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5 Appealing French Watch Brands: Experts in Their Arts

5 Appealing French Watch Brands: Experts in Their Arts

French watches are also part of the impressive watchmaking industry where some renowned brands exist. Check out them and their favorite collection here!
Apr 19, 2024

People are often unaware that the watchmaking industry doesn’t necessarily only revolve around the Swiss brands. While they are indeed the forerunner and legendary ones, some other countries also have their own charm and characteristics. When it comes to producing fine quality watches, Japan, Germany, and France watches are also worth exploring. 

In this article, I’m going to delve more into France watches brand list and explore the best collection from each of them. Truth to be told, the name of France watches might not be as humongous as Swiss production. Yet, this Eiffle country also hosts some excellent watch brands. They are still considered the Haute of horology among the watch community.

Let’s get into the discussion to know more about France watches.

A Brief Into France Watches

It might not be a common thing to associate watches with France. Mostly, the country is known for its tourist destinations, fashion, jewelry, and arts that are appealing to almost everyone in the world. While, in fact, some renowned watch brands are based in France, such as Bell & Ross, Cartier, and Breguet. 

Some French watches are also extraordinary that they have their own charm to be on the luxury timepieces list. Most French watches are respected for their enchanting designs. In this article, I’ve curated some famous brands that identify themselves as French watches. Let’s take a look at the list.

5 Best France Watch Brand List 

From a taste of classic and aesthetic design to robust and sturdy ones, you can find them among these French watch brands list. I’ll show you some of the famous ones that every watch enthusiast should know.

Bell & Ross

First on the list of French watches is the Bell & Rose which appeals to be the most exciting one for me. It appears as a sturdy timepiece yet aesthetic at the same time. It is well depicted in the BR-X1 Tourbillon Skeleton Sapphire as one of the brand’s luxury timepieces that were only made in one piece. 

As the name implies, the watch is fully equipped with a sapphire crystal. It allows the wearer to visualize everything inside the watch by exposing the structure of the case and into the very heart of the movement. In addition to that, Bell & Rose is considered a French watch brand that takes quite a similar approach to the Swiss industry. Therefore, you might feel a little bit of Swiss in their design. 

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Yema is a brand that definitely synonymous with the creation of the finest French watches and its incredibly rich heritage. The brand itself was founded in 1948 by French watchmaker Henry Louis Belmont and ever since then, Yema strived in the watchmaking industry to make an impressive French watches collection. 

Yema Superman Heritage 39mm
Yema Superman Heritage 39mm

Every Yema collection is known for its innovative designs that demonstrate Yema’s remarkable mastery of creating timepieces. Nowadays, Yema has focused its production to make dependable tool watches. Some of their popular collections include the reliable Yachtingraf, affordable Superman dive watches, and definitely, the popular Yema LED watch.


The next renowned French watches come from Baltic manufacturer that is based in Besançon. The brand is known for making modern watches inspired by vintage collections, allowing for a simple, chic, and handsome appearance. Baltic watches are mostly driven by Japanese and Chinese movements but are fully assembled in France with high-quality standards.

Many watch enthusiasts rely on Baltic for its incredible, reliable, and stylish tool watches. One of my favorite Baltic collections includes the Aquascaphe diver watch collection as an ultimate buddy for diving activities. Not only that the watch would be a reliable tool but also a great watch to be worn daily in any situation. 

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Le Jour

Started the journey as a French distributor and retailer for Heuer’s chronographs, Le Jour is a renowned French watches manufacturer for its Swiss-made mechanical timepieces. In addition to that, Le Jour was also Yema’s trusted distributor for the United States market.  

As for now, the brand has revived its name with an entire range of vintage-inspired sports models. Le Jour started a new brand way in a strong way to enchant the watch community with its collections. My personal favorite of Le Jour’s collection is the Mark I as the successor for the brand. A bold timepiece with a meteorite dial for an appealing overall look.


Looking for military-based French watches? Dodane might be the one you’re looking for as the brand has been widely known for its pilot watches. It was in the 1950s when Dodane produced a Type 21 flyback chronograph for the French Ministry of Defense. 

As for now, Dodane makes homage to paying tribute to the watch with some upgrades and modern features. In fact, the NATO Air Forces is Dodane’s main client, proving how reliable, sturdy, and robust the timepieces are. As such, Dodane has a legitimate name as a trusted military-based French watch.

In the end, you can see how France watches also have the prestige that is worth a collection. The Swiss might be known for their outstanding journey in producing high-quality watches but that doesn’t make other brands less appealing. 

Besides, France watches are known for their innovative creativity in putting a sense of fashion and art into their watches. So, which one is your favorite?

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