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Finally, An All New Media Site!

Finally, An All New Media Site!

May 27, 2024

It’s been exactly a year and a half that our company has revamped a brand new website. It was a milestone for both our consumers and the team as E-commerce sinks deep into our roots. The site connects to our end-users in the most informative way without feeling outmoded. Through the new site, we have provided efficiently more incentives and stuffs through, which encapsulate all things watches. It is especially so with the brands we carry, along with their new arrivals. We want to keep everything pleasant and accessible for you, our supporters. 

On our website, we implemented two new systems that specifically cater to our long-supporting consumers and those interested in coming on board. Whether you are new to watches, or a dye-in-the-wool collector, there’s always something to learn or purchase from our site. First, we have the “Rewards” system, whereby you can be a part of our members and accumulate points to exchange for an attractive discount off your next purchase. All you have to do is share our site with your friends or accumulate them through your purchases.

(Our reward system)

The second system is all about our watch contents, whereby every month we bring you interesting articles and videos on horology. From my personal favorite “in-depth reviews” on watches to exciting videos shared organically by our customers themselves, every single bit tends to provide compelling insights where one can learn and appreciate this collective hobby together with us. And ever since we implemented the latter, we’d realized these informative contents had been growing tremendously since April last year. Therefore the team has decided to launch a separate media site to bring you a better experience for our web page. And finally, the day has come… Behold, our new

Welcome to our New Media Site

We acknowledge some of you might be already familiar with our blog section (yes, sometimes from our social media handles). We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for keeping up with what we have for you, and now we would like to make the experience even more pleasing. Since all of our content is initially integrated into our leading shop site, we find it hard to highlight some of our new articles and updates most of the time. Also, end-users might sometimes get confused and lost when there’s too much information thrown at you on our site, which leads to more confusion and less enjoyable website surfing. Now with the new media site, all our newsy editorials and videos are delivered to you through a wholly better experience. Bringing you our blog contents at its finest.

As many of us are spending more time online and, in our case, learning as much of our watch hobby, we seek to provide more watch-related goodies from an enthusiast’s point of view. That said, our new media site is in tandem with our leading e-commerce site, so If you would like to do some shopping straightaway, you can head directly to And if not, grab your wine or coffee, sit back and relax while you browse through our exciting articles where you will be taken deeper down the rabbit hole.

Top Banner

Let us briefly take you through the new media site. We have our panel at the top of the page to quickly direct your way through five main categories. Each of them is pretty straightforward, where if one wants to know what’s new on Gnomon Watches, they can click on the “LAUNCH” option.

(Five main selections)
(Highlighting three main articles)

Right below, we have our featured banner, highlighting our top three articles that are both popular and trending among our community. So if you would like to read “what’s hot,” simply read through what is available in the banner.

Latest Articles

Yes, this section would be all the latest buzz feeds from us. As we have increased our editorial team (yes, we have more than just me and my pal Zong Lie), this would be the section to catch up on what’s new and up at Gnomon Watches. Be it the latest lookbook or the tutorials on how to size your bracelets, this is the section for you to get up to speed.

(Our latest editorials section)

Meanwhile, now and then, we do have an aside handlebar for one who wishes to head directly back to your shop site to check out what’s available. One can do so without much hassle by clicking on one of those prompting bars on the media site.

Watch Our Videos

(We got our “Video” section on its own now)

While we have an issue of mixing up our media and editorial contents on the previous leading site, this has been solved through the new media site. With the ease of having an additional “Video” section now, one will have the comfort of finding our latest watch videos or the interest in one particular model. We can display and highlight this excellent media content just for you. 

Brand Talk

The last section on site (as of now) is what we always wanted to cater to our supporters. And that is to edify the brands and their products, which we carry at Gnomon Watches, in the most informative way. We have already provided quite an array of articles – from the mechanical movements that most of our mechanical watches use (Input ETA VS SELLITA BLOG) to the while history on Hamilton’s military watchmaking – we have you covered right down in this section. You will now be able to head straight into some deep-learning journey together with us.

(Now you can learn more about each brand and the watches that we carry)

And there you go. Our new media side reflects our consistent effort, working hard to make the Gnomon experience better for you in every way possible. Whether if one is curious about the brand’s background, getting exclusive hands-on with those timepieces you’re keen on, or simply getting up to date with what’s hot in the market, there’s always something in the works at Gnomon. Of course, we will continue to add more features and fascinating articles that might be in your jam, all that thanks to now having a better platform that is both directly integrated with our online shop site and that connects more to you on all things watch related, faster and easier than ever. 

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