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5 Glycine Dive Watches under $1000 for Your Next Venture

Glycine dive watch is a collection of sturdy and reliable diving instruments at affordable prices. Explore for one that perfectly matches yours here!
May 14, 2024

In the realm of horology, few brands can boast a legacy as rich and enduring as Glycine. While the company is closely associated with the world of the military and aviation industry, Glycine also makes the finest dive watches. Glycine dive watches have been one of the stand-out collections with precision, durability, and Swiss craftsmanship. 

For enthusiasts and adventurers alike, these timepieces represent more than just instruments to measure time; they are symbols of exploration, endurance, and the enduring Swiss commitment to excellence. 

In this article, we embark on a deep dive into the captivating world of Glycine dive watches, exploring their fascinating history, meticulously crafted designs, cutting-edge technology, and why they continue to captivate the hearts of watch connoisseurs and divers worldwide.

Why Glycine Dive Watches?

Founded in 1914 by Eugène Meylan, Glycine has a storied history of producing exceptional timepieces. Throughout the years, they have become renowned for their dedication to quality and innovation. Glycine’s venture into the world of dive watches was a natural progression, driven by the demand for robust and reliable underwater timekeeping instruments.

In the 1950s, Glycine introduced their first dive watch, the Glycine Sub. This timepiece quickly gained recognition for its impressive water resistance and legibility underwater. Since then, Glycine dive watches have been a favorite among divers and watch enthusiasts alike.

One of the defining characteristics of Glycine dive watches is their timeless design. These watches often feature a blend of classic and modern aesthetics, making them suitable for both underwater adventures and everyday wear.

The Glycine Airman No. 1 is a prime example of their design prowess. Originally designed for pilots, this watch features a clean and legible dial with oversized numerals and hands. Its robust case and rotating bezel make it a versatile choice for dive enthusiasts who appreciate precision and reliability.

Glycine’s Combat Sub collection, on the other hand, showcases a more contemporary design. With its bold and rugged appearance, it embodies the essence of a modern dive watch. The unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous markers, and stainless steel case are all hallmarks of this collection, ensuring both style and functionality.

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Reliable Glycine Dive Watches to Look Forward

Each Glycine dive watch is meticulously assembled by skilled watchmakers, resulting in collections of the best dive watches. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best Glycine dive watches at affordable prices.

Combat SUB 42 Vintage Bronze Blue Ref. GL0421

Movement GL224 Swiss automatic movement
Dimensions 42mm in diameter. 11mm thick. 49.5mm lug to lug
Water resistance 200m

A splash of bronze and blue in one piece is indeed a splendid combination to flaunt a vintage charm. The Combat SUB 42 Vintage Bronze Blue Ref. GL0421 in a sturdy package. Complete with a satin-brushed finish, this timepiece features a unidirectional rotating bezel adorned with a gilt-tone aluminum insert. 

To further enhance its reliability as a dive watch, it boasts a screw-down crown positioned at 3 o’clock, which operates with enhanced smoothness, thanks to the utilization of a larger screw tube. Powering the watch is a GL224 Swiss automatic movement with 38 hours of power reserve.

Price: $650.00 USD

Combat SUB 42 Gilt Blue Ref. GL0485

Movement GL224 Swiss automatic movement
Dimensions 42mm in diameter. 11mm thick. 49mm lug to lug
Water resistance 200m

The next Glycine dive watch for men is the Combat SUB 42 Gilt Blue Ref. GL0485 with a chic and sleek design accompanied by a blue dial and bezel. Crafted from durable 316L stainless steel, the Combat SUB 42 Gilt Blue Ref. GL0485 adopts the iconic Combat SUB case design, showcasing the distinctive features expected of a robust dive watch.

While the watch boasts a slender case design of 42mm in diameter, its impressive water resistance of 200 meters is achieved through the utilization of a screw-down crown and a securely fastened solid case back, making it an ideal choice for diving.

Price: $568.00 USD

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Combat SUB 42 Sports GMT Black/Red Ref. GL0380

Movement GL293 Swiss automatic movement
Dimensions 42mm in diameter. 11mm thick. 49.5mm lug to lug
Water resistance 200m

A two-tone bezel has been a thing in the realm of dive watches. The same also applies to Combat SUB 42 Sports GMT Black/Red Ref. GL0380 with a combination of black and red bezel. Along with this good-looking design, the watch also boasts a reliable performance.

The substantial screw-down crown offers excellent grip and smoothly engages and disengages without any noticeable roughness in the threading, primarily due to the larger-than-usual screw tube.

As for the movement, it comes with an upgraded performance with Glycine GL293 GMT movement which is essentially an ETA2893-2/SW330. It operates at 28,800 bph (4 Hertz) with hacking and hand winding capabilities and a power reserve of 42 hours.

Price: $930.00 USD

Combat SUB 39 PVD Green Ref. GL0408

Movement GL224 Swiss automatic movement
Dimensions 39mm in diameter. 11.5mm thick. 46mm lug to lug
Water resistance 300m

Can we use a timepiece with a NATO strap for diving? Yes, you absolutely can do this. Let’s use an example for the explanation. The Combat SUB 39 PVD Green Ref. GL0408 comes with an appealing design and color. Pairing the watch is a NATO strap which is doubtful for some people when used underwater.

This Glycine dive watch comes with a 20mm NATO strap in a matching green color with the dial. NATO strap is a great choice for diving as the strap is crafted from fabric, it will adapt to fluctuations in water pressure, irrespective of the depth of your dive.

Not to mention that the case and strap have PVD coatings, resulting in a striking all-black appearance reminiscent of a scene from a spy thriller, exuding an aura of sleek sophistication.

Price: $550.00 USD

Combat SUB 42 Blue/Red Ref. GL0388

Movement GL224 Swiss automatic movement
Dimensions 42mm in diameter. 11mm thick. 49.5mm lug to lug
Water resistance 200m

Last but not least is another two-tone bezel with a combination of red and blue color. The Combat SUB 42 Blue/Red Ref. GL0388 radiates an appealing design as a dive watch for men. 

The selection of colors has garnered immense popularity among watch enthusiasts over time, making it a feature that will undoubtedly catch the eye of those seeking a Glycine Combat SUB with a dual-tone design.

The dial arrangement of the Combat SUB 42 Blue Red Ref. GL0388 adheres to a straightforward and uncluttered design, foregoing the typical inner 24-hour hour markers that are prominently featured on other Combat SUB variants.

Price: $590.00 USD

Final Thought

Glycine dive watches represent a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. With a rich history dating back over a century, these timepieces have earned a well-deserved reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship, timeless design, and outstanding performance underwater. 

Glycine dive watches are engineered to perform flawlessly underwater. The brand’s dedication to crafting exceptional dive watches remains unwavering. With each new release, Glycine showcases its commitment to excellence, incorporating the latest advancements in materials and technology.

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