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Mark the Day: Elegant Timepieces for Engagement Gift

A long-lasting timepiece with a thoughtful mind, a perfect combination for your engagement gift.
Jan 06, 2022

That is the moment of your joy. The engagement, or should I say the start of a new milestone in life? After exchanging the ring, I reckon many couples like to share gifts. Indeed, a gift can be another way of remembrance for such a joyous occasion. And, it can't be just any present, right? Unique engagement gift ideas vary in number, but a couple of timepieces might be the best of all.

Some people might face a few difficulties in choosing the perfect timepieces as your engagement gift ideas. Worry not, though! Keep on reading because we have picked 3 different pairs along with the suitable reasons.

Why is a timepiece the best gift?

Taking from the perspective of watch enthusiasts, this might sound biased as I might pick watches as the best gift choice for any occasion. But I’ve never left out reasonable thoughts when giving suggestions as you’ll read below.

A vast array of options

You won't find an end to beautiful timepieces. There's a great number of different watches from the styles, brands, colors, and designs. You can have a matched pair for a dress watch, field watch, chronograph watch, or any watch. Want a matching set of colors? A minimalistic design? A vintage piece or a modern one? If you're confused by this impressive option of watches, you can ask them to pick one with you. A good way to deepen the relationship, I believe.

One of the engagement gift ideas is these stunning timepieces for casual yet romantic dates. May I offer a Seiko Presage Cocktail Time "Blue Moon Open-Heart'' Ladies for the soon-to-be bride and Seiko Presage Cocktail Time "Blue Moon Open-Heart'' for the soon-to-be groom?

Before tying the knot, you might want an intimate date for drinks. Going to a bar, casual style is convenient for said date. To tell the world that they are your cherished partner, you can gift a watch and wear it in style with them. It goes well with any relaxed dates, too. Mix-match the watch with your casual outfit for the day or night date. These Seiko watches are inspired by the glamour of a cocktail bar.

For the ladies, the watch's dimensions -33.8mm in diameter, 40.4mm lug to lug, and 11.3mm thickness-  are the right size for a petite or larger wrist. In comparison, the gents' watch sizes -40.5mm in diameter, 47.5mm lug to lug, and 11.8mm thickness- give an ample presence of the wrist. Moreover, the blue leather strap and fume blue dial with the open balance wheel adds a greater aesthetic to both watches. These watches are the ones if you and your cherished partner are a fan of drinks and vintage pieces.

Elegant yet practical luxury

Pieces of jewelry can be another choice. The hard truth is, many gentlemen prefer to wear a watch to a ring. The reason is, a pair of luxurious timepieces as the best engagement gift ideas state another distinct charm and practicality. It is also considered as a token of affection and commitment. In addition, some ladies also find a watch to be something that aesthetically fits and is personalized.

Let’s take a look at an elegant silvery pair to match your wedding attire. Mido Baroncelli Heritage Gent will sit comfortably on the groom's wrist with the 39mm diameter, 44mm lug to lug, and 6.95mm thickness. Whereas Mido Baroncelli Diamond Ladies Twenty-Five fits perfectly on the bride's wrist with the 25mm diameter, 32mm lug to lug, and 9.1mm thickness.

Mido Baroncelli Heritage Gent

There's nothing wrong with wearing a matching watch for your big day. As a matter of fact, it is a beautiful alternative compared to common accessories for the wedding day. Especially for the groom as they don't have many choices for wedding accessories. Not only suitable for your wedding attire, but the watches also match the attire for other formal occasions as the dress watches.

Mido Baroncelli Diamond Ladies Twenty-Five

Made with high-quality materials further the sophisticated look of the watches with clear legibility from the transparent sapphire crystal. Both are minimalistic in design with a date window, white-colored dial, and stainless steel case and bracelet. Not to worry about water splashes as the watches are resistant to water, the former 30m while the latter 50m.

A timepiece is a forevermore gift

Nothing beats a wonderful timepiece in terms of lastingness. Carefully created with high-quality materials render the piece not to be easily broken. In fact, some timepieces are resistant to wear. A watch will be as great as new even though your partner chooses to wear it every single day. A lasting watch stays while the both of you create considerable memories. Even finer, you can hand it down to the next generation of the family.

Diving watches might be a good choice for this. Steinhart Ocean One 39 Black Ceramic for ladies and Steinhart Ocean 1 Black Ceramic for gentlemen are a great choice for other engagement gift ideas. For the ladies' and gentlemen's sizes, both watches offer a bold presence on the wrist while keeping the elegant charm.

Ocean One 39 Black Ceramic

To add for proof, the third pair of watches are bodily thick with clear legibility underwater. A beautiful pair of diving watches for any dates that relate to water sports. In addition, these simple and elegant pieces are made of top materials according to Swiss standards. The stainless steel case and bracelet, ceramic bezel, and sapphire crystal with an inner anti-reflective coating build a strong resistance to scratch, wear, and water. Both have 300m water resistance. Besides sports style of clothing, these watches are also in tune with modern fashion or casual style. It is a good choice for both you and your partner as the go-to watch.

Ocean 1 Black Ceramic

Those are the 3 pairs of watches as the best engagement gift ideas to your dear partner. A dress watch, casual watch, or diving watch? Depending on preferences and tastes, a timepiece is a wonderful present as a token of commitment regardless.

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