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The Best 5 Timepieces as Gifts for Watch Lovers in 2024

The Best 5 Timepieces as Gifts for Watch Lovers in 2024

Apr 09, 2024

It must be the most obvious thing to give a timepiece as a gift for watch lovers. But, for me, it’s never just an ordinary when it comes to watches. I prefer to play safe by gifting someone with things that I know they will love it. Besides, the watchmaking industry offers abundant designs and types of watches for me to choose from. With that in mind, it’s never the ending of the story to buy a timepiece for watch enthusiasts. 

However easy it may seem, purchasing a timepiece for another person is quite complex — even I still take a long time to decide which strap I should buy. Watches are personal items that could be a fashion statement about one’s personality. Therefore, it needs particular attention to make a choice by considering what timepiece would be the best gift for watch lovers. 

In this article, I’m going to share my personal perspective on what to consider before buying a wristwatch as a gift for watch lovers and some recommendations that might fit the one who will receive your gift. Let’s get straight into the discussion. 

Things to Consider

Before getting into the recommendation of gifts for watch lovers, knowing what to consider should be your primary attention. This will avoid you to get a timepiece that doesn’t fit the person who wears it. Well, you know that a timepiece should be something desirable and the chosen one for someone to wear comfortable and stylishly. So, you better put careful thought before grabbing one. 

First of all, set the budget for you to spend on buying a timepiece as a gift for watch lovers. I know some of you might want to give some cost thousand bucks but having an exact line would help to narrow down the choices. Deciding on which movement to shop is the next thing to consider. You can try to put yourself on the recipient’s shoe to choose which movement is preferable, either manual winding, self-winding, or quartz watches.

Now, you move on to the style to get a timepiece that matches the recipient’s personality. You can start by looking at the lifestyle. Does the recipient like to spend his time outdoors or in the office? Do they prefer watches with a simple appearance or a timepiece with complex features on the dial? 

Some people tend to like a clean appearance on their watch dial while others prefer a timepiece with a bold or crowded appearance. Asking that kind of question would help you to decide what types of watches fit. You can always ask other colleagues or families for insights to help you decide. 

Last but not least is deciding the size, either the size of the watch face or strap. It might look simple but different sizes would make a huge difference when the watch is worn. Big is mostly synonymous with someone with a big wrist and vice versa. But sometimes, the lug-to-lug size would also make a distinct appearance. 

After all, I would deeply recommend avoiding a timepiece that is in trend, particularly if you want to avoid having the same timepiece with someone nearby. Yet, a limited edition timepiece would do justice for this reason.

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Top Timepieces as A Gift for Watch Lovers in 2023

Timepieces will always be a great choice as a gift for watch lovers. Below are some of my recommendations to give to your loving ones within various price ranges and styles:

Bulova Men’s Marine Star Watch 98A227

First on my recommendation as a gift for watch lovers is the Bulova Men’s Marine Star Watch 98A227 — a bold-looking timepiece with a combination of blue and rose gold tone. The watch is equipped with a three-hand automatic movement presented in an open aperture. 

The watch is quite crowded on the dial but every element is perfectly placed to exude robustness. The watch would be a perfect fit for someone who is into big watch appearance as it’s measured 45mm in diameter. 

The overall appearance of the watch is just a good combination of soft hue due to its rose gold and blue tone paired with a bold design. 

Seiko Prospex Professional 200M 1970s Diver’s Re-Interpretation Black – Seichu Fabric

Seiko has been a renowned brand for making innovative timepieces with precision. The Seiko Prospex Professional 200M 1970s Diver’s Re-Interpretation Black is inspired by the glorious 6105-8810, giving a new look to their classic dive watch with a newly developed Seichu fabric strap. 

Seiko Prospex Professional 200M 1970s Diver’s Re-Interpretation Black - Seichu Fabric Ref. SBDC143
Seiko Prospex Professional 200M 1970s Diver’s Re-Interpretation Black – Seichu Fabric Ref. SBDC143

As for this case, the watch would be a perfect gift for watch lovers, especially a person who enjoys water activities, such as diving. Being an ISO-rated 200m dive watch, the watch has a matte black 120-click unidirectional diving bezel in steel with 60-minute graduations printed crisply on the outer ring. 

