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Gruppo Ardito Watch Review

Gruppo Ardito Watch Review: A Robust Yet Timeless Design

Gruppo Ardito watch flaunts a range of robust and rugged watches. Find more details about the brand in this Gruppo Ardito review!
May 10, 2024

In the realm of luxury timepieces, Gruppo Ardito stands tall as an emblem of exquisite artistry and timeless sophistication. Therefore, this Gruppo Ardito review will take you to explore the characteristics of Ardito’s watches and the brand’s early story. 

With a rich heritage that spans more than a decade, the brand has consistently wowed connoisseurs with its masterful creations that seamlessly blend innovation, tradition, and a distinct Italian flair. 

From the heart of Milan, Gruppo Ardito has etched its name in the watchmaking industry, crafting watches that keep time and tell stories of ingenuity and passion. Let’s explore the watch brand in the following sections.

Early Story of Gruppo Ardito Watches

Gruppo Ardito Watches (GAW), located between Milan and Turin in Italy, draws its name from the Arditi, the pioneers of the first Assault Units in the Special Forces of the Italian Army, Navy, and Air Force during World War I in 1917. 

These brave individuals demonstrated remarkable enterprise, valor, patriotism, and a sense of duty, along with a willingness to make great sacrifices throughout the course of both World Wars.

With that in mind, the name “Gruppo Ardito” was chosen as an homage to the bravery and spirit of the Arditi units. It is represented in the watch design that showcases striking and impressive strengths. 

Most of Ardito’s watches are designed for military and diving instruments that can withstand harsh conditions and offer excellent durability. 

From the outset, Ardito emphasized the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail, carefully selecting the finest materials and employing traditional watchmaking techniques. 

This unwavering commitment to quality became the cornerstone of Gruppo Ardito’s reputation, drawing admiration from watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

The brand itself has positioned itself as an artisanal workshop headquartered in Alessandria, a renowned region with a global reputation for its rich historical heritage in top-tier craftsmanship.

GAW creates various types of watches that flaunt premium materials for excellent construction mechanics. Throughout the process, GAW partners with various suppliers ranging from unwavering design to precision mechanical engineering. 

The company also mentioned merging their immense enthusiasm and expertise in establishing a small enterprise dedicated to crafting exceptional professional watches with unmatched technical precision and top-tier quality features.

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Gruppo Ardito Watch Collections

Every GAW collection showcases a distinct personality, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of Gruppo Ardito’s captivating watch collections, from the NumeroZero New Edition to the Esploratore GMT.

Numero Zero New Edition

The NumeroZero New Edition is a modern reinterpretation of the brand’s inaugural model, paying homage to Gruppo Ardito’s origins. This collection encapsulates classic elegance with a contemporary touch.

The timepiece features Grade 5 titanium to give the utmost comfort to the wearer with its absolute lightness and strength. As for the performance, you can expect the most reliable timepiece to accompany you in every condition.

It has sapphire glass, a screw-down crown, a Sellita SW 200 automatic movement, and a whopping 1,700 meters of water resistance that would be a perfect choice for your next diving.


NumeroUno captures the essence of sophistication and refinement. This collection takes the idea of a “rugged watch” to another level by incorporating bronze, a material highly admired for its allure and commonly utilized in crafting robust timepieces alongside stainless steel.

The meticulous attention given to crafting the sapphire glass, dials, finishes, and straps results in a superior level of construction. The case body is firmly secured using 12 Allen screws, evenly distributed between 6 on the back and 6 on the bezel.


The Kraken collection ventures into the realm of bold and adventurous designs. Named after the mythical sea creature, these timepieces embody strength and resilience.

Further, the design takes inspiration from the 70’s style combined with modernity, resulting in a very particular aesthetic timepiece yet sporty.

Characterized by robust yet lightweight Grade 5 titanium, bold bezels, and oversized luminous markers, Kraken watches are ideal companions for exploration and adventure.

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Dandy makes the most universal design in the Gruppo Ardito’s watches that showcases a sports watch yet aesthetic. The blue soleil finish dial makes an appealing charm – as the name suggests. 

The timepieces feature clean, minimalist dials with sophisticated numerals and indices, highlighting the brand’s commitment to details.

Similar to other collections, the robust case construction is made of Grade 5 titanium. Accompanied by a high water resistance of up to 1100m, it would be a great option for a tool watch

That said, the collection’s sporty yet elegant aesthetics make it a favorite among those with a taste for the extraordinary. 


The Lince collection embodies the spirit of the agile and graceful lynx. These watches strike a balance between sporty and refined aesthetics. Robust Grade 5 titanium cases house dynamic dials with bold hour markers and luminous hands, ensuring excellent legibility in various conditions.

The dial also comes with a degradé effect, allowing for a pleasing view when the wearer tells the time. The Lince collection reflects an active lifestyle without compromising on style, making it a versatile choice for daily wear.

The Lince Crimson Red is the brand’s exclusive product with Gnomon. Presented in a bulky size of 42mm in diameter, the watch still wears comfortably – thanks to the use of a titanium case.

Lince Turquoise

Building upon the success of the Lince collection, the Lince Turquoise collection introduces a captivating twist with turquoise accents. The striking turquoise-hued dials and matching leather straps infuse a sense of vibrancy and uniqueness to the timepieces.

The good news is the water resistance comes in a higher bar than the others with a massive 2000m.  Combining sporty features with a touch of playfulness, the Lince Turquoise collection stands out as an expression of individuality.

Esploratore GMT

Embodying the spirit of exploration, the Esploratore GMT collection is designed for adventurers and jet-setters. These watches feature a practical GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication, allowing wearers to keep track of two time zones simultaneously.

In this collection, the brand represents a departure from the typical production as it aimed to introduce a watch with a more compact size of 39mm. Robust yet refined, the Esploratore GMT watches boast bold dials, prominent GMT hands, and 24-hour bezels. Crafted for durability and functionality, this collection is the ideal companion for globetrotters.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Gruppo Ardito’s diverse watch collections present a captivating array of styles, from classic elegance to bold adventure and everything in between. It is a brand that marries the old-world charm of Italian craftsmanship with the innovation of the modern era. 

From this Gruppo Ardito review, you can notice that the watches are the perfect option if you’re looking for robust timepieces that flaunt comfort, durability, and classic beauty.

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