number of Elvis's birthday years. 

Thanks to the Hamilton caliber H-10- as an automatic movement with modification of the ETA caliber C07.611, the watch can run smoothly and reliably. The H-10 is a three-hand movement with a delicate pattern that shows off its pearled patterns. Some upgrades are also available with this movement aside from its power reserve. The watch features a bi-directional winding system by the rotor and hackable functionality to stop the overall watch function when the wearer sets the time. An impressive watch performance upgrade at an affordable price. 

Moving on to the watch dial, there lies a classy watch face within a triangular shape and underneath a sapphire crystal. The triangular shape doesn't make the dial look cluttered although it adds a framed date window at the 3 o'clock position. A metallic marker is used for a simple look dial and a classic Hamilton's signature orange color tone on its second hand for a little contrast on the all-black dial. To top it off, this Hamilton Ventura watch as a tribute to Elvis is equipped with Green SuperLuminova on the handset, 12, 3, and 6 o'clock markers for better legibility in a dark environment.

The watch has a large size measuring 42.5mm wide and 44.6mm from the top-down, adding the bold and rugged look when it's worn. Judging from afar, the watch would give the wearer a classy look for a stylish appearance. The triangle case also adds comfortability including its legless design that allows the strap to flow out of the case seamlessly. Further, this Ventura has a 50m water-resistant that would be good enough for water activities or diving buddy. 

Paired with this impressive watch is the Hamilton 20mm black rubber strap. A nice watch strap with a sleek design to boost the chic look of the overall design. This just adds another charm for the watch to be the sporty version of Hamilton Ventura watches. Also, it blends well with its modern design, resulting in an avant-garde watch design.

Wrapping things up, the Hamilton Ventura watch comprises an iconic combination that makes it stand out from the rest. Starting from its innovative watch case followed by an advanced electric watch movement and the love from the King of Rock and Roll, the watch makes itself an exceptional piece that will always be sought after by watch enthusiasts.

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