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Top 6 Best Grand Seiko Watches for Men (Collection Worthy)

Top 6 Best Grand Seiko Watches for Men (Collection Worthy)

Grand Seiko watches for men leave much to be desired. Check our best recommendation for reliable timepieces here.
Apr 17, 2024

Have you perhaps heard of the infamous Grand Seiko watches?  Yes, as its name suggests, Grand Seiko is a luxurious watch brand under its parent’s company, Seiko. A highly coveted watch brand, Grand Seiko timepieces manage to project a subtle opulence. To every watch collector, Grand Seiko pieces are deserving of a place in your remarkable assemblage.

Read more to find out which pieces are included on the best Grand Seiko watches for men are befitting of your investment.

6 Best Grand Seiko Watches for Men Deserving of Attention

Now that you have gained insight on to what makes a Grand Seiko watch different from Seiko, I present to you my personal 6 best Grand Seiko watches for men below:

Elegance GMT Ref. SBGM221

The first of the best Grand Seiko watches for men is part of the Elegance series, Elegance GMT Ref. SBGM221. As its name conveys, this watch exudes a minimal yet muted classic look. It possesses a prominent blue GMT hand, a 24-hour dial ring, and a date delivering an easy read. The glossed hands and indexes allow a time check even in the dark.

Its elegant look derives from careful design. Starring a crocodile leather strap, Zaratsu polished lugs, fine box-shaped sapphire crystal, and strengthened by a Caliber 9S66 movement, this watch presents a confident yet understated aura.

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Heritage Series 9 White Birch Ref. SLGH005

Next on the best Grand Seiko watches for men is the Heritage Series 9 Ref. SLGH005. Taking design cues from its predecessor the prominent 1967 established Grand Seiko 44GS, the result is a signature-looking timepiece. The textured white detail is a prominent feature that cannot be missed.

The story goes that the pattern of the SLG005 White Birch dial is derived from the bark of white birch trees found in northern Japan forests. This bracelet timepiece is Zaratsu-polished and features strong hands with the dial motif attributing to its glow of serenity. Backed by a high beat Caliber 9SA5, this keeper provides an 80-hour power reserve. Tranquil yet robust.

Spring Dive Snowflake Ref. SBGA211

Featured next on the Best Grand Seiko watches for men list is the stunning Spring Dive Snowflake Ref. SBGA211. The pioneer of the textured dial signature of Grand Seiko watches, this watch is an icon coveted by watch collectors today. 

With a placid soft snow-looking texture, the watch offers a time reading experience akin to meditation. Featuring a titanium case and bracelet contribute to the calm and light feeling from wearing this exquisitely minimal timepiece.

Spring Dive “Lake Suwa” Limited Edition Ref. SLGA007

The timepiece featured next on the best Grand Seiko watches for men is the Spring Dive Lake Suwa Limited Edition Ref. SLGA007. The name is derived from Lake Suwa, a beautiful body of water situated near Shinshu studio where Grand Seikos are crafted. Appropriately, the texture for this particular watch is reminiscent of the wind blowing atop the sea.

With a Spring Drive movement providing a 120-hour power reserve and 5 mm thin, the watch is certain to look exquisite on your wrist for a long time.

Sport GMT Ref. SBGM245

For the adventure-inclined, the best Grand Seiko watches for men is the Sport GMT Ref. SBGM245. Featuring a deep blue lightly textured dial and a red GMT hand, the effect is strong and very much readable even at a glance.

This watch is supported by the powerful automatic GMT caliber 9S66. With an adjustable hour hand and a fixed GMT hand indicating your local hour, traveling to a new time zone means that you can easily change your hour hand while preserving the hour at home..

Elegance Manual Wind Ref. SBGK009

The Elegance Manual Wind Ref. SBGK009 is my next recommendation for the best Grand Seiko watches for men. As its title aptly points out, the design is minimal yet subtly exquisite. This piece features a gray-colored dial that changes to charcoal or matte according to the time of the day and Zaratsu polished edges to the lugs.

With its elegant and lustrous look, the Elegance Manual Wind Ref. SBGK009 has also brought its 1970s bracelet design adding more restrained lavishness and style bringing additional allure and comfort to each wearer. 

Were there any watches from the best Grand Seiko watches for men of your interest featured on the list? Do let me know. The long history of the Grand Seiko and its parent company, Seiko, durable Japanese machinery, and attentive craftsmanship results in a chic and dependable addition to any watch collection.

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