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December 2020 Lookbook (Christmas Edition)

December 2020 Lookbook (Christmas Edition)

Our monthly highlights on how we rock these timepieces!
Published by: Samuel Ng
Dec 12, 2020
It's been almost a year where the world was uncertain when the continuation of an unprecedented event. Although our ever-presence online commerce has been in full throttle throughout this period, like the rest of Singapore's abeyance retail industry, our boutique managed to be back up only in recent few months due to the local stay-at-home protocol. With that said, the mood hasn't been dampened, and the on-ground team is in high morale alongside with their fervid indulgence for watches.

As I'd personally gotten back to our cozy boutique to catch up with them, I managed to catch a glimpse of what's on their wrists, and boy was I not disappointed a bit. As I'm esoteric in bringing the Christmas mood here in the last lookbook of the year, I want to share the same passion from the team's wrists with all of you. It's an exciting combination of new models this year, both quirky and nostalgic with everything in-between. Without further ado, let's get straight into them!

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Blue Ref. 01 754 7741 4365-07 5 20 71

The Neo-vintage segment in the watch market is on an all-time high as if nothing could stop the pace. Our youngest member Yong exemplifies the hype with his new acquisition on the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date with the all-new Bronze bezel and blue face. Based on the original 1938, the brand revives its heritage design in recent times. It has been on a spree in releasing a different variety of it.

This new 40mm Pointer Date bears an alluring two-tone charm that works so well with an already vintage oriented watch. Instead of the usual (in this scenario) precious metals, Oris ingenuously opted with a bronze material for it's "fluted" bezel. It echoes the same lustre of a rose gold hue, only to oxidize and gets matte later on in time - eventually exuding more vintage character. Besides, Oris's designers turned to color keyboards in Le Corbusier's Polychromie architecturale, using a unique grey-blue that paired oh-so-well with the matching gilt tone hands, "railway" minute track, and the periphery date numerals.

Yong's piece bilaterally packs a bucket full of retro charm and definite vintage feels while representing the two-tone watch craze's comeback.

Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph Blue Ref. H38416541

Another hot-pick this time by our watch specialist CY would be #whatsonthewrist when I met him this week in the shop. Spotting one of Hamilton's coveted vintage chronograph design, he's conspicuously spotted with the 2019's Intra- Matic Chronograph Blue. This particular reverse-panda is a follow-up from the 2017's release of the Intra-Matic 68, with its moniker a tell-tale signed explicitly based on Hamilton's very own sixties and seventies Chronograph A and B models.

While the "panda" look of a chronograph is usually based on the natural animal's color, CY's blue variant adheres to a casual look, with all the retro elements kept in place. Another main difference would be an adequate size down from the white and black variant, from 42mm to 40mm - a perfect everyday size, especially for a sporty chronograph. That said, the Intra-Matic hoods an excellent integrated chronograph - the H-31 caliber - based on the bi-compax Valjoux 7753 with a pumped-up power reserve of 60 hours.

When CY strapped it with the original light brown leather, it feels like a perfect example of matching colors throughout. Overall, it comprises what a fantastic retro, two counters automatic chronograph should be about.

Evant Polestar Classique 

Now a little off-track from a direct re-issue trend, our own member Jasmine was caught writing her new Evant Polestar Classique on the original tropic rubber strap. As she ensconces with dive watches (we know, she prefers one with rotating bezel than with diamonds), I knew she's going to acquire the indie brand Evant's latest creation this year.

Like with the previous sold-out Deco Diver and Tropic Diver collections, this year, Evant returns with the much-anticipated Polestar Series, which seamlessly fuses modern designs with vintage touches. Well, and it differs quite a bit with a defining look that is sleek and futuristic. Inspired by the porthole from ships and vessels, this minimalistic dive watch features an inner index ring with petite triangular markers that point at its applied indexes. And all that is paired with Evant's signature sunburst dial.

As the case measures at 40mm, it befits her wrist - feeling sporty yet not overly-large for a lady's wrist. With the brand's philosophy of fusing modern and vintage elements into their timepieces, the Polestar Classique reinterpret a typical dive watch form that has never surfaced before. No wonder she needs to have one on her own even before Christmas.

Squale 50 ATMOS Blue Ray

The very same day, when I met with CY, I noticed he has kept another of his own in the shop that day. I knew it was his, as he mentioned before a few weeks ago when we first got our hands on the latest skin diver from Squale. It's not the new Onda Rossa, but the 50 ATMOS Blue Ray with the exact same texture and strap combo. Instead of the metro pink dial with stark white stingray leather, he brought that day and strapped the blue variant on his wrist for us to shoot and share with all of you.

Having the same moniker as our exclusive 20 ATMOS Ref. 1545, the Blue Ray now packs a 500m water-resistant within the retro skin-diver case with square-shaped lugs, only this time with specific tweaks. First up would be the smokey blue dial that releases a fumé effect popular this few years in hi-end watches. It has that gradient effect where the blue turns from a lighter shade in the center and darkens gradually towards the periphery, enticing a smokey effect. Secondly, it would be the raised and polished sixty-minute marking on the 3D bezel. This makes the markings visible and practical for everyday use while giving the piece an attractive sporty aesthetic.

Now, if there's one person who could pull off a dazzling timepiece like this, it got to be our man CY. Throughout the year's lookbook, he has cinched myriad genres of watches that as if everyone is apt on him, and that includes this new 50 ATMOS Blue Ray.

Steinhart Ocean One 39 Two-tone Ceramic

The final one would be from me with my latest "Christmas" acquisition. And it got to be from Steinhart. It might be a tough guess (as I have already reached the Marine Blue 39 when it's launched in previous months), but I will confide to you guys with the latest Ocean 39 Two-tone Ceramic. For those who have not seen it much, this piece is solely excellent.

Other than the impeccable fit and finish, the steel and yellow gold combination are new with the brand with all the Steinhart Ocean collection. When the rumors were told by Steinhart this year, I know I have to check it out in person, and when it has just arrived in-store, the moment I tried it on, I knew I had to have it. The sizing is perfect, and a successful blend of ritziness and sportiness just can't stop oozing out from this two-tone 39er.

The new Ocean 39 Two-tone even came fitted with the durable ceramic material matching engraved minute markers in gold hues. This can be said for the gilt applied markers and the handset too. Everything seems to be well thought out and executed. To me, that's downright cool.

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