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Citizen Tosa Washi Review: The Artistry of Tradition

Citizen Tosa Washi Review: The Artistry of Tradition

The Citizen Tosa Washi collection combines advanced technology and Japanese heritage. Elegance yet durable, explore the Citizen Tosa Washi review here!
Feb 07, 2024
In a world where technology often overshadows tradition, the Citizen Tosa Washi comes as a symbol of heritage and craftsmanship. We’re going to talk more about this matter in this Citizen Tosa Washi review. As part of prominent Japanese watch brands, Citizen has been known for making a nice combination of advanced technology and Japanese heritage. 

The Citizen Tosa Washi is one collection that offers an enchanting minimalist beauty to wear every day. The philosophy is to make a timepiece that seamlessly integrates into a person’s daily routine and people eagerly incorporate it into their lives, finding perpetual delight in its visual appeal.

That stands as the foundation of Citizen’s aesthetics and usability. Further, Citizen incorporates cutting-edge technologies into its products. Its ability to remain adaptable and receptive to innovative concepts. For example, Citizen Toda Washi utilizes the traditional Japanese washi paper for watch dials, empowering the company to persistently strive for and create the next perfect solution.

Presented in several dial colors and bracelet options, there is a list of features ready to unveil. In this Citizen Tosa Washi review, we’re going to look closer at the watch as well as the heritage it carries.

The Origin of Tosa Washi

The Citizen Eco-Drive Tosa Washi White Ref. AQ4091-56A

Movement Citizen Eco-Drive A060
Dimensions 40mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug, 12.5mm thick
Material Super Titanium
Bracelet Super Titanium
Water resistance 100m
Price $2,490.00 USD

Before we embark on our journey through the intricate details of Citizen Tosa Washi, it’s essential to understand the significance of “Tosa Washi.” Tosa Washi is a type of traditional Japanese paper originating from the Tosa region in Kochi Prefecture. 

Renowned for its strength, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, Tosa Washi has been a cherished craft for centuries. It has been used for various purposes, from calligraphy to artwork, and even as a canvas for printing the world’s oldest novel, “The Tale of Genji.”

This collection pays homage to the Tosa Washi heritage by incorporating it into the watch dials. The result is nothing short of stunning. Therefore, if you pay attention to Citizen Tosa Washi’s dial, there’s a story to reveal in it. 

Each timepiece in the series features a dial made from genuine Tosa Washi paper, ensuring that no two watches are alike. The synergy between traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering is striking.

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An Aesthetic Appeal of Citizen Tosa Washi’s Dial

An enchanting dial of Citizen Tosa Washi that utilizes Japanese washi paper

The first thing that captures your attention when you see a Citizen Tosa Washi watch is its dial. The Tosa Washi paper is carefully crafted and then treated to make it resilient to wear and tear. It exudes an ethereal charm that’s difficult to put into words. 

The traditional Japanese washi paper, with a history spanning centuries, has found its application as a light-diffusing material in various traditional fixtures such as sliding doors, floor lanterns, and hanging lanterns. The choice of using washi paper is specifically recognized for its lengthy fibers and its unique combination of extreme thinness and remarkable durability.

It not only permits the passage of light necessary for powering the Eco-Drive system through the interstitial spaces among the fibers but also exhibits varying appearances depending on the angle at which it interacts with light. 

To enhance the visual impact of the washi paper, Citizen ingeniously designed a dual-layered structure with a transparent top layer, enabling us to apply printing to this layer rather than directly onto the paper. 

That not only reinforced the product’s resilience but also introduced an engaging sunray pattern across the entire dial, ensuring exceptional print quality and the application of metal indexes. 

Further, the preference was also based on the exceptionally lightweight washi paper, weighing merely 1.6 grams per square meter and measuring an astonishingly thin 0.02 millimeters, to the point of being translucent. 

That delicate quality has earned it the endearing nickname “mayfly wings.” The washi paper utilized in the Citizen watches is renowned for its radiant whiteness and robustness, despite its handcrafted appearance, it is, in fact, machine-made. It finds widespread use in the realm of art for restoring paintings, calligraphy scrolls, and Buddhist statuary.

The texture and patterns on the dial tell a story of generations of skilled artisans who have perfected their craft over centuries. It’s as if you’re carrying a piece of Japanese history on your wrist. The Citizen Tosa Washi collection offers a variety of designs, each with its unique blend of colors and patterns.

In this Citizen Tosa Washi review, there are 4 different dial colors to choose from at the Gnomon Watches store. They come in The Citizen Eco-Drive Tosa Washi White Ref. AQ4091-56A (white dial), The Citizen Eco-Drive Tosa Washi Navy Blue Ref. AQ4091-56L (navy blue dial), and The Citizen Eco-Drive Tosa Washi Black Ref. AQ4091-56E (black dial).

A Durable and Slim Case for an Elegant Profile

A slim profile with 12.5mm in thickness

Don’t let the elegance fool you. In this Citizen Tosa Washi collection, the brand boasts three core indicators: stronger, lighter, and more comfortable. That said, Citizen offers what a durable timepiece should have. The watch is made of titanium material, resulting in a durable and lightweight experience.

Further, it’s not just the common titanium but the Citizen’s Super Titanium™ made with the brand’s surface-hardening technology Duratect. Super Titanium™ preserves the inherent characteristics of titanium, such as its lightweight nature and compatibility with sensitive skin. 

Pairing with the watch is a Super Titanium bracelet for a comfortable fit

But it also boasts an exquisite appearance and a hardness that surpasses stainless steel by over five times. Super Titanium™ not only feels and looks exceptional but also establishes a strong connection with your watch, making the Citizen an indispensable companion in your daily life. Wearing it becomes an irresistible choice.

Speaking of Duratect, it treats the watch surface, both the case and band are resistant to scratches and nicks. That said, the watch can last longer and stay beautiful for as long as possible. 

When it comes to the watch dimensions, it comes in tasteful dimensions at 40mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug, and 12.5mm thick. That makes a nice fit for many wrist sizes, both men and women.

Topping it off, the watch highlights 100m of water resistance despite looking all graceful with the minimalist dial. Therefore, the Citizen Tosa Washi watches are also a good choice for travel companions.

Pairing the watch is a stainless steel bracelet made of Super Titanium™ which will also give a comfortable fit when worn all day long.

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The Reliable Citizen Eco-Drive Movement

The caseback of Citizen Tosa Washi

While the Citizen Tosa Washi series is a celebration of tradition, it doesn’t compromise on modern durability and precision. Behind the beautifully crafted Tosa Washi dial, you’ll find Citizen’s renowned Eco-Drive A060 movement. 

These watches are powered by light, making them eco-friendly and eliminating the need for battery replacements. With the A060 movement, the watch offers an accuracy of +/-5 sec/ annually.

Furthermore, depending on the conditions in which it is used, such as fluctuations in temperature (seasonal variations), the watch’s precision could deviate by up to 2 seconds per month.

Final Thought

In this Citizen Tosa Washi review, we’ve explored a remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation. The Citizen Tosa Washi watches are not just timekeeping devices; they are tangible expressions of Japanese heritage and craftsmanship. 

With their stunning Tosa Washi dials, modern Eco-Drive technology, and durable construction, these timepieces offer the best of both worlds.

Owning a Citizen Tosa Washi watch is not just about having a remarkable timepiece; it’s about preserving and celebrating a centuries-old tradition. With each glance at your wrist, you’re reminded of the artisans who painstakingly created the Tosa Washi paper and the watchmakers who transformed it into a work of art.

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