As for the movement, it is driven by the Seiko caliber 6R35 with 70 hours of power reserve. The movement receives significant upgrades from its predecessor, the caliber 6R15. As such, it is known as a highly-respectable “workhorse” engine for a highly-respectable “workhorse” engine.

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Damasko DC57 Black

Looking for a classy timepiece but a premium engine? The Damasko DC57 Black might fit your criteria. The big hour markers and watch hands would definitely take all attention for the first impression. It blends well against the white dial background, adding a timeless sense of a timepiece.

Damasko DC57 Black
Damasko DC57 Black

Yet, you can expect more from this timepiece as a gift for watch lovers to impress the recipient. It is driven by the tried and tested Valjoux 7750 which is known for its high precision. It also features the Gasket system to overcome the common problem of moisture and dust ingress during the operation of the crown and pushers —one of the best gifts for watch lovers for a complete package.

Aristo Aviator Chronograph Black 4H98310 – Limited

It’s always a great thing to have something exclusive to only a group of people. The same thing also goes for watches. As such, I would like to recommend the Aristo Aviator Chronograph Black 4H98310 — a chic timepiece for a gentleman. 

Aristo Aviator Chronograph Black 4H98310 - Limited

The watch possesses a proportional dimension measured 40mm in diameter, a lug-to-lug size of 47mm, and 14.7mm in thickness. Yet, the watch is still considered a slim chronograph watch. You might notice lots of numbers on the dial that might seem confusing for some people. However, every element on the dial gives every information you need that runs reliably thanks to the Sellita SW500. 

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono – Ltd Ed 1999pcs Ref. H32866781

Do you think your friend or family who will receive your gift is an eccentric person? Then you might want to choose this quirky timepiece. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono is set to go beyond the ordinary design of a timepiece as it allows one to have essentially two watches in one with its distinct rotating case.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono - Ltd Ed 1999pcs Ref. H32866781

Not to mention that the watch is limited to only 1999 pieces, giving the watch additional value of exclusivity. At first, it might seem a bit complicated but once you get through the watch, you’ll enjoy how impressive this Hamilton watch is. The skeletonized dial also allows the wearer to fully enjoy the engine that drives the watch which is the Caliber H-41. 

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Looking for Alternatives?

In fact, you can always opt for alternatives when it comes to the watchmaking industry. Here are some alternative options you can choose as a gift for watch lovers:

Watch Winder

Keeping a watch safe is also one essential task for a watch lover. Therefore, you can give a watch winder as a gift for watch lovers. Watch winder is a tool, more than just a box, to keep automatic watches safe while not being used. 

That way, a self-winding watch can still gain power from the movement made by the watch winder.

Watch Roll – Travel Watch Case

Watch winder is a great alternative gift but we can’t just carry around a watch winder, especially on a vacation. That’s when a watch roll or travel watch case comes to the rescue to keep watches safe while on travel. It comes in various designs that you can choose based on your needs.

Gnomon Travelling Watch could be your option. Made of fine natural calf leather, this watch roll can carry three wristwatches with a smaller additional pocket for straps and tools. That way, you don’t have to worry to bring more than just a piece on your travel. It’s available in mustard yellow, black, and mocha brown.

Watch Graphic Art

The last alternative gift for watch lovers might not be a functional one but who doesn’t love the graphic art of our favorite timepiece? Before giving one, you must know which timepiece the recipient loves. This might not give them a useful thing but a representation of their passion for horology. 

Giving a gift to someone will always carry a special meaning in which we give our sincerity to it. Choosing a timepiece as a gift for watch lovers might be obvious but it tells how considerate you are while choosing the best gift for them. 

Besides, timepieces are unique and personal that you definitely think carefully about the person and the watch as well. So, does this article help you to find insight on which timepiece you should get?

Looking for other interesting articles about the watchmaking industry? Get straight to our blog for insightful articles.

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