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Why Should You Get Elegant Watches in Collection?

Different occasions, different watches. That's the foundation of looking for elegant watches to get a nice dressy look.
Jan 21, 2022

Men take a pretty long time on wristwatches prior to the end of wars. Due to the perception of "Timepieces were just for ladies," and the voguish pocket watch combined with the trendy use of coat; they played a part in holding us back. Gladly, that isn't the case anymore. From the early 20th century, our predecessors knew that fine elegant watches for men could represent masculinity, too. This practical and convenient piece is always the favorite for rugged activities, or just... the usual social activity.

Then, the growing demand for wristwatches transforms each watch brand into producing a piece for almost every style, profession, and hobby. Yes, we can please our eyes with numerous choices of great timepieces now. There is an ample number of tool watches for men who love adventures; so do watches for those behind the desk. For this specific occasion, allow me to share my view on elegant watches.

A brief of elegant watches

I am not talking about watches for a high-end lifestyle. That is too much of a restriction on my budget if I am being honest. Elegant or I could say classy watches are the right accessory if you want to dress up. It can be a dress watch, classic watch, or sport watch.

Just any watch that matches your classy fashion style. The key is, your particular watch is suitable when you're on a casual to a formal occasion such as business, dinner date, wedding, or official family gathering. The time you put on a clean tuxedo is the best moment for wearing an elegant watch. After all, it will smarten up your appearance no matter the style.

My Rule of Thumb

I am planning to share my personal view, my rule of thumb in an elegant and classy style. Again, the best watch is the one that tunes with your personal taste. Yet, I advise you to be with me if you're searching for a simple guide to this topic.

One watch isn't enough

That's right. Your one and only watch can't cover for every style or color albeit it is versatile. It might be yet it will limit your choice of fashion. Unless you're a diehard fan of black and white. I guess it's going to be fine not to look for more elegant watches for men. Since I am a guy of many colors, I will share my colorful personal collection. I will say this for the umpteenth time; it is always better to buy more than one for different occasions and clothes. But, don't just buy any elegant watches for men that don't fit you; match your watch with your outfit. For instance, leather completes leather and metal completes metal. Yet, leather strap watches are considered more formal than metal ones.

Combat SUB 42 Sports GMT GL0316

Mine opt for clothes that have a solid and neutral tone. A white shirt is a crucial key. Then, I can mix-match it with a suit and trousers of a darker hue. To break the monotony, I prefer to wear Combat SUB 42 Sports GMT GL0316 from Glycine. The monochromatic brown scheme is captivating yet humble with rose gold plated details in the dial. A good pick for my daily wear for the office. Another one from Glycine is Combat 6 Classic Bronze GL0284. It bonds the dark green and metallic brown color into a classic piece. The watch will be on my wrist whenever I wear a tie of similar green. A watch isn't any good without superb performance. And, that's what Glycine brings to the table with these ones; in-house movements and sturdy materials. Due to the great performance, Glycine watches are particularly popular with pilots. If you're up to the humility of brown or dark green, these affordable classy watches might suit you as well.

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Combat 6 Classic Bronze GL0284

Stick to your image

All of us have a particular self-image. Said imagery is worth investing in as long as others have approved of it or might as well wear what you want in classy style. To stick with one's image means to know oneself and one's wardrobe. Don't be swayed away by trends because we can create a singular uniformity or diversity, especially in classy style. As for me, the key point is related to my dress code and accessories (a tie, belt, or watch). Note that you can't go overboard with accessories. Superfluous accessories are anything but nice.

Next, I can garb in elegant and sophisticated clothing that suits my taste. Dark blue jeans, shirt, or suit match perfectly with dark blue men’s elegant watches. Another alternative, you can match the color of your shoes to your watch. From my treasure, Dessau Automatic Blau from Aristo is nearly covered in full blue: evening blue to midnight blue. The stainless steel case in silver grows its minimal and clean design. The Bauhaus concept on the watch represents the watch's functional shape, simple color, and minimalistic design. This one is my favorite pick for elegant-casual outfits.

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Dessau Automatic Blau

In short, my writing wants you to avoid sloppy matches of clothes and elegant watches for men. Monotone style is okay but for me the more color, the better. Don't shy away from it because you can create your original go-to uniform.

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